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This is an excellent interview, even if it is about 1 year old at the time of posting. It talks about the start of his career, with many good questions with fulfilling answers and best is a section where fans ask the question, although he never really fully answer them from how I read it. It is a must read, and here I repost some memorable ones from the Q&A by fans ...

Are there any specific things that have made you feel “It’s great to be in the entertainment industry!” (Gunma prefecture, 29 years old female)
F: “The thing that made me glad to have this job, is the kindness that other people have shown me! When I go to some shops, they’d do all sorts of extra things for me! In the past, I would say, ‘No thanks, it’s alright’, but now I feel such a response is much too rude.”

You actually did say that …..
F: “Yes. I had turned down the only way that they can do something more for me. In a tea ceremony, that would not be possible. Accepting other people’s services (with grace) is a very important etiquette (in chadō). From a professional wrestler’s point of view, that’s something like seeing how much you can take. That’s why I would accept other people’s extra arrangements nicely now.”

And on top of that, if you are able to show your delight, it would be even better for the other party.
F: “That’s right. If we can gladly accept (someone’s good intentions), they would feel happy too.”

You must have come across those peculiar extras like “We can recommend good shops where you can find the girls.”
F: “As for those, I’d still say the same ‘Thank you very much’ and accept it all.” (laugh)

20 years being such a long time, you must have had moments when you didn’t want to work. Whenever you’re not in the mood, what keeps you motivated? (Aichi prefecture, 16 years old female)
F: "Well……I guess it would have to be my fans. It's because of their happy faces that I would want to keep working hard till the end."
Read the entire thing at Masha Heart!

More great stuff after Read More link!

By Izumisano of MashaPlus Info Forums

At the same time I was going through a bulk of pictures of Masha when I was posting them to the Facebook page when I came across the following found in Facebook pages which is unrelated to the article above:-

He looked pissed! Curious I asked and Izumisano gave me the answer:-

Beijing Olympics women's softball game in 2008. The person who took them wrote in her blog that when he found out she was taking his pictures he stopped talking to his companion and looked a bit annoyed. She said he kept looking at her (seems to me he was checking if she'll ever stop) but she just went on

There was another guy/girl who wrote in his blog that he bumped into him in a shop in Beijing and he asked the managers if he could take a photo with him, but the managers refused. He said thinking backwards he should have phoned people to come so they could keep him there longer.

One picture is fine but repeatedly is close to harassment. He may be famous but at times I feel as fans we should keep our distance. But that kept me wondering, if I were to bump into him on the streets, what should I do? Would he be approachable? Angelreii from MashaPlus Info Forums quoted from the above article where fans asked similar questions:-

If we should bump into Fukuyama-san in the street, is it better if we keep quiet and not do anything? (Osaka prefecture, 18 years old female)
F: “Yes, I’ve been saying this in my radio programme all along. (I’m a bit) like wild animals…you should never go and feed them, because you would disrupt the natural eco-cycle.” (i.e. Do not approach him if you should see him in the street, you would start a huge disruption there.)

So it’s alright if they stand and look from afar?
F: “Yes, I don’t mind if I’m surrounded at a distance. Apparently the animals in the Galapagos have a tendency of approaching people because they have never had the experience of being hurt by humans. So, if you keep your distance, who knows, maybe I might come over.” (laugh)

I am sure that doesn't mean he is not approachable, I have seen him giving autographs but I feel if you really want to approach him, just do it and don't sneak around and take pictures from afar like he is some specimen in a zoo. I believe he once talked about how he felt like he was an animal behind the cages in a zoo when some fans spotted him and exclaimed something to the effect they've seen him in the zoo excitedly. I can't remember where I read this (and if you do would appreciate a comment on the source, I know at Masha Heart but where exactly I can't remember) but it shows he had difficulty adjusting to his fame. The wonderful thing about the entertainment industry is the absolute adulation and adoration by fans once you gain their love and with it comes the burden; you're expected to behave as they expect you to behave, ignoring that you're also a person like any other, except your profession is one that pushes you into the public eye. The fact that people point, stare, take pictures, etc shows you've made it, you're at that level where your mere name or mere face could garner such attention. I feel it is a good thing in the end. The worst fate for an entertainer is no one knows who you are and doesn't care. Without such public support, you can't expect investors to invest in you and without that, how then can you realise your vision of a song or a performance? For me all credibility of an entertainer will be lost if all he has to live on is his glorious fame and nothing else. Like being famous because you're famous. But I believe Masha learnt over the years that is inevitable and it comes with the job. Every job has its perks and every job also has its downside.I am sure he of all people would know that. But that doesn't mean I will dare to approach him or even take his photo. My stance would be simple; go "ahhhhhh that's Fukuyama Masaharu, so handsome! so tall!" and then I will feel rather happy having seen him. I would never dare point, stare, take pictures or even ask the ultimate fan question; "May I take a picture with you?" or "May I have your autograph". I am really very shy you see. And I don't want to meet him. I can't imagine what I will say to him since I don't think we can understand one another. But I do hope to "meet" him in a concert, in his element. I wish.. I wish...


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