[Variety Shows] Michishirube 2010 at 61st Kōhaku Uta Gassen [31.12.2010]

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UPDATES - 03.01.2011
Added the video of the haircut and performance, AT LAST! I have a few emailing me asking me what's the significance of the haircut. Do read on as a fan translated that part! Remember all the news about some "assassination" on stage? That's the significance. But not to say his haircut is symbolising his "assassination" of his acting career, but rather an end of Ryoma which was a 1 year long commitment and back to being Masha so to speak. He still has long hair by the way.


The 4 hour show was like military precision. But I love this year's show, with a mix of old and new, young and old on the same stage. I believe most got to sing full songs, including Masha and the best is of course the stage itself. Young, colourful and vibrant for the younger stars, grand and opulent for the older stars. Even the older stars looked energetic and fun whilst the younger ones actually cheered on everybody. AKB48 was there throughout the whole show, acting as cheerleader and backup dancers. I thought that was great! I really enjoyed this year's show. Those who can sing, can definitely sing. Those who can't (*cough* SMAP *cough*) can definitely look good at posing. Masha appeared twice. First earlier on with the concert area dark and empty and he had a brief interview between his role as Ryoma and that of the new upcoming Taiga drama, I believe the title is Go? Anyway 2nd time was his performance. But briefly before that, as I have predicted, he had a hair cut, sort of. His guest introducer, Teruyuki Kagawa was there looking sharp and handsome and he basically cut Masha's one huge lock of hair with trembling hands (acting 100%) and then held on to that lock of hair. I was hoping he would throw it to the audience! Masha, all decked in white and handsome as ever then went on to sing Michishirube 2010 with Emiri Miyamoto playing the violin in the background. The vocal was perfection. The fans were fantastic, responding when they should, quiet in others. My only complain in Emiri Miyamoto deserved to stand next to Masha instead of being somewhere at the back, mostly unseen. She is after all the guest violinist and accomplished in her own right and so to chuck her at the back is to me a bad move. It would look great with her right behind Masha, playing the violin as she did. Anyhow, what a fantastic performance. I am very envious of the fans who got to then continue to watch him sing or those with WOWOW. Did I say Masha looked handsome? Fans noted he actually later came back to the stage with shorter hair. So here it is; the inevitable haircut. He may later have a proper haircut. Yukawa sensei is a very distant hope in sight eh?

Meanwhile, the haircut made national news, thanks to River for the translation ..

Ryomaden's Song Festival- A Haircut by 'Yataro'

On the 31st Dec, during the Kohaku Live Telecast from Yokohama Pacifico, an appearance from Ryomaden's actor was kept a secret. He turns out to be Kagawa Teruyuki, the actor who play Iwasaki Yataro. He has the honour of cutting Fukuyama's lock of hair, which was kept long due to Sakamoto Ryoma's role in Ryomaden. Fukuyama says that he feels slightly lonely after the haircut and proceed to sing Mischishirube for his performance. 

As the appearance of assassination, the haircut signify his personal 'assassination' of his acting, and mark his return to music. Kagawa-san, who has his teeth dirtied for his role as Yataro, told Fukuyama back 'not to feel as lonely'. Unfortunately, they are not able to tell the insider's story due to schedule. 

Lonely? Masha you have 12000 fans greeting the new year with you, and I have... ermmm... me. Don't feel lonely! Cheer up!

Click here to read a super lucky's fan first hand account on what went on before and after the perfornance. Frankly I didn't think "Yataro" was really nervous. He is a rather good actor but I am sure he was overwhelmed by the number of screaming fans. I don't think any amount of practice could prepare someone for that.

Here at Tudou, Masha starts at 1:20 mark or alternatively, here at with just his performance.



1st talk is here at Post #881 Page 59 and the haircut plus performance is here at Post #893 Page 60 (download fast before they're removed!). 

HD quality at Jpopsuki with 20 plus GB!

Ripped from above youtube clip. Mp4, 179.74MB

At 720X480 resolution which is good. Join contact list

Screencaps, ratings report and previous news all after Read More link.

From the lower quality videos. For better quality pictures, please go to TV APPEARANCES folder in Facebook gallery.

Thanks to Pillowmasha for the news. Masha was in the 2nd half. No news on ratings for individual performances.

61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen ratings announced
The viewership ratings for the 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen (NHK, December 31, 2010) have been reported. In the Kanto region, the first half (starting at 7:30pm) averaged 35.7%, while the second half (starting at 9:30pm) averaged 41.7%.

Compared to the previous year, the first half was down 1.4% from 37.1%, but the second half was slightly higher, up 0.9% from 40.8%. This is the third consecutive year that the second half has achieved higher than 40.0%.

In the Kansai region, ratings were up by 2.2% for both halves. The first half averaged 37.1%, while the second half averaged 42.5%.

In the rest of the country, ratings were up everywhere for the first half, except in Fukushima (down 0.3%) and Okayama/Kagawa (down 0.5%). The biggest jump was in Sapporo, rising from 20.8% to 31.5%.

Ratings for the second half were up across the country except in northern Kyushu, where ratings dropped by 3.6%. Niigata had the biggest ratings increase, shooting from 43.5% to 49.6%.

The 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen was hosted by Nao Matsushita and Arashi. The official lineup had only 22 artists on each team, for a record low of 44 artists. 785,836 votes were cast, and the White Team (male) emerged victorious by a margin of 418,191 to 367,645. This is the 6th consecutive win for the White Team, and the 33rd overall (compared to 28 for the Red Team).

Individual ratings thanks to River...

According to the screencap from Hiroubi (NHK shows that aired in the afternoon), Masha's rating is 43.7%.  Higher than last year.

And Nagoya has aired it's ratings on their own afternoon show. From: Tokyograph forum.

Nagoya Rating:
1. SMAP 52.3%
2. Dreams Come True 51.8%
3. Fukuyama Masaharu 51.7%
4. Ikimonogatari 51%
5. Matsushita Nao & Kuwata Keisuke 50.8%

First blogged about here, Masha will be performing Michishirube 2010 live from his concert hall at Yokohama Pacifico today 31.12.2010 and since his notice asked his fans to enter the hall by 10pm, safe to say he will appear in the program after 10pm Japan time, which is 9pm Malaysia time. So remember to tune in around that time. For overseas/viewers in Malaysia, you can watch this through Keyhole TV (password is same 3 alphabets as the channel) or if you have ASTRO, Channel 398. The show starts at 6.30pm Malaysia time and ends about 4 hours later. Masha is in the 2nd half. Watch out for the youtube video in this post. Someone will post it up for sure. A pity Masha is not singing Shounen. Would have loved to hear that live. Meanwhile WOWOW will be broadcasting the countdown concert tonight live and last year, not sure live or not, but someone did post the entire concert in youtube. Will we fans who missed out on this concert for a variety reasons get the same good luck? Do be on the lookout if you're lurking in youtube.

[ADD] I think the following is the time schedule. Since Kouhaku does operate with military precision, I think you can tune in around the time as indicated. All Japan time. For Malaysia just minus 1 hour.

19:33 浜崎あゆみ(12)「Virgin Road」
19:36 EXILE(6)「I Wish For You」
19:40 AKB48(3)「紅白2010 AKB48神曲SP」
19:47 NYC(2)「よく遊びよく学べ100%NYC」
19:51 アンジェラ・アキ(5)「輝く人」
19:56 AAA(初)「逢いたい理由」
20:00 中村美律子(15)「河内おとこ節」
20:04 flumpool(2)「君に届け」
20:08 平原綾香(7)「Voyagers」
20:12 遊助(2)「ひと」
20:15 企画
20:28 伍代夏子(17)「ひとり酒」
20:32 細川きよし(34)「浪花節だよ人生は」
20:35 ポルノグラフィティ(9)「君は100%」
20:38 西野カナ(初)「Best Friend」
20:42 FUNKY MONKEY BABYS(2)「ああひとつ」
20:46 川中美幸(23)「二輪草」
20:50 HY(初)「時をこえ」
20:56 クミコ(初)「INORI~祈り~」
21:00 水森かおり(8)「松島紀行」
21:04 徳永英明(5)「時の流れに身をまかせ」
21:08 水樹奈々(2)「PHANTOM MINDS」
21:12 L'Arc-en-Ciel(4)「BLESS」
21:16 天童よしみ(15)「人生みちづれ」
21:20 森進一(43)「襟裳岬」
21:25 NHKニュースなど
21:30 企画
21:36 郷ひろみ(23)「GO!GO!イヤー紅白スペシャルメドレー」
21:41 aiko(9)「向かいあわせ」
21:45 Perfume(3)「ねぇ」
21:49 TOKIO(17)「advance」
21:53 倖田來未(6)「KODA KUMI 2010 Special Medley」
21:58 五木ひろし(40)「おしろい花」
22:02 企画
22:14 和田アキ子(34)「AKKOィィッ!紅白2010スペシャル」
22:19 加山雄三(17)「若大将50年!スペシャルメドレー」
22:24 福山雅治(3)「道標」
22:31 小林幸子(32)「母ちゃんのひとり言」
22:35 コブクロ(6)「流星」
22:40 植村花菜(初)「トイレの神様」
22:49 嵐(2)「2010紅白オリジナルメドレー」
22:54 企画
22:56 いきものがかり(3)「ありがとう」
23:00 桑田佳祐
23:11 石川さゆり(33)「天城越え」
23:16 北島三郎(47)「風雪ながれ旅」
23:20 坂本冬美(22)「また君に恋してる」
23:24 氷川きよし(11)「虹色のバイヨン」
23:28 DREAMS COME TRUE(14)「生きてゆくのです(ハート)feat.ザ紅白スペシャルブラスバンド」
23:33 SMAP(18)「This is love'10 SPメドレー」


MMichaels said...

Greetings Funn! a Masha fan here. It is so sad not to know Japanese, only in this site ( I read this blog frequently by the way. thanks a lot for all the masha content ^_^) and another site did I found out that there is a meaning to the haircut. while watching Kohaku I thought he just wanted to have a haircut, but it is really more than that. Thanks for sharing this. By the way I hope it is okay with you if I copy one of the pics here and paste it in my blog at

Funn Lim said...

Thank you and very happy you found this blog informative! Feel free to take the screencaps. There are better quality ones at the Facebook page if you want!

Anonymous said...


The video in this link is reversed. The right side is left and the left right. Fukuyama-san playw the guitar with his left hand, Kagawa-san cuts his hair with his left hand, although we know that was not the case.
Please inform the uploader because it is a pity a video of such an good quality to be so wrong.
Thank you.

Funn Lim said...

Hi. I wasn't even aware the video is reversed. But by now I think that HD version is already removed from youtube or as I checked, made private!

I have however the proper copy, at 720X480 resolution which is better than decent with the hands and guitars and all at the right place. If you require that just email me at funnlim(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Funn Lim said...


If you're reading this, you may wish to download this

which is News Zero clip with the Kouhaku performance at the end included in full, minus the haircut all at the right angle!

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