[TV APPEARANCE] FNS Music Festival 2010 on 04.12.2010 [FujiTV]

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Alternate download link for the full show as well as Masha performance only. Scroll to downloads.


By Angelreii of MashaPlus Info Forums ...

The “FNS Music Festival” is an annual music program hosted by Fuji Television, and this year, the 4-hour show will be broadcasted live on December 4th. Viewers and fans alike will be delighted with the lineup the festival boasts this year, in addition to Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP) acting as the main host.

By Izumisano ...

Confirmed on BROS and just announced in Shin Domoto Kyoudai tonight (14.11.2010) 23:15~23:45 - Masha will take part

Not sure in which order but he will definitely make an appearance since confirmed on BROS. So do bookmark 04.12.2010 on FujiTV. Will post more when I get the timing and all. I guess I will be watching on Keyhole TV but hopefully youtube will have a HD copy. Wonder what song will he be singing? Kokoro Colour?

More info after Read More link

Thanks to Mashamasha for this interesting snippet.

masha will come to FNS live stage for live performance, last time he came to the live stage is 1994 (last few times he performed by live from other places)

1994? Since 1st time then? Wow!

More from Mashamasha;

The last time he went to FNS live stage is 16 years ago (1994), which is the first time he appeared in FNS and then the previous 4 times (2000, 2004, 2006 and 2007) were all live from elsewhere. 

Anyway other performances are (non-exhaustive list) :-

•Kayama Yuzo
•KinKi Kids
•Kubota Toshinobu
•Kuraki Mai
•Koda Kumi
•Go Hiromi
•Sakamoto Fuyumi×Billy Ban Ban
•Suzuki Masayuki×Kikuchi Momoko
•Tokunaga Hideaki
•Hata Motohiro
•Hirai Ken
•Makihara Noriyuki

[UPDATES- 23.11.2010] For the whole guest list check out this post. The time will be from 7pm to 11pm Japan time (6pm to 10pm Malaysia time) at FujiTV channel. Wonder what song he''ll sing? Sharp eyed fans saw the name of "Emiri Miyamoto" and with her there, a strong possibility of Michishirube 2010

UPDATES - 04.12.2010
The show's still ongoing but Masha's done! He sang a medley of Hello and Sakurazaka and then for the first time on TV or anywhere else, live version of Kokoro Colour (not sure if full song). Apparently it was amazing. I can't tell because I couldn't log into keyhole. Hopefully someone will upload to youtube soon enough! Anyway earlier he was sitting at the very front in the middle politely clapping to SMAP's performance, but he looked bored and I supposed restless or a bit worried since the stage is incredibly small and the entire feel of the studio is like some intimate party. You can see a sample of that environment in the file posted here at Post #103 Page 7. After that he seems to disappear. I don't think next year he will be back. Ok, here's hoping youtube does not disappoint!

[ADD] Found a screencap at HK Fans Discussion Forum! Wow! Suit! I wanna watch!!!

[ADD] I think Masha has left the building. He has ANN tonight.

Some major snippet by Mashamasha;

btw, some people again said masha is VIP treated by fuji, no collaboration with other artists. He alone sings 3 of his own songs, and sakurazaka is full version!

Full version Sakurazaka? Wow! Well people, and all naysayers, reality check. Of course he is VIP treated, he is VERY FAMOUS and in entertainment world, the more famous, the more VIP treatment. And he hasn't sung live in the studio since... 1994! So of course he has special treatment and you don't ask Masha to perform 1 song or collaborate with others. Maybe 5 years from now but not now. Moreover, is it a rule he must collaborate with someone? I think he alone is quite enough! Now back to youtube oh youtube, when oh when?!?!

By the way Emiri Miyamoto was there but she performed with Kinki Kids. Apparently the theme is collaborations hence the small complain about Masha. Well Masha collaborated ...with Masha. Ok?! OK?!

By the way if you like Kokoro Colour, you want to check out this post and listen to the music removed version. Vocal perfection, like his FNS performance.

[WHAT HE SANG] He sang 3 songs. Hello in part, followed by full Sakurazaka and almost full song of Kokoro Colour (I believe second part wasn't in there). His band was there with him. 

Right after Tokio's performance,right after CM, at 58 seconds. I'm sorry but the guys that be CUT to CM during Tokio's performance? Seriously?! Anyway, wow they got standing ovation!! But to save you the trouble, this is the moment I was talking about ...

If you wish to watch the other performances, the uploader uploaded entire performances as well. Pick and choose here at Suteaka0608j62's channelOr if you're up to it, you can find the entire show here at Jpopsuki if you have access. Just use "2010 FNS Kayousai" to search for the file which is over 23GB. My only reaction is OMG. Nahhh, just go to youtube and pick and choose who you like. That's far easier and do thank the uploader! By the way do watch fast! The AKB48 video has already been blocked. That's just mean. As if they're gonna sell the performance or distribute worldwide. Watch fast!


Mp4 format, ripped from youtube, HD ver which is very clear for me, 190MB

Should be better quality, looking at the screencap and small file size too at 132MB. Must be avi format cut from the full show, hopefully. Anyway thanks to Tatiana for the upload. Click here to go to page for download.

Jpopsuki has the full show in 2 parts but in more than 20GB in size whilst thanks to Izumisano for the tip,  a better smaller compressed file of the full show can be found as a torrent at D-Addicts, in avi format and also in 2 files totalling 4.4GB. Even if compressed, quality looks great. Click here to go to that download page.

From HK Fans Discussion Forums

The hour which has Masha in it is 24.1% which I believe is the highest.


mel22 said...

youtube link is up:

Funn Lim said...

Thanks Mel!!

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