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I was following to the best of my abilities the discussion at HK Discussions Forums (mostly Chinese with sporadic Japanese and sometimes that few lines of English) and I came across a curious post about a youtube video and the words "Masha's other personality". Naturally curious I asked the gang at MashaPlus Info Forums and got a rather interesting reply. It isn't really about Masha's other personality, he is not a serial killer or diva or anything but nonetheless it is an insight into Masha the man himself. For example I do know he seems to talk a lot about how expensive things are. The following kinda confirm, as well as thanks to Izumi's explanation that he is very careful with his money. And since in other interviews he has revealed his keen interest in real estates, I can quite imagine him being shrewd with his money and yet the things he indulges in are rather expensive. But at least this is one major star that does not throw his money away so good for him! The following are a series or maybe from the same show discussing or maybe having a discussion with Masha. Frankly I have no idea. Anyway more after Read More link.

Translation and explanation all thanks to the ever overworked but thankfully super hardworking Izumisano of Masha Heart and MashaPlus Info Forums.

Not really about his different personalities, but Kuru kuru perm san was just talking about Masha-related anecdotes on his radio show サンサンサンデー (Sun Sun Sunday) recently, and those were his comments.

[Add] In case you're wondering who is Kuru kuru perm san as I was, looking at the translation it's Yo Oizumi and he has a role in Ryoma-Den (I think he's the guy who ran up to greet Ryoma when he was walking with Kao and spoke about Edo and Sana and Kao ended up rather angry and walked away) and his radio show webpage is here.

May not be in chronological order

By Izumisano

I've translated the following based on mashamasha's explanation of the original radio script. Hope this helps.

1. Masha was complaining to Yo-san about the low Hokkaido ratings, and told him jokingly to get something done (Yo Oizumi is from Hokkaido and is apparently the local hero there)

2. Background: The weekly magazine リスナーから had reported on a Ryomaden gathering earlier where they celebrated the end of Season 1 shooting. Team Galileo were also invited. Masha and Kagawa-san shared the bill, if I remember. Masha had talked about it on ANN, and said he didn't enjoy parties, so he just put down his share and left early.

Yo-san said there were many other big artists there that night that wasn't mentioned on the magazine. He felt like he had walked into a glamorous movie festival or something

3. Masha wasn't satisfied that the magazine report wasn't "Dreamy" enough. When Yo-san asked what he meant by "Dream", Masha said they should have written about how much they spent that night, or Yo-san should have told them about his impression of the gathering, like how happy he was to be able to see so many superstars. Yo-san felt he was being treated like the rest of the general population.

(*Almost forgot how careful he is with money. Masha had said on the radio before that when he goes shopping, he'd have no problem putting things back on the shelf if he finds out at the cashier how expensive it is.)

4. Ryoma and Chojira had a scene together where the female character had a thing for Chojiro. So the director asked her to act coldly towards Ryoma when serving them tea and more passionately towards Chojiro. Masha pretended to be angry and joked that he had never been given the cold shoulder both in and out of character.

5. Yo-san said Masha hates to lose. They had to use make-up to look tanned. Masha saw Yo-san was darker and asked the make-up artist to put more on himself. In the end, Yo-san said Masha looked so dark he could pass off as a black guy.

6. He's obsessed on muscle building. There was a scene where an actor had to be half-nude (Otoo Takuma). When Masha saw his body, he suggested ways on how Otoo could build his muscles better. First he lent Otoo his own fitness equipment that he'd brought to the set and taught him how to use it. Then, to match Otoo's progress, he'd bring in different equipment for him. Otoo said he felt himself grown bigger everytime he came off from the set.

By River, as always

On the low ratings in Hokkaido region
And I remember in one of the weeks, the ratings in Hokkaido went up from 9% to 16%. And everyone was like... WTH? What happened in Hokkaido? Why the rating suddenly surged? And that episode doesn't involve Yo-san whatsoever. Up until today, no one knows.

If you want to know more of such tidbits, join us in our rather active fan discussion at MashaPlus Info Forums (for English speakers-requires registration-free but may need admin validation) or better yet if you know Chinese the more active one with even more tidbits at HK Discussion Forums (for Chinese speaker-need not register but to comment you need to register-open registration), the links at the bottom of this page. Since I do not know Chinese I am more like an observer there, never participating.


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