[NEWS] THE BEST BANG! ! ~ ASIA Release Memorial Edition ~ [30.03.2011]

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UPDATES - 06.04.2011
No sign of the album in Singapore and in Malaysia and Izumisano explains why;

Good news to all Masha fans in Malaysia and Singapore, Universal Music Singapore has just advised that the shipment has been delayed, they expect the Best Bang to be in by the end of this week. Their staff have said the CDs should be on the shelf by next Wed!! A great big thanks to Lone in Singapore for contacting UM Singapore!!

Which means maybe a bit later for Malaysia, hopefully.

UPDATES - 28.03.2011
Singapore ...!

Taiwan, Thailand and HK had billboards, Korea had a bus and you, you got Masha's personalised message with an outright promise that he will visit upon you! I HATE YOU!!

[ADD] I read to top all that, a free file folder with Cover Mashas as the cover. What more can I say? Nothing actually. Sorry wrong info! I was reading the one on file folder, then comments on Singapore getting the message as well, so wrongly concluded Singapore has folder AND message. Ok, fair game then. I will  be hunting for the album in Malaysia, hoping there might be some nice surprise.

Message from Masaharu Fukuyama
by Universal Music Singapore Regional on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 11:28pm

Here is a message from Masaharu Fukuyama

I am extremely happy to have the opportunity for my songs to be heard by the people of Singapore, with the release of “THE BEST BANG!!” Hearing the news of the terrible earthquake and nuclear plant accident, I have received many kind words and supports from Singapore. I was really touched to know that we are all one with not only by music but also by heart. I, myself had been thinking of the way in which I can help the people affected by this disaster, and decided to give the money from selling this CD as a charity to be used for reconstructing Japan. I can feel the strong support coming from people of Singapore, and know that Japan is not alone in this difficult times. Thank you very much for your kind support. I would love to go and see you all very soon, and when we do see each other, let’s meet in smiles!

Masaharu Fukuyama

Part of the money made from this CD sale will be sent to those people in quake stricken area through the Japan Red Cross Union.
So what are you waiting for? Go buy! For charity! As for Malaysia... what will we get? Nothing.
UPDATES - 24.03.2011
I thought it was supposed to be released on the 30th of March? How come Taiwan (Billboard and CM), Korea (on a bus!! the best!) and HK (billboard) all on sale already but Malaysia not a word at all? Anyone sees the album do tell. I think I will just buy it. Anyway, CM from Taiwan. I will post more later.

UPDATES - 23.03.2011
The price for the Asia Edition (not the Japan limited edition) is out. At about USD21-00 which makes it about MYR65-00 which is a reasonable price for Malaysian standard. Could be a bit higher in physical store. You can check out HMV to order.

[ADD] Seriously, now I found out there IS a poster inside this edition. Anyway thanks to Emma for a brief description, our version has ..

1) Chinese Translation of all lyrics

2) Japanese lyrics booklet, it is different to JP version, the booklet cover is "the best bang" JP version, the jeans masha, and there is no baby pics inside the booklet

3) A middle-size double-side poster (folded, inside the case), one side is the Japan Towel version cover(many mashas one), another side is a discography of all singles/albums in 20 years

Chinese lyrics translation? I want ENGLISH!! Or could be in Korea, Korean lyrics, in Malaysia, English lyrics, etc? Where can I find this in Malaysia?

UPDATES - 15.03.2011
[NOW] Release of Asia Edition will proceed as planned except for the Japan Limited Version will be delayed until further notice [Source - see 16.03.2011 news]

[PREVIOUSLY] Masha has cancelled his press conference in Taiwan on 24.03.2011 and understandably so. Reading Izumisano's translation of the message posted at BROS, I can't help but feel he had wanted to announce an asia tour 2011. Since he will be busy with rescheduling his current concert dates for this year, I won't blame him for cancelling Asia Tour. After all there's always next year and the year after next. Some day he will drop by in Malaysia or somewhere. Dear overseas fans, please don't be disheartened. He can't help it and in  this moment of great crisis and tragedy, I am all for him to cancel whatever it is for the next 2 months. However I sincerely believe come May, things will be back to normal. Anyway the translation proper;

Notice Regarding the Press Conference in Taiwan (3/15)

In the news a while back, we announced the holding of an Asian press conference in Taiwan on 3/24. In view of the devastation from the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami (East Japan earthquake disaster), we regret that we will have to call off the Taiwan press conference.

Details about (the plans for) Asia will be announced as soon as we have reached a decision.
Thank you for your kind attention.

More about this topic after Read More link.

UPDATES - 06.03.2011
[NOW] Are you ready for more rumours? Rumours has it he may stay overnight at The Regent, and then this rumour got backtracked and said he may be staying elsewhere. My guess? He probably came the night before that is 23.03.2011, stay at The Regent (cut the hassle of police escorting his car to another venue), do the press conference and jets out the same day. He can't possibly arrive same day, gone same day, too tiring and he can't come same day, do press conference, stay one night, gone, too much hassle. So my guess is come night before, leave next day, that is on Press Conference day. I have a feeling he would prefer to sneak in but leave gloriously after whatever he had to say in the press conference which fans are speculating that Asia Tour may be on the agenda (since some fans said they saw the agenda). We shall see. Anyway HK fans are organising a meet and greet. Hopefully all efforts won't go down the drain and if there is the plane arrival details, I will post them up here but I am not sure Masha would like the fuss BUT he has always questioned if he is that popular outside Japan, so now is the time to show that man how clueless he is on how bloody popular he is out of Japan. Do bring your banners and country's flag along!

[PREVIOUSLY] Remember the Press Conference in Taiwan on 24.03.2011? It will be at The Regent, Taipei, Taiwan and fans are organising groups to meet and greet Masha at the airport, supposedly either before or on that day. I will post more when I find out more. Rumour has it Asia Tour might be announced on that day. Now this is getting interesting. Whatever it may be, I hope for lots of photos, plenty of TV broadcasts AND some place nearer and cheaper for the concert dates because I plan to go! If you're a reader of my blog and is from Taiwan, if you plan to meet and greet Masha, promise me, PROMISE ME to send me the photos, however blurry!

UPDATES - 03.03.2011 - NOW
I just found out the K-pop remake is the disc 4 in the Asia edition Japan limited release version. And this same k-pop remake will be its own cover version album to be released to the 6 countries as blogged about. BUT there is no disc 4 or bonus disc or free gifts or whatever for THE BEST BANG!! Asia edition 6 countries' release! Who would buy then? What sort of marketing idea is this? Who would buy an album they probably have paid loads for months before?! NOT FAIR!! No perks!

And remember I talked about the poster and discography poster? Those are for Japan limited release! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! So what do we have ? And what's our price?

Anyway the list as you can see. I just realise the 6 instrumental songs are not in this release.  Let me weep for a little why at such a "poor" "skinny" release.

"The Best Bang!! - Asia Limited Release" (available in Japan only)
- 4 CDs (3 Best Bang + K-pop artist cover) + Poster discography
- Release 30/3

COMMENTS : How many versions Japan needs?!

"The Best Bang!!" - overseas versions 
- 3 Best Bang CDs
- Release: (Taiwan, HK) 23/3 ; (Korea) 25/3 ;  (Thai, Singapore, Malaysia) 30/3

COMMENTS : This is terrible! Maybe later they will add in  some booklet or something?

With Special Guests - Fukuyama Masaharu remake
- 1 K-pop artist cover CD
- Release 30/3 (Korea 20/4)

COMMENTS : I can't see how this can sell well. But K-pop fans will probably buy this for their idols.

More news on the Taiwan visit and on the disc 4 contents taken from Tokyograph;

Remake version of Fukuyama Masaharu’s best album includes BEAST, 2AM

Several popular Asian artists worked together on the remake version of Fukuyama Masaharu’s best album “THE BEST BANG!!” Since the project is part of his push into the rest of Asia, the album will be released in six countries overseas: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Fukuyama will hold a press conference in Taiwan on March 24 to reveal more details about the project. The original version of “THE BEST BANG!!,” released in Japan last November, consists of three CDs, but the “With Special Guests -Fukuyama Masaharu Remake-” version will include a fourth CD with 8 tracks. According to the singer’s website, the songs being remade and the artists involved are:

Niji (BEAST)
Hotaru (TEI)
Himawari (Lim Jeonghee)
Saiai (2AM)
milk tea (G.NA)
Gunjou -ultramarine- (Ban Kwang-Ok)
Koibito (Joohee)
Hatsukoi (Young Jee)
Fukuyama’s other recent activities in Asia include his promotional work for the NHK taiga drama “Ryomaden,” which is getting broadcasts in several countries.

The album will be released on March 30, except in Korea where it will be released on April 20

So disc 4 is known as THE BEST BANG!! with special guests [Fukuyama Masaharu remake]. Does that mean disc 4 will be covers from Korean singers and the same to be released everywhere or just for the Korean edition? And why is Korea getting the later release date?

Meanwhile, the contents of the other 3 dics;

M5-Good night
M7-All My Loving
M10-Marcy's Song
M13-Good Luck

Disc 2
M12-あの夏も 海も 空も
M13-milk tea

Disc 3
M4-想 -new love new world-
M10-群青 ~ultramarine~
M11-心color ~a song for the wonderful year~
M13-道標 2010

UPDATES - 02.03.2011
Even more NOT FAIR!! news. Masha ... this just breaks my heart. I will let Izumisano sum it up until proper news arrive;

Taiwan news confirms Masha will go for a whirlwind visit to Taiwan for 1 day on Mar 24! He will hold a Asian press conference there and will draw the lucky winners of the tickets to his August concert (in Yoyogi-the one I am balloting for and if I lose, I know who to blame)

Will he announce the Asia Tour in Taiwan? You want to read my opinion? My opinion is no. I doubt it. I never thought he has a big fan base in Taiwan, I would have thought HK is bigger so I would say his record company in Taiwan has one very smart executive working there! Lucky Taiwanese fans.

Ok I take back my word, Taiwan is a bigger market musically, not necessarily his market. Maybe he might announce such a tour in Taiwan, if not why would be personally fly there? But still my feeling is it is too soon to announce.

Proper news, as translated by Izumisano from the link above;

He will hold an Asian press conference there and will draw the lucky winners of the tickets to his August concert.

When (DJ and Channel [V]) host Ken Wu interviewed him in Japan last month, Fukuyama Masaharu asked repeatedly whether anyone knew who he was in Taiwan. When his staff replied yes, he joked "That's what you say. You're not pulling my leg, are you?"

So, Asia Tour announcement?? And where is this Ken Wu interview??

UPDATES - 28.02.2011Not fair!! What about Malaysia? You lucky ones in Taiwan!! Found in HKFC which refers to this news, anyone from Taiwan buying this CD online can enter lucky draw to win 2 tickets to the concert at Yoyogi, Tokyo on 06.08.2011 PLUS 2 day 1 night hotel accommodation PLUS return tickets! NOT FAIR!!!!!!! 

UPDATES - 15.02.2011
Is the following, from Oricon the cover? I seriously hope not. No it can't be. My eyes is still hurting looking at it. So just see this cover as hoax until it is confirmed and then I shall weep.

UPDATES - 14.02.2011
Happy Valentine's Day. And it is confirmed, even by BROS!

Translated by River from this original Japanese article where it says specifically Malaysia will be one of the countries selling this album. More speculations on destinations for Asia Tour. No offense though; I am not buying. I just don't feel it is a good bargain, the same arguments I put forward below.

Fukuyama Masaharu Best album to be released simultaneously in six other Asian countries.

Fukuyama Masaharu, the Best Album, which comply the best of his 20-years career, will have a special Asian released in HK, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and  Malaysia. The decision to air NHK taiga drama, Ryomaden, in the Asian region, further boasted Fukuyama's popularity in the region. The decision to release the album is also brings in further speculations on the future Asian tour. This will be Fukuyama's first ever simultaneous release, following the footsteps of Sakamoto Ryoma who's always in the lookout overseas. Release date is 30th March 2011.

* The rest just mentioned on how Hitotsu yane no Shita and Galileo added to his overseas appeal. Gyuri from KARA loves him, which shows other non-Japanese women can also like him.


Remember during all those Daikanshasai 2010 news here and here, there was talk about Masha releasing THE BEST BANG!! Asia edition? I think it was reported by Singapore news, can't remember. Anyway interestingly, Rakuten has the tentative news here which says the release date is in March 2011!! Only in Asia it says. My question is which part of Asia? Because I don't think his CDs were ever released in European countries etc. Maybe just the English. It also says "J released two weeks later". J as in Japan? Even Japan has its own release so soon after THE BEST BANG!! itself? It includes cover versions by famous Asian artists. Who I wonder? And more to the point, do I care? I mean come on! We buy his album because of him. We don't care about cover versions! I'd rather have more other goodies. If the cover versions is the main selling point, especially for those who have THE BEST BANG!! already, I am telling you, that is a poor excuse. From the description, why not just release a DVD for the PVs (pack in a few more than the originally released one), a special edition ASIAN edition towel and maybe throw in a fan or something? Because the main selling point is FUKUYAMA MASAHARU unless you tell me those cover versions are duets with Masha. This album is going as if it is an introduction to Masha which I feel is pointless. But for me the main draw is the special year by year discography poster, unless he just uses the THE BEST BANG!! cover (the ones with his previous album covers as cover) which again is rather pointless. Hopefully something new! We Asian fans deserve jam packed new Masha only stuff.

Anyway, the contents of the release as from Rakuten. Just assume this as tentative until BROS makes an announcement and frankly I am a bit amused (pun intended!) that someone else released this news earlier than the official source.

THE BEST BANG! ! ~ ASIA Release Memorial Edition ~ (tentative) (CD)][Item Number : Release UUCH-9037-M_3/30]



4 discs

- Discs 1~3 are the same as the Best Bang!! normal version
- Disc 4 includes covers by famous Asian artists of the following songs

虹 / milk tea / 最愛 / 蛍 / はつ恋 / ひまわり / Squall / 恋人 / 群青 / HEVEN or KISSして / 泣いたりしないで

- includes a cover poster and a special year-by-year discography poster.
- The poster is 348mm × 464mm (will be folded inside the cd case)

Tentatively 4,500 yen (about RM166-00 which is expensive by Malaysian standard but by Japanese standard, a good deal, if you don't already have that whole THE BEST BANG!! album plus the towel plus the DVD)


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