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Not complicated at all but do protect yourself when downloading torrent as some movie studios have been known to track certain torrents (bogus ones), send warning letters, together with your ISP ban you from certain sites AND sue people (mostly for those downloading music or MP3s). If you're up to it, torrents will open up your eyes to a whole new world of file sharing. For one, somehow somewhere you will find that movie you can't buy in your store anymore. Why should anyone be sued for downloading that?!

The links after Read More.

Anyway, a few preliminaries.

Torrents are files (videos, music, whatever you want to share) are files uploaded by say person A and then seeded by person A whilst others are downloading. Seeders mean persons having 100% content of the file and is sharing amongst the community. Leechers are those who don't. For the sake of everybody else, once you completed your download, yes you can watch the series, you can burn it, etc and at the same time continue to seed/share the file whilst online. At least seed it for 2 weeks or so for the enjoyment of others too. Torrents work on people seeding the files. If no one does that, the file will forever be at 0% or stuck at 75% for example if the only seeder or the seeders have 75% or less of the file.

Before you begin, do download and install the following free stuff...

The codes is so that you can watch any format. Ever wonder why you just downloaded a AVI file but you can hear but can't see? Codec problem. Just install the standard items but you will be asked to remove realplayer and install their version of realplayer. Frankly no big loss if you do just that. However if after installing you hear audio and you see video BUT the video is off colour (like x-ray-ish and the original file is ok), system restore your computer (if you're using Windows) because one of the codecs or whatever you just installed did not go well with your preinstalled stuff. Either install a previous version or delete that particular bad program.

Install and open Peer Guardian 2 FIRST before opening your torrent downloader as Peer Guardian will mask your IP address, thus safety from prying eyes. Update the list often eventhough these few works the update button isn't working for me.

My recommended torrent downloaded is Vuze, used to be Azureus. I suppose I am used to the interface. You can try others. Just google "bittorrent client". Be careful, some can be very laggy.

Ok, install all and restart computer as instructed. Now you're ready.

Take for example you want to download Ryoma-Den episode 1. The file is at D-Addicts. Once there do this...

a. look under Torrent column same line as the episode you want to download, left click or right click (and choose Save As or Save Target As) and save the torrent file. No need to rename.

b. open Peerguardian and enable it. See lots of IP addresses scroll up. It means it is on.

c. Open Vuze or the bittorrent client you have. For Vuze,

File > Open > Torrent file > Add files > and find the torrent file you just saved.

The torrent filename for this purpose is ryomaden01raw.torrent so that's the one you click. You will see the torrent info, what you're gonna download. For this episode 1, the torrent uploaded prepared 3 items :- the sample (so that you can finish download that fast and check the quality and see if you wanna continue), the info (usually some information from the uploaded) and the main file itself, the one with the biggest file size. You can choose to download all or just the main file so un-tick the others you don't want to download.

Click ok.

It should start automatically, if not click on the torrent file in the main window and click START button at the top. Look at health indicator (circle on the left). The one you want is Green meaning the torrent tracker is ok, the file is downloading and it is a healthy torrent. Red means it is dead or something wrong. Yellow is like in between, sometimes the tracker may be dead but the seeders still there. The more SEEDS the better. Look at the percentage, when it is 100% it is finished. If it is still stuck below 100% despite days gone past, it means the seeders are not there so go to the forum and beg someone to switch on their bittorrent client! Come despite seeders can be very slow. This could be some limitation by your ISP (you may reached your quota?) or the torrent site or just plain slow. Be patient. A typical movie is 700MB. Ryoma-Den episode 1 is more than 1GB. Just the episode alone is about 900MB. If less seeders it may take up to a few weeks. If lost of seeders it can be 2 days or so. Really depends on your luck.

That's it! You're downloading your first torrent.

Download pattern for torrent should be

1. Open Peer Guardian II and Enable it
2. Open torrent downloader (like Vuze or similar) and start download.
3. Stop torrent downloader
4. disable Peer Guardian

Regularly update your Peer Guardian. If you're viewing some sites or downloading some stuff, Peer Guardian might block that. So finish one before starting the other. Regularly update your anti virus but bear in mind some high end anti virus do see keygens as virus when it isn't.

If you want to go searching for torrent files, always be very careful. Don't want to get caught and all. Just go to reputable ones. Always read the comments left by others for the file you're interested in.

1. If no comments at all, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Could be bogus file.
2. If got comments, read them all. If people report on "hash", or "genuine file", etc, or A10/V10 (audio is perfect, video is perfect) it means the torrent is genuine.
3. If comments say got trackers, no good, video quality bad, etc, don't bother to download.
4. Downloading games with keygens (those that generates the so called passwords to unlock the full game) or cracks (unlocked games), as usual read the comments before downloading any files with keygens and cracks. AND never ever ever ever download from Crackzware or warez or something like that. Stick to the reputable ones.

Trust your instinct and your judgment. Once you get the hang of it, you will minimise downloading virus and some stupid empty files.


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