Tokyo Walker No. 14 [June 2009] : Scans & a revealing interview

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One of my favourite interviews of Masha because of the short Q&A that revealed a lot of his at that time's daily habits. I would say he is rather disciplined even if he does take long breaks in between or at the height of his career! The article is translated by Xiaoxin of MashaPlus Info Forums and the text in blue is actually her own comments. The scans are by Angelreii of MashaPlus Info Forums and you can download them at the link as provided.

All after Read More.

The scans first. There's no scan of the cover by Angelreii but I assume the above is the cover thanks to the shirt and the date. A nice photoshoot even if the pants is terrible. The hair was way shorter then and looked much better than the later Auntie or poodle perm. There are 5 scans of mid quality of Masha in various poses plus the articles. I am not posting the scans here except for a sample scan as below. You can get the full scans in the link below. I did not scan these so do please do not credit me.

>> Download all the scans below here, link posted by Angelreii in MashaPlus Info Forums.

by Xiaoxin of MashaPlus Info Forums
Note : Text in blue are comments by Xiaoxin herself!

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the first thing you do after getting up in the morning?
A: I usually get up around 9am and take healthy breakfast.

I would brush my teeth first and then drink some vegetable and fruit juice. Then I would feed myself ochazuke with mixed grains while surfing the internet. This has become my habit now.

(Xiaoxin: ochazuke is normally prepared with white rice only. Having mixed grains such as perhaps barley, millet, brown rice etc. means it is healthier then the classic version)

Q: What time do you go to bed and what do you do before bed? ?
A: I go to bed at around 3am when I am slightly drunk,.

In the evening, I usually drink 3 shots of straight whisky and go to bed when I feel comfortable. I listen to music or surf the internet when I am drinking,.

Q: Which websites do you usually visit?
A: Real estate websites about properties in the countryside around Tokyo.

I have always been dreaming about owning a house that faces the ocean. That’s why I keep checking out the latest information. My grandfather used to work in real estate. Perhaps this is in my family trait! (laugh)

Q: Which artists are you friendly with lately?
A: I enjoy having dinner with Yama-P and the guys and forget about work.

I had dinner with Yamashita Tomohisa (山下 智久), Kamenishi Kazuya( 龜梨和也) and Ikuta Toma (生田斗真). As I am older, I wanted to chat to them about useful things -- from politics to economics and even X topics. On top of that, Lily Franky-san and Tamori-san are my “teachers” in whisky.

Q: Which movie has moved you lately?
A: A documentary called Young@Heart

It’s a movie about a group of eighty-year-olds singing in a rock choir. It makes me feel that music can really bring goodness into your life.
(Young@Heart is an America movie released in 2007)

Q: What is your favourite spot among Tokyo’s streets?
A: The road leading from Futakotamagawa (二子玉川) along Tama River (多摩川).

(I like it) perhaps because I used to live around there. The road that runs along Tama River between Futakotamagawa and Maruko Bridge (丸子橋) has really open scenery, which is great for touring with car and motorbike.

Presenting My True Self

There is no need to be delibrate (in this album) just becaue I have turned 40. Rather, I would like to turn my views, thoughts and feelings into something tangible to be presented in this album. The older you grow, the more worries you have in life. You would prefer listening to happy songs instead of heavy ones. Despite that, however, I believe I don’t have to “strike a balance” between the songs. I just want to present my true self.

When I started my career at 21, I regarded 40-years-olds as real adults. When I was able to hear truthful words from people of that age, I felt really touched.

For this time, I have written many songs about my family and hometown. They all come very naturally. Then I realised “Oh~~~this is an Ode about my “hometown”!” You would have many treasured memories relating to your hometown, as well as things that you don’t want to remember. Regardless what had happened before, I think there should be a way to “finish-off” your past and let it fade out. I started this process when I was halfway creating this album. Therefore I will feel very happy if those of you who listen to this album can let go your regrets (about the past), even just a little bit. I am hoping that the “zankyo” (reverberation) in your heart can turn into beautiful music.

(Fukuyama, ambassador for Nagasaki, always visits places of memory whenever he is back to his hometown).

When I was back on that road that I used to walk along to my primary school, I was surprised to find how narrow it is. It is different from what I remember. When I was back on the road that I used to deliver newspapers along, I remembered the “uncle” who always complained “the newspaper comes so late!!” (laugh).

When I left Nagasaki for Tokyo at 18, I was just chasing after a possiblity. During my 20s, this is something that I strived to achieve. Recently, I heard that many youngsters are soushokukeidanshi (草食系男子) (guys that are weak on the masculinity side and even somewhat feminine). I really want to say (to these people) “if you are a man, then let out your mettle and spirit!”. Don’t give up on things that you want to achieve. With lots of energy, just do you best and keep looking forward.6042

From an older person’s point of view, capability is not the most important thing in a young person. We look for those who are open, positive and energetic.

(The end)


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