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He exercises, is fanatic about it but well, such terrible news! I don't know how to say it so until it is confirmed I will just hide it. Click Read More for the unconfirmed news. Confirmed news. And it's true!

The news is based on this. River of MashaPlus Info Forums explains:-

Oyaji has a kidney stone?!!!???

It was taken from talkingfm (I missed it last Sunday, so I don't know) when he admitted the doctor diagnosed him with kidney stone. Of course, it made everyone in NHK worries. Operation = a week of filming. But according to him, he doesn't need one, it's still manageable.

I hope he is just joking. If he is not, I hope it is a very small stone. If not, NHK must release him for surgery! Health comes first Masha! Anyway still unconfirmed so let's just see this as speculation because the HK Fans have yet to say anything and they listen to the show!

Mashamasha of the same forum confirms;

yes, he mentioned in tfm last week. He said the doctor told him that the stone is too big to do an operation to take it out. But the stone does not harm his body, so no need to worry, just leave it. Really no harm? I am a bit shocked when i listened to the program last week, but masha seems to be really having no worries about this.

Now I am worried. How can the stone not be removed? And can't be removed because it is too big? Masha need a second opinion fast! You can't have a foreign object in your body! You won't leave a benign growth in your body right? SECOND OPINION!!

Ok, are you panicking? I was! But thanks to Izumisano of Masha Heart and Mashaplus Info Forums, probably the most level headed right now and she posted a long reply which made me feel much better. However I hope Masha will just take good care of himself and just get rid of that stone! And he must be careful with words like huge, big, etc. Anyway read Izumi's explanation after the Read More link because it is really long. And also after Read More link, to non-experienced fans like myself, a shocking fact!

Translation and comment written by Izumisano, taken from MashaPlus Info Forums.
OK, before we go shoot ourselves with panic, I think it's probably best for us to fully understand what the article said and what he had said in TFM.

I'm just doing a very quick & dirty loose translation from the article and would be most grateful if mashamasha or any other members could add on to / correct it:

A listener had written in to TFM on 18.04 to say the he/she was feeling very unhappy because he/she has to be hospitalized because of stones in the urethra. Masha replid "To be honest, I have them too." And not the small ones. "They found a huge one in the kidney during the general health check-up." So his partner had asked uneasily "Don't you need an operation?" To which Masha said "Well, it's only big, but it doesn't seem to be moving. The doctor confirmed it." So it seems like there's no problem to just leave it as is. (Then they made jokes like "Are you getting attached to it now? etc.)

(This part, not too sure.) But at the beginning of the show, he had said "The spring green always gives a feeling of energy and vigour. But I feel my energy sapping with every spring." With his ongoing drama and CM schedules, as well as his music work after that, it's not hard to imagine how little time he must have for rest. We hope he will earnestly look after his health.

First thing, the ones that are found in a general health check are usually silent stones, i.e. those with no symptoms. Silent stones are not gigantic or obstructive, hence the lack of pain or blood. Once they exert pressure on the urinary track, pain comes in and operation would be called for. Now we don't know how big Masha means when he says "huge" or what type of stone it is. There have been references to big stones at 5mm and also at 3cm.

What was said in the article was --> it's not moving so they don't need to do anything about it. Usually that happens when the doctors feel it won't get bigger or cause blockage through the use of diet, hydration or medication. They may be using a 'treatment' called "Watchful Waiting", i.e. you check up on it every year to see how it changes. Many doctors feel it unneccessary to do intrusive procedures on the body unless absolutely called for healthwise. Many people have silent stones in them without knowing.

As long as the person's health is not already compromised from other factors, there is a procedure to surgically remove all types of stones, even the "staghorn"ones (i.e. stones which branch out and fill up the cavity in the kidneys. Generally for stones inside the kidney, soundwave or shockwave therapy is used for sizes upto 2~3cm and softer in texture, percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCN) for anything larger, harder and even staghorns. In PCNs, a small incision is made in the skin (hence percutaneous) and an instrument is stuck into the kidney to break up the stone and even suck it out. Wave therapy is an outpatient procedure, no hospitalization required. PCN needs a stay of 1 to 2 days.

In the worst possible case where nothing else works (assuming kidney still functioning), then open surgery is required and that's weeks in the hospital. But with the advent of wave therapy and PCN, open surgery is now almost virtually unused.

Since it's come out in the news, maybe he'll say something more about it this coming week.

A shocking fact! Just found out thanks to Mashamasha;

it was detected years ago, he also mentioned his stone in radio before (though haven't mentioned its size) but just for this time it is put into the news article. That's why he's been so mindful of his health these past years. He's mentioned he drinks at least 2 litres of water every day. (But I have seen a theory that excess protein may be a cause and weightlifters are prone to it, though I have no idea if this is true.)i just read some of 2 ch posts saying that masha has once said in radio that he wanted to make use of the stone to create a ring (after it is taken out)....the opposite: the stone is already too big, it won't move, so it is ok to leave it in the body...The doctor said no need to do anything, and masha said he is prepared to stay together with the stone forever ....

Someone needs to shake Masha now! Please remove it before you give it a nickname! Masha, be healthy, be rid of that... thing! Years ago? YEARS AGO?! So if you hate him, please do not punch his stomach,navel or the region around that. It will hurt! Now I am back to worried! Is he keeping the stone as a souvenir? Is he married to the stone?! Is Mrs Fukuyama the stone?!


    maniac said...

    This is so serious yet pardon me for laughing ..its funny how "he is married to it" when I saw Mrs Fukuyama I was dying of curiosity but it turned out to be stone, hopefully it gets taken care of asap...Masha Genki de ne

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