[CM] Asahi Beer - "Catch My Dream" [05.03.2010]/Revolution//Evolution ~PARTIAL~

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Updates - 30.03.2010
Added the 43 seconds version released in the Chaku-Uta which I just found out is the mobile phone/handphone/cellphone download service. Also added the 15 and 30 seconds version CM. All after Read More.

Updates - 16.03.2010
The above player contains the partial sample of potentially Masha's soon to be released single (well I said potentially because I am not sure if he will but do read on why I feel it is potentially) called "Revolution//Evolution" as played by Masha during his ANN show on 13.03.2010. It's a bit longer than the one in the CM from what I could hear, and I believe it's the chorus towards the end, which means there is something in front. I wonder when he will release this as a full single? Or does he have a full album planned? It's a fast song, some fans said akin to The Edge Of Chaos but it is less hectic, more atmospheric in the sense noisier which is a welcomed alternative to the sad, depressing and I feel after repeated listening drabby sort of song, Hatsukoi which I have decided that I do not like, but not as much as I dislike Koibito or 18. The lyrics though seems more akin to Gang sort of song. Could it be a sexual sort of song? With a tongue twister for a title, anything is possible! Anyway, have a listen. Find the CM version, partial lyrics and some screencaps after Read More link.

The following was posted on 05.03.2010
As for the CM itself from the Asahi Super Dry Beer, it is a must watch. Great music, great athletic looks and basically great looks. Click the link below, wait for it to load and then click CATCH MY DREAM (Play button) and enjoy the show! By the way the CM has a new song and from the site it is described as "Revolution//Evolution". Is it me or does he look a bit like Jang Donggun during his year in the role of the pirate in Typhoon? I hope Masha doesn't be as thin as that which killed Jang Donggun's looks! By the way Hugh Jackman is the other star in the commercial and there is this comparison like who is better. Well, I like both but let me rest the case by saying Hugh Jackman looks great, is a good actor and his CM, almost similar with Masha's one feels even better (stylish, etc) with the background rock music, which is WRITTEN BY MASHA. Just saying ...Anyway, view Hugh Jackman's version here.

Click Read More for the screencaps taken by Scott88 of the HK Discussion Forums, from the official site, a time limited download link of the CM itself and free time download for the music ripped from the CM.

30 seconds ver
Available for as long as it is available in youtube.  You can download this. Look at the DOWNLOAD section below.

15 seconds ver
Available for as long as it is available in youtube.  You can download this. Look at the DOWNLOAD section below.

I can't imagine this as a ringtone because it's kinda long and it is also very nice, especially the interlude so I suppose no calls will be picked up with this song as a ringtone! Have a listen! The song is derived from here which if you know how you can extract the mp3 version, upload to your handphone and use it as a ringtone.

There are some lyrics in the CM and someone translated it as follows:-

Get dry
You make it
Get set
killing me softly
killing me softly

Could be innocent lyrics, could be Gang-ish lyrics. We will know when the full song is out, hopefully soon.


Download the 30 seconds CM here [3MB], thanks again to the HK Discussion Forums. But do so fast since the link may be removed soon.

Download the music/sound from the 30 seconds CM here entitled Revolution//Evolution, all 30 seconds of it. Thanks to the HK Discussion Forums.

Download the HD version of the 15 seconds CM here (choose between MPEG 1 and MPEG II, same in my humble opinion) but alas, only 15 seconds vs the actual one which is 30 seconds. Good thing is, well look at the following captures ... Anyway in case you're from a banned country (reading some comments some from HK can't download them), click here for the MPEG II version but it is time limited download.

Taken from the official site under the label "GRAPHICS". All are thumbnails. Click on them for the original size.


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