[Variety shows] Hatsukoi at NHK's 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009

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UPDATES - 31.03.2010
There were a whole lot of posts in this one but I deleted them because it is looking confusing. Hopefully this will look better without losing the essential information!

UPDATES - 30.03.2010
Great news! Found an alternate link which isn't torrent and has all of Masha's appearance in it! Check it out after Read More! Scroll to bottom and look for "Download Masha-only content".

Did you managed to catch the 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009 online? Oh Masha, how I suffered for you! Yesterday I tested the connection and it was just fine. Today suddenly all cut and kicked out and all because everybody logged in! I got my McDonald's ready, sitting before the computer, ignored my family to watch the 4 hour show (still ongoing at present) starting from 6.15pm Malaysian time until my bum gone numbed. For better or worse, I managed to watch a solid 1 hour show and in between got kicked out by Keyhole so many times. But the joke is everytime I managed to log back in, I got to see Masha being introduced as some Nagasaki correspondent with another tiny lady host at a beautiful garden transformed for the show. It was cold, Masha looked cold and he shocked me with his dashing good looks in black from 1st appearance. Just that 1 minute, talking about Ryoma. Then I got kicked out, some time later connected again and again saw Masha, this time if I remember he was in grey with scarf. The third time he was performing, dashing in overall white like some prince charming, his hair agreeable (tied back like Ryoma but some let down), he looked invigorated, he looked young, he looked happy, he looked fresh, relaxed and alive (unlike Music Station performance where he looked trred! The song was shortened but the atmosphere was beautiful! Snowing snow, night view of gorgeous Nagasaki and our hero's pitch perfect performance. FANTASTIC STUFF!! And there's even the Ryoma Den trailer.

Some news also. Masha is now in Nagasaki and his fans speculated he is happily celebrating the coming new year with his mom and brother. Whilst I would have wanted him to perform before a live audience (the studio audience were very lively), this special arrangement meant he could have some rest tasting the best food in the world; his mom's cooking. Lucky guy! REST WELL MASHA!! By the way, Ryoma Den starts this Sunday 3rd January 2010 over at NHK channel at 8pm Japan time (Malaysia is 7pm). You can watch using Keyhole (surely it won't be like today! For password, email me at funnlim(AT)gmail(DOT)com or just google NHK Keyhole and you will surely find it.

Click Read More for the screencaps, more comments and download links ...

The show overall was entertaining since I never watched it before, I especially love the lady performing right before Masha in her grand costume and even grander lifelike puppet right behind her! I will post her video here if I can find it. Also Susan Boyle was beautiful and she sang so beautifully. She sang I Dreamed A Dream but unfortunately she sang only 1 song. I thought she was singing 2? I was very disappointed. but Takuya Kimura was especially enthralled by her performance.

Meanwhile, some screencaps to satisfy your curiosity, the captures were taken from the HK Discussion Forums , but the last one, the one in white with the mic by me (all quite by accident when the video window froze one me at this very shot ...

Pictures from online news site

Masha appeared 3 times before he sang Hatsukoi. And there was a trailer of Ryoma-Den. In  Appearance 1
according to Xiaoxin from MashaPlus Info Forums, "The Ryoma bit in the Nagasaki historic Ryotei...Masha is in black pointing out the sword scratches on the pole which (I believe) was left by the real Ryoma". No other information in English available for Appearances 2 and 3.

Source 1 : Jpopsuki (Torrent)
UPDATES - 27.01.2010
Just found out Jpopsuki is no longer just registration but invite only which means even if you download the torrent files above, you can't download as the tracker is private and you will need to log into it first! Sorry but I will look for alternatives! Therefore links removed. But if you have Jpopsuki account, just go there and use Search and type in "Kouhaku Uta Gassen" and aim for the 2009 version. You will find 2 files, one is first half of theshow (11.68GB) and the 2nd second half of the show (19.11GB). FYI, this is the entire show.

UPDATES - 27.01.2010

Source 2 : D-addicts (Torrent)

Open to all so go now, download, seed! File size is a reasonable 3.16GB in avi format. However screen resolution is only 640X360. But better than none. Masha related content is throughout the show but Hatsukoi is towards the end. This file is available for as long as someone still seed it. FYI, this is the entire show.

Click here to download. Once there click the link next to NAME and in the new page look under column TORRENT and choose any of the first 2 files (from left to right). Download then using your favourite torrent downloader.

Source 3 : Download Masha-only content (Mediafire)

Go here and download everything! The uploader included all 3 talk sessions with Masha plus Hatsukoi performance AND Ryoma-Den trailer as well! Basically his whole appearance! If can't access Mediafire, etc, try switching on Hotspot Shield first. This is not a torrent.


Sasa said...

Thank you, Funn for your prompt action to post Masha's latest performance at NHK Red X White show. His performance is great. I am happy to see his performance before the start of another year!! Yr. blog has lead me to join Masha Plus dot and hear his live radio show. Thank you! Hope you can find the link for a good HD quality!

Happy New Year and wish you all the best!


Funn Lim said...

Wow thanks Sasa for your comments! The video is actually HD quality!

Anyway hope to meet you at MashaPlus. We are actually having a very lively discussion right now!

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