[TV APPEARANCE] Top Runner Special [NHK][21.08.2010]

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UPDATES -14.09.2010
Added another download source



Very interesting show! 44 minutes so it was terribly short and Keyhole TV was thankfully a bit nicer to me tonight. Not that I understand what was going on but I can see it was divided into perhaps 4 parts; a walk in nature (big forest with caves and all), cooking curry using red wine and possibly sake and coffee powder (?), a talk on how he started in the industry I suppose and the last part was the most interesting; the male host produced his written words to be made into lyrics for a song and Masha was laughing a lot as he used a red pen to change the words used (more poetic in the end), then rewrote them on papers and then divided the proses in the lyrics into several pieces of papers and I suppose to rearrange as he sees fit. A very methodical approach and yet so simplistic. I was rather impressed with the way he approached his work! Definitely a lesson in a very organised mind of an expert and a pro so to speak.  A great watch even if Masha looked terribly tired and in some scenes, rather wet thanks to the rain. By the way, red wine in curry? I think the TV even flashed a recipe! Should give it a try. BUT if it is true, coffee powder in curry? I was curious about the hosts. Not sure who is the lady host but the male host is Michihiko Yanai, creative director and from his profile, I sorta surmise he is an advertising creative director? Anyway he was involved with Hotaru, Citizen 24hours campaign as well as Kaze to Rock.From  his profile I also saw FujiFilm with Photo Is campaign. Ahhh frequent collaborator!

Anyway, some low quality screencaps taken from Keyhole TV, previous news and everything else after Read More link.

Top Runner Special on NHK Channel on 21.08.2010 broadcast at 10pm Japan time.


Rundown or promo before the show. Original source news and pictures taken from here. Previously blogged about here.

NHK will broadcast its Top Runner on Saturday (21.08.2010), beginning with Fukuyama Masaharu. Currently starring in Ryomaden, the program will follow the man who play the national hero, Ryoma, in his day off, relaxing in nature.

The program will be moderated by Michihiko Yanai, whom Fukuyama has worked with before. They will explore the surrounding areas of the Fuji Lake, in Yamanashi Prefecture. The shooting will take place near the West Lake, where Fukuyama said: "I like to walk". It will also feature his photography session and the experience of cave discovery and "I intend to enjoy this moment of relaxation".

When the night approaches, the scene will move into the forest lodge, where they will continue to talk about his role as a musician and his hometown in Nagasaki. He has to think thoroughly before accepting the role in Ryomaden. Fukuyama mentioned "This is my first experience involving in a year long drama, and I want to end it well". He will also touch a little bit on the honeymoon scene with Maki Yoko and also his honest thoughts now that the ending is approaching.

In addition, Fukuyama has produced many hit songs and will show a 'secret lyrics' in one section. The musical activities were done overnight and Yanai thought "You can recognise Fukuyama arrangement like you can recognise my writings". The public will also get a glimpse on his musical production.

More pictures taken from here.

More snippets as translated by River of MashaPlus Info Forums, original source of article is here;

It rains almost everyday back in July. In fact, it also rains when they filmed the special. Fukuyama even gotten wait and they have to retreat to the cottage for indoor filming. (I do not understand this part, but it seems Masha brought out his wine collection? while they're taking shelter from the storm.)

The last paragraph:

As a musician, 

As an actor,
As a man,
He has that appeal that attracts a lot of people. 
We wish you will also see it!

At Tudou which I don't know how to embed here so you will have to go there. Click here to watch.

All are RAW versions

Only Japanese softsub is available. Click here to download. However I am wondering is this the full Chinese translation? It looks like a translation but may not be word for word or rather a summary in Chinese.

Resolution is 960X540 and I believe this should be a high quality rip and encoding. But the video and sound codec is not something I am familiar with so there may be sound or video incompatibility. If that is the case always get the MEGA CODEC PACK which might solve that problem. File size is 817MB. Click here to download the torrent file.

If torrent is slow, try Clubbox where the high Quality version can be downloaded here.

The direct link is here. The referral page is here. Should be the same file as the 2 above. MP4 format.

Click here and choose the download site you want! Probably same file as the torrent except this is not a torrent


Unfortunately the quality is low, not terrible but obviously a lot worse than the torrent version. Upside is I don't think there will be any codec problems. The video is split into 2 files, so I suspect they were ripped from Tudou or similar. For all purposes, I believe this is the full length version, much like the Torrent version. File format is AVI. Source is Clubbox.

>> Part 1 [326.86MB]
>> Part 2 [220.27MB]


イアン マーティン said...

This is great Funn, I've been looking for the Top Runner special since I missed it while I was in Japan a couple weeks back. Thanks for posting the torrent link and subtitles.. Very much appreciated.

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