[BOOK] FUKUYAMA RYOMA PHOTOBOOK 2 aka "2010: Fukuyama Masaharu's Journey with Sakamoto Ryoma" [09.12.2010]

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UPDATES - 13.12.2010
You can see a few samples of the pictures in this photobook at my Facebook gallery (under folder [Ryoma-Den] Photobook 2).

I felt like Christmas came early for me when I received my package which consisted of not just this photobook but the 1st (rather expensive) photobook as well, thanks very much to the generosity of someone who shall remain nameless. For this photobook itself, the paper quality is top notch, size is B5 I think, not too thick, with a sort of hard cover with to me not a very complimentary looking cover (come on, so many great pictures surely there is one better for the cover?!) but the contents inside, filled with pictures and text. Text part I can't say much since I can't read Japanese but all those reactions over the Ryomasha body as well as the closeup onsen pictures are justified eventhough my first reaction was "he is wearing a flesh coloured pants". I don't believe Masha will go totally naked in front of so many crew members. The pictures are more impromptu as in him going about filming, as opposed to the 1st photobook which has even better paper quality, A4 size I think and more formal pictures, even if one or two half naked ones. The difficulties in both books is how to scan them. He is always in the middle and the binding is in the middle. A great pity only in that aspect; the publishers should have realised that, so so many pictures with is big for 2 pages had him in the middle with a line running through him. That is my only complaint, apart from the articles not being in English as well. I was thinking "What is he saying?". So I hope there might be a fan who might at least summarise the contents. For its price and paper quality, this photobook is worth it. It is to me a must buy just to commemorate the year he was as Ryoma and what a year it has been for him and for me. For him, it was a personal growth and a change of perspective, for me, it is also personal growth and knowing so many international Masha fans. Sorry for being such a giddy emotional girl but you see, I am just very very happy. 

To the special someone whom I did not name and who gave me these books and a few more, I would like to say a great big thanks for these presents, where I absolutely did not expect the 1st photobook. Not just the prices, postage which are expensive even for the generous ones but also the effort, I was very very touched when I had the post in my hand (so very heavy!). You know who you are, and whilst I really appreciate your kind generosity, I would like to say and I am not being corny that the greatest gift you sent me was your friendship. I know you read my blog and so I hope this message reaches you, eventhough I have your email but what the heck, some emotional message deserves some public exposure; like Masha's body!!

UPDATES - 11.12.2010
I can confirm that whatever Shuukan Gendai has, this photobook has, and more! So don't waste money buying the magazine, aim for the book! I can't wait for my one to arrive!


More details such as pre-order and stuff after Read More link.

UPDATES - 10.12.2010
The book is out in Japan and the general reaction is.. I must use this one I saw in the fan forum..

Apparently the photos involving something like the ones posted below plus those onsen scenes were.. ermm ...

I swear once my copy arrives I will see and scan some for my facebook page. Can't wait!

UPDATES - 09.12.2010So it should be out today or on 10th or 12th, depending on which bookstore you're asking. At least in Japan it should be out. So.. anyone seen it yet? How was it? Huh? Huh??

UPDATES - 07.12.2010OMG! Either the following is from this book or from 週刊現代 (Gendai Weekly/Shuukan Gendai - apparently there's a Ryoma special in this issue with pictures) but some suspect both may have it. My only reaction is if this is the case, THIS IS A MUST BUY! The book I mean. Could be from the magazine too. I am just not sure. Anyway I am sure the magazine must be sold out by now. Sighhhhhhh... Of course I want the book for well, good reasons but the following is a bonus I never expected, if it is in the book. And I think it is. How can Masha not record his Heracules body in his journey as Ryoma right? OMG! Not too late to pre-order or order after the release. For those in Malaysia do check out the info after Read More link. OMG!

[ADD] Sadly it may be from 週刊現代. BUT 週刊現代 must have gotten it somewhere and I suspect it must be from the photobook. MUST BE!

UPDATES - 29.11.2010Added MORE pre-order details at the end of the post. 

UPDATES - 26.11.2010
Added pre-order details at the end of the post. The cover doesn't say much, it is in fact a rather poor looking cover but the contents seem to be jam packed although not much information given such as how many pages, etc but the price is affordable. It is the same price as those art books I usually buy and it is tax deductable so I am always willing to buy books. But depending on size and content. I am hoping local bookstores will sell it or take pre-order for it but I have a feeling they will not be selling. So that means to buy from online stores plus postage, the price will be quite hefty. So far only 1 online store takes pre-order. Hoping for more choices because I am really really tempted to get this. If I can buy it locally, I wouldn't have hesitate. I suppose the price is the same for online purchase as compared with nicely asking anyone to buy in Japan and post it to me. Not that I know anyone personally over there. Really hoping local bookstore will at least take pre-order, save all the fuss about posting and paying bills using credit card!


Since there are many fans of Ryoma who became fans of Masha or fans of Masha becoming fan of Ryoma or none were fans until they saw Ryoma-Den, you might be interested in purchasing the following book;

Translated by Izumisano from the official site;

More info on the Fukuyama Ryoma Photobook 2
Release: Dec 9.
Price: 2300 yen (about MYR 87, USD 28 - not expensive)
Title: "2010: Fukuyama Masaharu's Journey with Sakamoto Ryoma"

There will be 4 chapters:
1. Tracks
2. Revolution
3. Dreams
4. Journey

- Selections from the 53,022 photos taken of Fukuyama Masaharu during his year as Sakamoto Ryoma
- a long interview on Fukuyama Masaharu's thoughts of Ryomaden (taken by Yanai Michihiko),
- quotes from Ryoma in the drama,
- map of Ryoma's tracks and
- a look at the various Fukuyama Ryoma photo exhibitions.

You will see how Fukuyama Masaharu's expression changes over the course of the filming; his true thoughts which cannot be read elsewhere; Fukuyama Masaharu's journey with Sakamoto Ryoma in 2010 and what he sees upon arriving at the end. This book is the record of Fukuyama Masaharu's one year of living as Sakamoto Ryoma.

From the few photos I have seen from such guidebooks or photobooks, I would bet the pictures in this one will be awesome. The price isn't expensive, depending on whether it is hardcover or paperback or how thick it is. I will update when I find out where to book this or buy this.

- Amazon Japan : ¥ 2,300/USD27.52/MYR87.00
- HWV Japan : ¥ 2,300/USD27.52/MYR87.00

For those interested an in Malaysia, I just got confirmation from Kinokuniya (KLCC) that they will be bringing in the book in the week or 2nd week after the release of this book but only 2 copies. You can pre-order and the estimated price is RM118-30 (higher than in web order, due to shipping). Usually the price is quite accurate, or could be slightly lower, depending on the exchange rate. I am not sure whether you need to place a deposit or not since I usually order books but I never had to pay for deposit except for Harry Potter books. I will update further later when I do get a reply on whether can I order AFTER the release. You may also place an order AFTER the book is released. The price is same, no change. Usually it takes 2 weeks or so for the books to arrive if such is the case. I will confirm whether a deposit has to be paid prior to order.

If you wish to place an order, do the following;

By email at (expect a reply within a day or even the same day) or by phone at 03-2164-8133.

Give your name (which you will need to quote at time of collection) and remember to ask them for the reference number of your order. They may ask if you wish to be informed by phone or email when order is ready and I once gave my phone number and in the same day I received an SMS on my order, price, title and ref number. When it was ready (less than a week), I received another SMS telling me just that.

When ordering via email, do quote "二〇一〇年 福山雅治と坂本龍馬の旅 [単行本(ソフトカバー)]" and whether by email or by phone, even if you don't know how to say the title, just say the ISBN no: 4062167344 OR  978-4062167345 (either one will do). Make sure when they repeat the title, it's the same book. Since they have a Japanese section, I suppose you can just say "Ryoma-Den photobook 2, the one with that singer, Fukuyama Masaharu"

Once ready, collect the book at the COLLECTION COUNTER (since it is Japanese book, I believe at the other room, the Japanese books section on the lower floor, not the upstairs section) at Kinokuniya, Level 4, KLCC. Quote your name as the time placing order.

You can buy the same book probably cheaper from online shop. Deposit is not required. They will however keep the book up to 2 weeks for you only. You can take it away, have a look and if you don't want, just put it on one of the shelves. I have always buy my books at Kinokuniya. Whilst their staff may not always be knowledgeable when it comes to specific authors or books, I find them exceedingly helpful and efficient. And the books look clean, in order and sometimes still sealed tightly. Since in Malaysia all books are fixed at the same price, with an occasional discount here and there, I would really suggest if you wish to purchase this book via a bookstore, then go to Kinokuniya. I don't recommend any store like now I do but to me my favourite bookstore is Kinokuniya because of location, condition of books and helpfulness.

Do keep the receipt even if you don't do that normally. Books are tax deductable up to RM1,000-00!


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