[HOTSPOTS] The Making Of & Introduction To Hotspots Video 1 [NHK][01.01.2011]

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On 01.01.2011, NHK broadcasted The Making Of Hotspots which in English is retitled Life Force. No videos available at youtube or anywhere else in public yet. You see behind the scenes of basically Hotspots, the upcoming documentary by NHK which from the looks of it, will be awesome. It is narrated by Masha and Masha will be your guide for a few locations. The following are some screencaptures from this particular 10 minute special which from the looks of the few pictures here are fascinating and infuriating. Who in their right mind would look up a dense forest with their mouths WIDE OPEN? Who would even push a 6 foot tall ant hill? Who? Well, you know who. We all know Masha is safe but if I didn't know better and if this was filming as it was released, I would be very worried with his antics!

By the way one scene had him having haircut and suddenly thunderstorm and I was thinking he has never seen thunderstorm? He is scared of thunderstorm? Why was he so excited? Why even the hairstylist was so excited? Thanks to Mashamasha, the reason may be more complex;

"i think they were rushing back to the ant hill? the program said they have been waiting for raining because the ant hill will only shine when it rains, so they are so excited there's rain storm"

I see...

More after Read More link.

By the way, you may be interested to read about the food poisoning incident here.

You can read more on this show in posts found under [TV] Hotspots aka Life Force label.

More pictures can be found in the same folder name in Facebook.

The broadcast schedule and website are all here.

Here at tudou

Flv version (64.7MB)  which is really lower quality version can be found here at Mediafire and here at Megaupload. For 720X480 version, please request download link in this post by giving me your email or just join my contact list.


Not available for download, but those who saw this will know which video I am talking about.

NHK also broadcast some 5 minute preview of each episode and the 1st episode's 5 minute preview (called Introduction to Hotspotswhich as usual was not subtitled from the version I saw will I believe have English narration for international audience. I don't know, I hope subtitles will be the one because I don't care for English narration. Masha's profile seems to be missing from the English version called Life Force so basically there's this cute Japanese dude in it and he will not be introduced. Rather silly if you ask me. Anyway, River did something fantastic and I am posting the following for your information only; not very interested in the 5 minute previews, rather watch the full shows IN JAPANESE.

The following is by River who says "here's the Eng translation for Introduction to Hotspots video. I've posted this out because the video itself is not available in the English version website. I've run through the translation with Japanese video, it looks like they use the same script. Hence, my transcript. Credit: NHK Lifeforce Apps. It ended before the shot goes to mountain scenery, with monkeys running away from the wave. Thus, I'm missing Summer outdoor shooting and the rest."

Hotspring heaven...

(macaques flipping in the water) These Japanese macaques know a good thing when they see it. 

(jumping on cliffs)- But few people have ever seen them doing *this*
Bounding around cliffs at 3000 meters. 

(playing around the wave-) And braving pounding surf. 

(jump over water) What drives them to take such incredible risks?

(hotspots opening- no translation)

(world map appears) This time, we journeyed to Japan. Separated from the Asian mainland, the Japanese islands are home to the unique and thriving ecosystem. 

(bear and mountain goat) Half of Japan's mammal species are endemic, they are found nowhere else in the world. 

(sakura blossoming) Let's take a closer look at one mammal that is very well-adapted to Japan's environment. 

The Japanese macaque. In early Spring, even cherry blossoms make precious meal for this monkeys. 

Monkeys original evolved in warm, tropical climates. No monkeys on Earth lives in a more Northern region than the Japanese macaque. 

(Snow landscape) Winter is a very tough season for Japanese macaques. One troops had found an astonishing way to make through the cold months- bathing, in natural hotsprings! Even more astonishing, they dived underwater to find food, staying down for as long as a minute. No other monkey species in the world is known to stay underwater so long. 

(macaque eating tree branch) Surviving the harsh winter is a  life and death challenge for Japanese macaques. Some of them ventured beyond their forest homes in search of new food resources. Here, in frigid stream, a macaque turns over rocks in search for waterbugs. 

(macaques on rocky cliffs) Some troops even braved considerable danger in their quest for food. A coastline, pounded by heavy surf. This macaque are after seaweeds, whatever is edible, they'll eat. It is this boldness that enables them to live at the very edge of their habitable zone. 


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