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UPDATES - 31.03.2010
All information added. You will find ratings, review, episode summary, plot summary, English text translation, English soft sub/fansub, official English hard sub as well as download links and torrents and links to view this episode online. Therefore date reverted back to date of it was originally broadcast.

Thanks to AngelReii for the info.

NHK World Premium >Historical Drama "RYOMADEN" Eps. 5

The Black Ships & The Sword/Kurofune to Ken

Jan 31 (Sun) 20:00-20:45

Tokugawa shogunate orders the defense of the Edo Bay from the US fleet. Ryoma is also put on guard but secretly leaves his post to see the fleet with Katsura. Witnessing the overwhelming size of the fleet that symbolized the US military power, Ryoma starts to wonder if he should continue his sword training. Despite Sana's worries, he upsets Sadakichi by saying there was no point in practicing sword in meeting Western powers, and is dismissed from the school.

More after Read More.

By AngelReii
Black ship emerge off the coast was U.S. fleet, led by Cmdr. Perry, the Shogunate hasten to deal with it. Each clan was ordered to patrol the coast, Ryoma arrive for the Tosa clan was well established in Shinagawa coast. Ryoma sneaked out of the team to catch a glimpse of the black ships. Katsura Kogoro (Shosuke Tanihara) join & head to the scene together. The appearance of the steamboat for the first time, made them both marvel. Prepare for emergencies, we will begin the practice of samurai swordsmanship. However, Ryoma actually saw the black ships, and realize that sword is useless if there is war. Ryoma felt a hollowness & he seem to suffer in silence.

45 minutes has gone way too fast. Excellent episode more on the political side where "Early reviews for episode 5. It's getting political. History buff may find this episode interesting. The Black Ship has arrived, the effect can be seen and felt around Edo. Notable appearance: Min Tanaka. It seems a lot of people are impressed with him (the guy in the black, sitting quietly opposite the guy in red colours from the preview)" (River of MashaPlus Info Forums). Whilst I can't quite follow the political aspect, I can understand the widespread fear and panic of the incoming huge black steam ships from America. The Americans are depicted here as arrogant and demanding, I suppose demanding Japan to open its trading doors which is closed at that time. Japan refused and "Cmdr Perry send a letter to bakufu & head off. But he will back next year" (Angelreii). In fact thanks to Angelreii who explained "Back then Japan was a close country. They do not welcome foreigners". When Ryoma sneaked off to have a closer look, he was shocked to his core at the sight of the huge ships. I think the ship is CGI but it looked very real on my small Keyhole screen. Panicking, he realised it wouldn't even be a close fight.

Ryoma, shocked to the core at the sight of the big black American ship

So he ended up wanting to give up his Kendo ambitions, something I believe he must have discussed with Sana which reached the ears of her brother and eventually her father.

Ryoma confiding in Sana his worries

I think he even mentioned that in his letter home and his sister Otome must have chastised him and urged him not to give up. But as he was challenged by his master who realised his heart was not in Kendo anymore, he confessed to his master, exactly what I am not sure but Sana looked stricken and in the end he was expelled from the school. Thinking of his father and sister, he cried hard.

Ryoma challenged by his master, losses and cries at his expulsion

I believe he doesn't know how to explain the turn of events. Basically a good episode and somewhat understandable because some dialogue in English. Acting wise no one disappoints except for the foreigners. Sorry to say the Americans are depicted rather cliche-ish you know? And their acting is terrible. And to show Commander Perry sticking a knife on Japan on a map and saying "Hello Japan", that is first and foremost cliche, secondly nothing friendly in that so I assume Americans are doing what they're doing now to other countries, hostile forced opening of trade and thirdly, bad acting. Awful. I really like Ryoma with Sana, who today wore a kimoni as Ryoma later wore a new yukata, but kinda same blue-ish colour. And Masha's tan seems a bit deeper. As for Yataro, I am not sure what he is doing in here and Kao is like special guest star. Not sure her function but I hope she married Yataro. We know Ryoma later married someone else so I wonder, what happened to Sana later on?

"Next week: He tries to join in the group that goes into the Black Ship" (River)

Anyway I got some questions which I hope I could find some answers to, pending any soft subs...

1. What did Ryoma said to the Master? I know he got expelled.
(Mashamasha) He questioned what is the use of learning kendo

2. What did Sana's brother said to her which made him so emotional?
(Mashamasha) Her brother knows she falls in love with ryoma, and he said he is so happy that his sister finds love and he will fully support her as he also likes ryoma

3. What did Ryoma said to Sana by that well?
(Mashamasha) Similar to what he said to the master, he said even Japan opens war with US, sword is useless as US has much stronger and advanced weapon

4. What is Yataro doing anyway in this episode?
(Mashamasha) Same with Takechi (Takechi was summoned by the Tosa Damiyo - River), he also wrote an advisory letter to government staring what they should do to deal with the US request, but his letter is ignored, while Takechi's one is praised by their local head

5. What did Otome said to Ryoma in the letter?
(River) Otome said to him that she's practising kendo too. She also wanted to do everything to protect Japan. And Ryoma's pained look upon reading it, it's useless. No sword can win against it

All RAW files.

Source 1
720X480 resolution
This is grzegorzbrzenczyszczykiew version. Click here to thank the uploader, here for the torrent file download and here to download the torrent file directly by right click and choose Save Target As or Save As.

Source 2
From now onwards I shall call this Hanaren version. Click here to thank the uploader, here for the torrent file download and here to download the torrent file directly by right click and choose save target as or save as. About 503MB.

Source 3
From now onwards I shall call this Mikaljan version. Click here to thank the uploader, here for the torrent file download and here to download the torrent file directly by right click and choose save target as or save as. About 2.02GB.

Source 4
A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

Source 1
From what I can observe, the online viewing version has Chinese subtitles hardcoded into it.

Source 2

By Izumisano based on Chinese text, read the entire episode here at Masha Heart!

Based on Izumisano's translation. There are 2 versions. Luna14 the timer says Widescreen version is the one that starts with tofu commercial. So if your copy or any of the above does not have tofu commercial please avoid Widescreen version unless you wish to re-time it yourself. For all intents and purposes, Full Screen Version should serve you well, even if it is a nanosecond off from the original timing. If you have the 704X396 version, please use Full Screen Version. Subtitles are in .ass format.

- Full Screen Version [ideally for 704X396]
- Wide Screen Version [ideally for 720X480]

- Specifically for FULL HD version aka 1920X1080 version (the link actually contains subs for eps 1 to 13)

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

This is the hardcoded version of the official sub by NHK. You can choose either torrent or Megaupload as provided by the uploaded. 467.5MB with 720X480 resolution.

Note : click on link next to Name, then in new page look under TORRENT column, download any of the first 3 (left to right) links which are torrent files

Note : download all 3 files, do not rename, use HJSplit to join the files. If after joining the video is somewhat disjointed, redownload all 3 files and rejoin. If you can't access Megaupload, try switching on Hotspot Shield before going to respective links.

By Reder based on Izumisano's translations, can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number after the words "Version Francaise". It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This soft sub is best used with the corresponding episodes uploaded by Luna14, found at the same place.

I have a good feeling about the ratings which will be lower than last week but higher than episode 1 at least.

Wow. Another increases, 24.4%! I was wrong! Thus far this episode is the highest rated one. Some says it may be due to the rain in Tokyo and people stayed indoors! Whatever it may be, congrats!


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