[MAGAZINE] Bessatsu Kadokawa [15.07.2009]

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Or in its full title, Bessatsu Kadokawa Magazine [15.07.2009] - The Kadokawa Mook Special Issue : Fukuyama Masaharu. The entire magazine dedicated to Masha with plenty of pictures and more. This is a must see and a must read where this is not Masha talking about himself but other talking about him, all carefully translated by Izumisano, so do expect quality AND quantity. As for the pictures, all taken from MashaPlus Info Forums but what you see in here is NOT the full scans. There are more, so do join All Abt Masha Facebook page and look for the folder "[Magazine] Bessatsu Kadokawa".

Some selected quotes, some scans and links to translated text all after Read More link.

"It seems everytime after he bathes, Fukuyama-san likes to stand naked in front of the mirror and scrape the steam off the glass with a squeegee. He checks out the muscles around his bum as he cleans the mirror." - Sou chan, his ANN radio partner

"I think whoever marries Fukuyama-san is going to have a hard time. She won’t be able to handle it unless she’s faultless at housework. But she doesn’t need to be a full-time housewife, it should be alright if she has her own job" - Sou chan, his ANN radio partner

"I heard there’s a restaurant close to Fukuyama-san’s recording studio where he often goes to eat. He’s keeps some of his wine there. But because he can’t put his own name “FUKUYAMA MASAHARU” on the bottle, he asked the shop to “make up a suitable name”. The old lady in the shop had no idea who Fukuyama-san is, so she just wrote “The Oniisan (お兄さん the mister) with glasses"" - Sou chan, his ANN radio partner

" Fukuyama-san has said before that people suspect he’s gay (laugh)..." - Sou chan, his ANN radio partner

"That’s right, he's like a kid sometimes. I’ve once seen with my own eyes, Fukuyama-san stamp his foot because he couldn’t get No. 1 ranking. At that time, I wanted to say “That’s what you call ‘having a tantrum’!” (laugh) yet he’s so grown up normally" - Sou chan, his ANN radio partner

"Fukuyama-kun approaches it more from a musician’s perspective. He really loves the guitar, so I think he will always use the guitar as the basis of his music production." - Inoue Akira, Music Director

"He has a rich singing voice, not the rock type, but very cool. The Japanese understanding of the word “cool” may be a bit different. I think he’s got an attractiveness, a feeling of calmness, one who will not lose himself in the song, the type of singer who wants to convey messages out." - Inoue Akira, Music Director

"But I'm always asking myself, whatever job I do, in whatever line of work, if I am enjoying myself in it. It's not a matter of self-confidence , but rather how I can use "my own way" to do things. I believe there is always a way!" - Masha

"In my heart, I don’t see myself as a restaurant that can draw people in with just my talk. So, how can we play the best music out? That is where I plan to be putting in the majority of my time and effort. To achieve that, we have gathered a group of outstanding band members. My goal is to get to the standard (of performance) that even if it were just them playing the music, people are still willing to pay money to come and listen. And only with that, will I feel assured enough to embark on my many other lines of work. After all, music is my base, but to make it a special point to show everyone that “All I want to do is music”, is not, based on my character, something that I’d like to do (laugh)." - Masha

"Well I guess there’re different types of artists, and I’m a bit against things like having to act good-looking all the time. If I had to stand there and play cool, I’d find it absurd and embarrassing. I’ve always been the type who feels shy and awkward very easily. Having said that, it’s not good to just let it be and not do anything." - Masha

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