About Masha : Masha's message to his fans on his 20th Anniversary debut

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I am rather confused on how many anniversaries he has but today, 21st March was his 20th anniversary of his career in the Japanese entertainment since his debut. Was last year's celebration in anticipation of this? So his debut was exactly 20 years ago on 21st March 1990... how time flies and he is still famous as ever. Anyway just came across some posts at the HK Discussion Forums and Masha actually took out an entire newspaper ad on Yomiuri Shimbun to thank his fans as follows on 21st March 2010:-

I think someone is aspiring to become Mickey Mouse! Cute and eternally playful and youthful despite his age (ahem!). I think this is one of those rare times I see a big star getting really up close and personal with his fans not through the Internet but on print. How very traditional, and thoughtful since not all fans have or use computers and must be quite costly. The message in Japanese, a closeup...


Apparently BROS members may be getting some special gift in conjunction of this special event! Lucky lucky fans!

Anyway to know what he actually wrote (I think it must be a poem), click READ MORE link.

In the print, it has the words "Arigato! Ongaku!!" which means "Thank you! Music!!".

Translated roughly by Izumisano and Mashamasha.

I love live concerts
I love to see your faces (from where I stand)
Those dazzling smiles looking at the stage
Seem to me like flowers, seem to me like stars
Often filling me with envy, sometimes even with awe
Its radiance is truly irreplaceable

Perhaps I can stand on centre stage only because you allow me to
Perhaps I can obtain something only from there

I love live concerts after all
I love music after all

I want to see those faces
Looking up at me on the stage

Because of your dazzle
I want to sing

Fukuyama Masaharu

And in celebration of his debut 20 years ago, his first single ever which tanked spectacularly but is now sung in each and every one of his concert, because he wants to, "Tsuioku no Ame no Naka" [追憶の雨の中, Rains Of Recollection], the translated lyrics can be found in my blog. The following version is from my favourite concert of his in Yokohama, 2007 ...

Believe me when I say the original song sung way back then isn't really his best singing. Many times I have repeated, how much he has improved! And so is his songwriting and from his message, lyrical prose as well. Glad to know he loves singing more than ever which means there will be more albums and no such nonsense as early retirement! Yeah for us, fans as well! Here's to another 20 years more, and another 20 years after that, and another, and another.


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