[NEWS] Masha in NHK Specials "Hot Spot,Saigo no Rakuen [The Last Paradise]"

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Surprise! Surprise! Local Malaysian newspaper actually printed this when the news first came out. Thanks to Angelreii for the scan.

Since it is officially reported, I can post this exciting news.

Translated from Oricon news by River of MashaPlus Info Forums

Fukuyama Masaharu, featuring in a new traveller's program from January next year.

The actor-singer, Fukuyama Masaharu, will be narrating NHK documentary, 'The Last Paradise' from January next year. He will also feature in episodes on Brazil and Madagascar. The last episode of Ryomaden will air on 28th November and he will also appear in Studio Park on the 23rd November. The program will look back in the amazing year as Ryoma.

The Last Paradise program concentrates on the 'endangered spots' around the world. NHK has spent three years in the program that will air in six months. It will used special effect to breathe new life in this world.

The executive producer, Muranti Shinti says 'Fukuyama has travelled to at least twenty countries. He can be considered as a travel's expert. He has become interested and curious about the nature and the environment during his travel. Fukuyama's songs also gives out the sense of something dear and fragile in most people. Hence, we decided to appoint him as the narrator and our guide.' Fukuyama also says 'we have to consider our effect as part of the chain of life.'

The prologue will start on the 10th January (Monday) from 7:30pm. The first episode, Madagascar will be aired on 30th January, follows by the second episode, Brazil, on the 6th February. He will appear in the prologue and is also scheduled to appear in episodes 1, 2 and 6.

More details on the tentative schedule as announced in BROS members site, thanks to Izumisano. The English titles are translated from the Japanese titles. There may be change in schedule though;

NHK Specials "Hot Spot, the Last Paradise"

■2011/1/10 (Mon) 7:30~8:43 pm  「Prologue - Earth・The story of Life」(tentative name)
■2011/1/30 (Sun) 9:00~9:58 pm  Ep 1 「Madagascar ~A Noah's Ark born of nothing~」(tentative)
■2011/2/06 (Sun) 9:00~9:58 pm Ep 2 「Brazil ~Steady Growth in the Oldest Savannah~」(tentative)<--HB! Thereafter, Ep 3 「New Zealand」(tentative)、 Ep 4 「Australia」(tentative)、Ep 5 「Africa's Ancient Lakes」(tentative)、Ep 6 「Japan」(tentative) to be shown once a month。 ※ Fukuyama is scheduled to appear in Brazil and Madagascar。He will be narrator for all the episodes, and will appear as the traveller in the Prologue and episodes 1, 2 and 6.

Basically, Masha will narrate the entire series but he will also feature in the documentaries like those TLC travelogues I suppose for Madagascar (30.01.2011), Brazil (06.02.2011) and Japan (concentrating on Nagasaki perhaps?)(probably the last episode). Being NHK I expect the tone to be serious and concentrate more on perhaps nature and wildlife and less on food and the leisure part. However I do expect Masha to post his favourite picture subject that is food at his members site.

Anyway, do bookmark the dates in January 2011 and here's hoping international audience gets to see them in NHK World Premium. For ASTRO subscribers, the channel is 398 I think. All others there's the alternative called Keyhole TV. But as always, I hope against hope there will be someone ripping and uploading the clips!

As always, it will be RAW version but who cares! See Masha travel, I mean it is like us going travelling with him which is almost personal. I just hope the narration even if by him isn't dry, eventhough I can't understand a single word he is saying.

[UPDATES] English news of above by Tokyograph:-

Masaharu Fukuyama narrates NHK nature documentary

Due to the popularity of the taiga drama "Ryomaden," NHK has chosen Masaharu Fukuyama (41) to be the presenter of a new nature documentary series titled "Hot Spot: Saigo no Rakuen." Fukuyama will narrate and play the part of a "traveler" as he introduces rare and endangered species from around the world.

Data and footage were collected in six regions over the course of three years, using state-of-the-art technology. The large-scale project seems to take some inspiration from the BBC's internationally broadcast "Planet Earth" series, which NHK also helped to produce.

The series will be aired next year as six episodes, one for each of the areas visited. A separate "prologue" episode will air on January 10, followed by the first actual episode on January 30, which focuses on Madagascar. An episode on Brazil will follow on February 6, then the pace will be slowed to once a month for the remaining four episodes: New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and Japan. Fukuyama will narrate every episode, but he will also appear on-screen as a "traveler" in the prologue and episodes 1, 2, and 6 (Japan).

In a semi-related announcement, NHK also revealed that a "Ryomaden Special" will be broadcast on the afternoon of November 23, just a few days before the drama's finale on November 28. The special will be a live broadcast from NHK Studio Park, showing Fukuyama talking about the filming for the series and gathering comments from his co-stars.


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