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I am sure he is involved in much more charitable work but since he is the type that doesn't talk much about that aspect, we will never know until one day all is revealed. Those that we do know of is as follows:-

WISH & MINAKO HONDA [01.11.2006]
The following account is by Izumisano of MashaPlus Info Forums, reposted from explanations by Mashamasha and experienced fans:-

There is the demo tape that Masha and band made for Minako Honda when she was in the hospital. According to an experienced fan, when the Fuji TV program showed the demo clip, Masha's fans were all very surprised because he had not disclosed he worked with Inoue Akira on this project (Wish), nor did they know that Honda Minako (本田美奈子) was Masha's fan. Apparently her Bros no. is 1x (first 20 fans!!). He was in the middle of his 15th anniversary tour and the entire band took the time to rehearse and do the demo for Minako. Masha/Amuse did not say a word about his involvement. Fans only knew about his history with Minako, when he disclosed it in the TV special after her death but Masha didn't even tell the fans to watch out for it so many missed it. It was only 1 year after Minako's death, when the Wish CD was released, that he really talked about it. The sales of this CD are donated to a leukemia fund.

If you can't see an embedded video above, click the full post link and it will appear.

- A more recent broadcast (on 09.11.2010) of the above event and song can be seen here at youtube (embedding disallowed)

Wish CD and more info on the song wish can be found in that link. You can also download the same clip at the youtube link above as I believe that is the PV.

The lyrics and more known charitable works after Read More link.

Officially performed by Inoue Akira & and not Masha per se. No English lyrics as yet.

あたりまえの ことばかり

振り向けば そばにいて
おしゃべりして 笑って
時は そっと教える
時が きっと愛おしくなる

あたりまえに 来る朝も
光る海も 雨の街も
あたりまえの ことなのに

生きる意味は 生きること
探しながら 迷いながら
生きるために 生きること


atarimae no koto bakari
utsukushiku omoeru
sonna hi ga aru

furimuke ba soba ni i te
oshaberi shi te warat te
hito ni tsunagari nagara
ima iki te iru koto
toki ha sotto oshieru
toki ga kitto ai oshiku naru

atarimae ni kuru asa mo
hikaru umi mo ame no machi mo
atarimae no koto na noni
kakegae no nai hibi

ikiru imi ha ikiru koto
sagashi nagara mayoi nagara
ikiru tame ni ikiru koto
kakegae no nai hibi
tada dakishime te

soko ni aru sono shiawase wo ...

The following account is by Izumisano of MashaPlus Info Forums reposted from explanations by Mashamasha and experienced fans:-
Similarly, in the middle of his 10th Anniversary tour (2000), volcano Usu in Hokkaido erupted. In between his tour, Masha held a free concert in the hall of one of the Hokkaido schools for the refugees. (Remember he usually only has a few days to rest in between venues.) This event was neither reported in the papers nor the news and Masha or Amuse didn't publicise a word of it out. Fans only knew about it after some residents of Usu wrote on their bbs.

Then in a concert brochure years later, one of Masha's managers finally wrote about the incident. He said that it was Masha's idea to hold the free concert, but he met with extreme opposition from Amuse management because they were worried that an extra show (and travelling) would further consume his strength and he would not be able to recover in time for the rest of the tour. There was not enough time to set up an impromptu live as well. But Masha insisted and the band members were all in favour, so in the end the management finally relented.

Then remember the trip to Romania in 1996 and the AIDs charity works? Read the heartwarming story here.

The following by Izumisano ...

Further the proceeds of that limited edition CD of Heart of Xmas went to Friends of Romania (I wonder is it this one?-Funn).

I've talked about the CD cover for this single here. I will need to find a sample of the song so stay tune to this or maybe a new post.

If you know more, why not post them in here!


Izumisano said...

Perhaps many people already know about Honda Minako.

She was already famous when Masha had his debut. If I remember correctly, Masha said they bumped into each other once early in his career and that was it. So he never knew she was a BROS member until years later. Although she started off as an idol in the '80s, she reinvented herself and became a notable theatrical singer and actress, winning the role of Kim in Miss Saigo over 12,000 other candidates. Besides numerous theatrical roles, she progressed into classical singing as a soprano. So the country was shocked when she became sick with leukemia in late 2004. She passed away in Nov 2005.

BTW all my comments in this post were quoted from mashamasha and other experienced fans, so credit goes to them.

Izumisano said...

Sorry, perhaps a bit more explanation?

Inoue Akira-san had worked with Honda Minako before. When she fell sick, he wrote her a song and she had promised to fill in the lyrics for it. Inoue-san had said when he invited Masha into the project, he never expected Masha to help out so much. In the demo tape, he didn't mind at all to take on the role of demo singer and "la" the song out. That was why Minako was moved to tears when she saw the video in the hospital. She completed the lyrics there and Wish was released one year after her death.

Funn Lim said...

She was his senior then? I felt rather sad to see someone die at such a young age. I wonder what she wrote for the lyrics? I am still trying to find the translation, maybe her fans would have done it somewhere.

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