Hon no 5g (ほんの5g) : Masha's debut in 1988

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UPDATED - 03.01.2011
Since the YT clip has been deleted ages ago, I have replaced the clip with screencaptures. Hence the update.


Someone posted a short clip from his debut movie and debut everything, the movie called Hon no 5g (ほんの5g) made way back on 26.11.1988 from the database I found. Which means 22 years ago and so Masha was about 19 at that time. However, that clip has since been deleted. I have however plenty of screencaptures and since in this movie he is always

1. half naked
2. in short shorts
3. the scene and his debut begins with him rolling on the floor with a girl kissing his I suppose body since can't see much
4. him pouting
5. shirt is always not buttoned up, at all

you can say his debut was meant to show him as a young sex symbol. After all the hoo-haa about his amazing body in Ryoma-Den Episode 4, see the screencaptures to know why there was a near meltdown because of that episode. And I notice 3 rarities;

1. never have I seen him in such short tight pants ever again

2. half naked, seen often but not often enough

3. the way he sits, never seen him sit that way before

Checked the title and it means Just 5g. I wonder referring to what? He was raw then, you can see that and so after 2 decades in the business, he has indeed improved leaps and bounds in acting itself. I am glad to see even the body improved. He did look like a fish out of water, or rather a kampung boy in the city. How his image changed over the years! I am under no illusion that he didn't start of as some classy chilvalrous highly educated young man. Let's face it; he wasn't. But over the years he acquired the knowledge and the education through what I call the University of the Life and indeed he would have been awarded First Class Honours! How classy he is now. I am not saying he is pretentious and pretended to be someone he's not. I am saying he matured and blossomed. I find nothing fake about him although his silence on his personal life can be extremely frustrating for someone like myself who likes gossip you know? But that's my problem, not his. Anyway, where was I? Sorry, but the short pants was such a distraction. Really left nothing to the imagination! Not sure if good or bad distraction. And the hair, how fluffy!

Screencaptures after Read More link.

Just to show it is really him, I included the credits part with his name in it. It is unnecessary to do so since he hardly changed. Yes, he was very young but the face is the same.


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