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UPDATES - 11.05.2011
Added link to Spanish sub 

]UPDATES - 31.03.2010
All information added such as ratings, reviews, plot summary, episode summary, torrent and download links, English softsub/fansub, dialogue translation, official hardsub, links to online viewing, French soft subs. Post reverted back to original airdate. However this post may still be updated if there is any new sources to add.

NOTE : There is not plot summary for Episode 2, so I am posting the entire plot recap.

Episode 2 : Taiki Bansei (Great Talents Mature Late)

By AngelReii

Ryoma wanted to go to Edo but was told by his father to work/supervise at the fields. His friends at the kendo all laughed at him.

He introduced himself to the field workers but they did not bothered about him. He looked lost.
Poor Ryoma try to stop the fight between workers but no one listen. Yataro also wants to go to Edo after hearing from Kao that Ryoma wants to go to Edo.

Kao got a marriage proposal. She declined.

Ryoma is upset sulking at his room because of having to supervise the fields, not knowing what to do. Then he became like a little kid playing the paper windmills. An idea came to mind. Kawaii.... the smile.

He brought sake to the workers at the field. He was trying to foster good relationship between workers. He played the shamisen and singing! Must see!

Yataro's father took all his money (which he has been saving to go to Edo). Kao went to the fields to meet Ryoma to give him lunch. She told Ryoma she receive omiai. Ryoma looked shocked & changed the topic to lunch. She got angry took the food away & told Ryoma that she liked him.

It is raining & he is working the fields himself. He looks frustrated questioning this feelings. The workers came back & helped him. Gosh that smile... Even though it was raining, the poodle was wet but that smile was glowing.

Father & son moment. He plead (kneeling down) to his father at the roadside to let him go to Edo. Father gave him a letter of recomendation from the Kendo sensei here to got to Chiba dojo in Edo. Ryoma cry. What a touching moment.

More recap and download links after Read More.

There are also some comic part. Yataro father's (all drunk) wanted to do a seppuku because he was sorry that he stole Yataro savings. Yataro stopped him & his father fell down & farted. heh. Ryoma acted like typical a kid/teenager.

But I liked best was the part when Ryoma met his father (who happen to be tipsy drinking) at the town street in the rain. When he asked his father once again about him going to Edo, his father turn round, sat on the road facing his son who was kneeling down & held out a letter of recommendation. What a scene.

By Mashamasha of MashaPlus Info Forums
(On the scene where Kao went to see Ryoma and told him about the marriage proposal she received whilst giving him his lunch) she asked for his opinion about her omiai, and ryoma said he feels so happy for her, he feels she will be a good wife as she is good at cooking etc.and this makes kao very disappointed as she hopes ryoma will ask her to reject it

(on what makes the workers who ignored Ryoma at first return to assist Ryoma in completing the project) I believe the two girls (mother and daughter as i remember) are one of the reasons which make them come back. When ryoma requested the men to stay and continue the construction work, ryoma said what they are doing now is very important to some people's lives, because many are killed during the flooding, and the one who survive need them to do the flooding prevention work, and these people really appreciate what the men are doing for them (remember the part the little girl gives something to Ryoma quietly?) At that time, the men are still not convinced by what Ryoma said. But when they see Ryoma working alone in the rain, they are convinced. And the link between the two girls and the decision for the men to come back is less obvious, but you can interpret in this way: the two girls appear at the same time with the men, this hints that the two girls have told their story (the father was killed in the flooding) to the men and said thanks to them for their work, and this makes the men believe what Ryoma has told them is true

Next week: Ryoma trip to Edo.

Great episode as we see Ryoma having problems and solving it all on his own whilst his entire family, in particular his father being very worried about him. Love that singing scene, love the song. I really can't comment much except well, love the singing scene! Poor Kao. Unrequited love.

The shamisen-singing scene on the construction site!

Izumisano translated some part of the lyrics from Chinese subs, have a read what he was singing ...

“Catfishes live in shallow waters, Birds rest on trees”
“As we live, we will learn the worldly ways…..”
“What is a change of heart….”

All torrents are still RAW version without subbing in English.

Source 1
HD MKV file with AAC audio with 1920 X 1080 resolution [2.14GB]. This is the best. Again it is not subbed yet but who cares! I wanna watch!! Click here to thank the uploader. The torrent is here or direct link (right click and choose Save As or Save Target As) is here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Source 2
Lower quality but if you are scared of 2GB download, get this version which is only 571MB with resolution of 720 X 480. A decent resolution unless you're very very picky. Click here to thank the uploader. The torrent is here or direct link (right click  and choose Save As or Save Target As) is here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Source 3
1280 X 720 resolution version [About 1.1GB] could be found here with the torrent file here and the direct torrent link here [Right click and choose save target as or save as]

Source 4
960X540 resolution can be found here with the torrent link here and download the torrent file here [right click and choose save target as or save as]. File size is 865MB. Screencaps looks good. This is the H264 version.

Source 5
A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.


Typically divided into widescreen and full screen version. I've tried the full screen version on another version not listed above and the timing was perfect. So if any of the above starts and ends the same place, without any commercials in between, the subs would technically work for any video version. Download both and choose the one that is timed to your copy. It doesn't necessarily mean that resolution or that widescreen/full screen version to that subtitle file. Format is .ass. Mac users please use VLC to watch.

>> Specifically for FULL HD version aka 1920X1080 version (the link actually contains subs for eps 1 to 13)

Click here to download. Once there click on the link next to NAME. In new page download any of the first 2 links under TORRENT. Then use your favourite torrent downloader to download.

Considered fansub which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number at the bottom of the blog with the header "Version Française". I suppose it is timed to Luna14's releases which can also be found there.Hotspot Shield.

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

Note : looking at the file, it should be hardsubbed

Source 1
Chinese subbed
Lucky you if you can read Chinese! Here's the link.

Source 2

Text says the uploader intends to English sub it. Hopefully!  Anyway the link here. Click play TWICE.

From Japanese to Chinese to English, the following is the full subtitles for this episode as translated by Izumisano of Masha Heart. These I consider the soft subs but no one is doing any timing yet.

Click here for the translated subtitles for episode 2. Excellent stuff!


21% generally. "The ratings for Koichi and Nagasaki area is out. Apparently for ep 2, the rating for Koichi area is 38.8% (the highest peak is 44.7%)  and the rating for Nagasaki is 34.9% (the highest point is 37.9%). .. achieved 21.4% in Kansai area and 22.9% in Nothern Kyushu."  - River of MashaPlus Info Forum.  

Down a bit from 1st episode but still a pretty good number. Thanks to River of MashaPlus Info Forums for the report. Wow. Great numbers for certain area so the rating generally should be higher than 21%? By the way apparently popular forums in Japan are actively discussing this series, from the plot to deciphering certain scenes! And the posts number in the thousands. That's positive even if the posts may not be encouraging. But thousands of posts can be about how bad a series is. So the discussion must be on the plot development which is also a good thing. At least the posts is constructive criticism plus some dissing. That I can understand since I am also that kind of reviewer so to speak.


Sasa said...

Hi Funn,no free-of-charge TV stations in our city broadcast this drama right now and just confirmed that its illegal to upload and download music, clips and drama from the internet. Hence, all I can do is wait till TV broadcast it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funn Lim said...

Sasa, where are you?

The truth is it is illegal EVERYWHERE. That is why NHK is actively closing on the clips posted in youtube. There are no legal torrents so to speak. The art to torrent is what to use and to protect yourself because generally ISP must be forced by injunction to reveal the ISP addresses. Keep clear from MP3s generally and studio releases from Hollywood. Never download a torrent from someone you never heard of, or from a suspect site, or a post that has zero comments. Trust the comments to give you feedback which is genuine torrent and which is not. Get PeerGuardian although Vuze has built in mechanism to mask your internet address.

I believe it is safe to download NHK ones, hundreds are doing it and openly if I may add. Unless you're from Japan which is very strict but again know how to protect yourself and that shouldn't be a problem.

i don't have NHK too and I just realised my paid TV don't have NHK also.

Funn Lim said...

But don't let me sway you into "criminal activities". You can wait if you can wait, until and unless Masha himself does the persuading.

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