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UPDATES - 12.09.2010
Added fansub/softsub timed by Luna



Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 28
Jul 11 (Sun) 19:10-19:55
Jul 12 (Mon) 3:00-3:45
Jul 17 (Sat) 13:05-0:00

武市の夢/takeichi no yume /Takechi's Dream 
Goto, who believed the killer of Toyo was Ryoma, frantically looks for Ryoma, who is on the run after telling him a lie to save Takechi. Ryoma and Yataro sneak into prison where Takechi is being held. They tell him what Ryoma had told Goto but Takechi tells Ryoma that he is determined to admit his guilt and kill himself, entrusting Japan's future to Ryoma. Ryoma engraves Takechi's words in his heart and returns to Osaka.

More after Read More link.

Discussions taken from fan forums. Spoilers alert. Oh what the heck! Takechi and Izo dies, one I suppose you can say killed himself which is an honour and the other executed (I haven't watched so can't confirm).

Ryoma looks so sad when parting with Yataro. The Sakamoto family is so supportive of his cause.  So Goro announce to Yodo that Ryoma was the person who killed Toyo. It seems Yodo doesn't believe Goro one bit on the news about Ryoma. So Yodo san decide to see Takechi to confirm.  Finally Takechi reveal the truth. All is me, All for Japan, All for Tosa. Yodo gave the verdict. Harakiri/Seppuku. And Yodo just take back his rank and demoted him to Kaishi. Ryoma asked Yataro to secretly let him see Takechi. 3 grown men crying and Yataro is soothing Ryoma. the execution of Izo. Takechi last words to Tomi. Tomi declared "My husband is the most splendid man ever."  The seppuku was very well done. Takechi was well known in history for his three cuts ... it seems they did show four cuts or rather Takechi going on and on until he finally collapsed. He did not even want them to decapitate until he is finish. Ryoma sounds so different when he told the men that is is planning to go to Satsuma. He sound motivated and sure of his destiny.  He has gone through so much of hardship, sadness, injustice that finally made him a man on a mission to change Japan. End of Takechi. End of Season 2.

Season 3, Ryoma is a man with a mission on Japan. He has stopped searching now. He knows what he wants to do now. 

As reported by River of MashaPlus Info Forums from the general reaction of Japanese fans at 2ch.

According to 2ch, actually, they're more excited with the Season 3 trailer. Okay, the seppuku scene is done well
That is not good. I suspect the ratings will be below 20% mark again. I can understand why. Maybe viewers just tired of the gloom and doom and politicking.

By the way some history on Takechi if you're interested, by Angelreii of MashaPlus Info Forums ...

Takechi seized control of his native domain of Tosa in 1862 and used it as a base from which to conduct a campaign of bloody assassinations in Kyoto. When the fall of his allies, the Choshu radicals, weakened his position, his enemies in Tosa took their revenge.

He was ordered first to return home, and then to commit seppuku. It is said that he refused to allow his second to deliver the death blow after disemboweling himself, and sliced his stomach open not one, but two more times. Takechi was over-ready to dish out the violence, but he wasn't afraid to take it himself when the time came. Okada Izo, Takechi's most effective assassin, was executed. Nakaoka Shintaro was murdered and Takasugi Shinsaku died of tuberculosis.

A special tribute by NHK to Takechi in pictures can be viewed here. Fantastic arrangement, from his first to I suppose his last appearance before his seppuku/harakiri.

All RAW files.

1920X1080 [FULL HD]
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Torrent at D-Addicts except this is a combined torrent with other Ryoma-Den Episodes. Click here for the link, once there click next to NAME, in new page download the torrent under TORRENT and download the episode as required using your favourite torrent downloader. Resolution is 720X480. Please seed after downloading.

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Japanese softsub
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English Translation
By Izumisano, read it at Masha Heart

English Fansub/softsub
Timed by Luna based on Izumisano's translation. Includes the travelogue part. Please download the appropriate file.

1920X1080 [Fuill HD] - Click here
All other versions - Click here

Official subs/English Hardsub
Resolution is 720X480, with the English subs hardcoded into the video file.  Click here to download the torrent.

By River of MashaPlus Info Forums and summarised by me.

That despite stiff competition from festivals and especially the elections shown on TV hence the time of broadcast changed to 1 hour earlier, the show garnered a decent 17% which is still highest of the night and apparently much higher than rest of the programmes showing at same time slot.

But it makes me wonder; Japanese do follow the elections?!


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