[HOTSPOTS] Episode 6 : Japan [26.06.2011][Last Ep]

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This is the last episode of Hotspots, featuring Japan with Masha as host and narrator broadcast over at NHK on 26.06.2011 at 9pm Japan time. Thanks to Angelreii for the recap;

Masha climbing up the ice mountain. He tumble over and could not get up. Snow Monkey. He bundled himself up in thick clothes. Taking pictures of the snow monkey. He is eating what the snow monkey is eating and have a very yucky look. eating inside the bark tree. Saru yuki is enjoying themselves in the onsen. Masha is paddling a boat in a mangrove. He found a huge mangrove shell and amaze at the size. They film a mangrove yama neko catching fish. Feature the Ōsanshōuo (japan giant salamander). Frogs and tagame? (giant water bugs). Hotaru during summer. What a nice scene. Masha and hotaru. Masha standing near a waterfall. Reminds him of yuki (snow) Back to yuki saru. They can survive temperatures below -15 °C. Now a bit of history and geography lesson on ice age and monkey migration. They showed the snow monkey in autumn. Sensei showing Masha the snow monkey in the small stream The snow monkey is turning over the stone in the stream to look for food. (bugs, tiny fish) During the non winter season the saru would be lookng for food (seaweed) by the sea. The seaweed contains a lot of vitamins. Back in Okinawa. The yama neko is not afraid of catching fish in the stream. eeewww... snake. A slug snake that is able to eat snails. Yama neko kodomowhat are you doing at the roadside. OMG.. run, there is a car approaching. Sensei explaining there is a sign by the roadside to inform drivers that there are some sighting of yama neko and they have to be careful. Summertime and the snow monkey are eating small berry like fruits. They look different less furs.

Previous news after Read More link.

A friendly reminder since I may not have access to this particular episode so there may not be any screencaps or even video file. The last episode of Hotspots where Masha visits Japan will be on NHK channel (for ASTRO users, it is CH 398) on this Sunday 26.06.2011 at 9pm Japan time or 8pm Malaysia time. This episode is narrated AND hosted by Masha, so do remind yourself of this extra special one! I think this is the one you see him having a "buffet" at the natural forest of Japan.

Meanwhile, some snippets;

By River of MashaPlus;

Re this article, for Japan, Masha went to Iriomote Island in Okinawa and Kamikochi National Park in Nagano. He wanted to know more about nature, that's why he accept this offer. His narration is full of emotions and intellectual curiosity. Japan itself is a country that surrounded by water. It is full of life, and Fukuyama hope, it can help the viewers to help 'preserve our heritage.' Hotspot Japan: Our Miracle, will be aired on 26th June, 9pm.

Be sure to catch this last episode, probably last of Masha's appearance in NHK. I hope not!


vspirit said...

watching the frog humping the fish was...interesting.

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