Ryoma-Den : Favourite scene thus far

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Which is the singing scene (beginning 0:26 till 0:56 in the video below) in Episode 2 where he sang to the workers hoping to lighten the mood and earn their co-operation to finish the task at hand. Also the same scene his father realised his baby son is no longer a baby anymore and thus in the end allowed him to go to Edo, olden day Tokyo to learn more about Kendo. This song by the way should have been in the Ryoma-Den OST under the Label [RELEASES] Soundtrack.

Izumisano translated some part of the lyrics from Chinese subs, have a read what he was singing ...

“Catfishes live in shallow waters, Birds rest on trees”
“As we live, we will learn the worldly ways…..”
“What is a change of heart….”

The entire scene's dialogue as translated by Izumisano of Masha Heart after Read More Link. You can download the sub for Episode 2 as a soft sub. Just check out my Episode 2 post aka [TV] Ryoma-Den :: Episode 2 in Labels.

SH=Hachihei, Ryoma's father (the old man hiding behind the bushes)

R: Stop it! Please!
(The others join in the fight.)
Can you not put aside your differences for a while?

Worker 1: Master Samurai will not understand what happens between us farmers!
R: Even though a samurai, I’m just a Kashi too.
Since I’ve been ordered to erect the dam, I am no different from you all.

(The workers sit down again.)
R: That’s it. Let’s sing, shall we?
Misc: No way! Forget it!
R: You’re so quiet when you drink, it feels dead here!

(Hachihei almost reaches the river bank. Hears a shamisen, then Ryoma’s voice.)

SH: What!!
R: “Catfishes live in shallow waters, Birds rest on trees”
People let’s sing together! (A worker looks away)
“As we live, we will learn the worldly ways…..”

SH: What the hell is that idiot doing?

R: How’s my singing? (some workers are listening)
“What is a change of heart….”

Worker 1: Stop it! Stop it!
You carefree fool!
You know nothing! How can a Kashi be the same as a farmer?

(Hachihei stops running)
R: That I know.
Worker 1: So you’re being condescending now?!
R: That’s not what I mean!

(Hachihei hides behind a fence)
Worker 1: We’re the ones looking down on you people!
Misc: That’s right!
Worker 2: It’s the Joshi who control Tosa,
And us farmers who grow the food.
Misc: Yeah!

Worker 2: The Kashi don’t do anything.
What value is there in your existence?
Misc: Well said! That’s right!

Worker 1: I still have work to do in my fields.
But I’m forced to come here!
And you just sit there and order us to “Do this, do that”
It’s so infuriating!

Misc: That’s it!
Worker 2: Tosa doesn’t need Kashi and dog poo!
Misc: Yeah!
Worker 2: You people pretend you’re samurais, but you’re no use at all!!

R: You’re right. You grow the food ….. that we eat every day
True, perhaps we Kashi are no different from dog poo

Worker 1: I’m calling it a day.
Misc: I’m going home too. (They start leaving)
R: But people, listen to me first!
This Kumagawa floods every year.
And whenever that happens, a lot of people will suffer!
The family behind those trees have only women left
All their men have died in the floods! (The workers stop.)

To the mother and daughter left behind, we are like their gods.
We’re working hard to stop the waters.
The two of them are grateful to you from the bottom of their hearts!
We have been entrusted with…… this very important job!
Constructing the dam …….is a matter of life and death.

If you can’t stand the looks of me, then take it out on me.
Come and beat me up.
But we must stick to this job to the very end!
(kneels down)
(bows low)

SH: (behind the fence) Ryoma……
Worker: Let’s go!
R: Wait! (runs to stop them)
Please! (talking to each worker individually)
Wait! Please! (they ignore him)

Worker: Out of the way!
R: Come back!
People, hold on!
Please! Don’t go!
Wait! Please! Come on!

(Hachihei realizes what is happening.)
R: Come back everyone!


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