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All information added such as ratings, reviews, plot summary, episode summary, torrent and download links, English softsub/fansub, dialogue translation, official hardsub, links to online viewing. Post reverted back to original airdate. However this post may still be updated if there is any new sources to add.

Thanks to AngelReii of MashaPlus Info Forums for the info.

NHK World Premium > Historical Drama "RYOMADEN" Eps. 4
Jan 24 (Sun) 19:00-19:45

The Demon Beauty Of Edo/Edo no Oni Komachi
After settling in Edo, Ryoma enrolls in a prestigious sword school where he meets Sana, a daughter of Chiba Sadakichi, the school's grand master, who beats Ryoma in her sword skill. Ryoma works hard to improve his skill while Sana gradually falls for Ryoma. One day, Mizobuchi takes Ryoma to a canteen where Ryoma meets Katsura Kogoro and finds that a foreign ship was approaching Japan. It was then a US fleet led by Commodore Matthew Perry was on its way to Japan.

All after Read More link.

None this week since no one is doing it. But it follows closely with the official synopsis. But I must add that the line "One day, Mizobuchi takes Ryoma to a canteen" may be misleading. It looks more like a restaurant AND prostitute den.

Go on, ask me, ask me "Funn how was that 30 seconds scene?" and my answer? Well, too soon too fast and thanks to Keyhole kinda paused for a while!" But let me tell you this; if you have seen him half naked in Meguri Ai, that was his scary moments. Now in 2010 or 2009 when this was filmed, he was tanned, well fed, well toned and I must say, not just me but a few of us at the MashaPlus Info Forum noticed some pecs as well!! What a body I tell you. I will download the torrent, freeze frame it, keep it, it is the moment of this episode.

Ahhhh River of MashaPlus Info Forums got that screencap. Ok so no 6 pecs BUT definitely a washboard-ish stomach and for a 40 (soon to be 41) year old uncle, what a body.

But back to the story, I feel great episode as it shows Ryoma learning to enhance his sword skills. I must say I am still not familiar with the terms or the names so I am doing some guess work. It is good though to see Kuribayashi-san (you know, lab assistant in Galileo) with Yukawa sensei again, only this time the assistant becomes the teacher to the teacher who becomes the student! We see Ryoma having a childish moment as I suppose he misses his sister. However I just can't understand why so little time is given to the female love interests to develop. I feel Kao has very little personality and today we see a very pretty but tough girl, daughter of Ryoma's master and frankly her story is on warp speed. I find her fierce but very little else because she is given to little time to develop and boom! In love with Ryoma. I feel there should be some backlash in this area instead of pure Ryoma loving. By the way for a moment when Sana was on the floor I thought Ryoma kissed her! Nahhh! Just camera angle. He was actually more worried about her head and whether he hurt her when she was charging at him. Anyway miss Yataro and do pity him he got no break, even at his attempt to teach!

Anyway, to those who watched and didn't know what was happening at some crucial moment, here are my list of questions which I hope I will be getting some the answers (finally!!) too ...

1. What did Yataro said to Ryoma's good friend that had Yataro laughing cynically?
"He was saying Takechi is jealous of Ryoma, because he had to stay in Tosa to look after his grandmother. She brought him up in the absence of his parents" (thanks to Izumisano for the answer!)

2. What did Kao request from Yataro? What did she ask from him?
"she wants to be his student (yataro starts his "school" to earn money" (thanks Mashamasha!). No wonder he was so happy. I wonder will Kao end up marrying Yataro?

3. What did father said to his daughter Sana that had him looking worried and she looking angry?
"From what i can pick up is her father noticed Ryoma's improvement that Sana will not win over Ryoma. I think he also said something that Sana being a woman will not continue further in kendo." (thanks Gingerine). Knowing this aspect means I was mistaken. She was angry with Ryoma because of what her father said about her abilities! She was proving a point and not much love story going on yet. " Her father said Sana can no longer defeat ryoma. He said as a woman, she cannot devote herself 100% to kendo. From what he said, I guess he already know that her daughter's heart is being stolen by ryoma." (thanks Mashamasha). So her father was warning her? Give 100% to Kendo and deny her heart? "he is not scolding her, he is just letting sana know this fact which she herself does not realise it," (thanks Mashamasha!)

4. What did Ryoma said to Sana that had her charging at him in anger and later smiling in tears?
No answer yet but "Sorry Funn, no love confession from Ryoma. He was encouraging her. She was upset that she is just a woman. She worked so hard to become this good." (thanks to AngelReii. "Ryoma was telling Sana about Otome to encourage her" (thanks to Gingerine). However why was she upset in the first place? PENDING. By the way Otome is the sister of Ryoma. "Ryoma said she is the strongest woman he had met, even stronger than his sister. At last, Sana said she is not weak, but only ryoma is too strong" (thanks Mashamasha!).

All torrents are still RAW version without subbing in English hardcoded into it. Soft subs are available. Just scroll down, the links are somewhere in this post.

Source 1
Click here to thank the uploader, here to download the torrent file and here is the direct link to the torrent fie (right click and choose save target as or save as).

Source 2
Click here to thank the uploader, here to download the torrent file and here is the direct link to the torrent fie (right click and choose save target as or save as).

Source 3
Click here to thank the uploader, here to download the torrent file and here is the direct link to the torrent fie (right click and choose save target as or save as).

Source 4
A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

Source 1
From what I can observe, the online viewing version has Chinese subtitles hardcoded into it.

Source 2
- View here at

Which will be the source of the soft subs. Great translation by Izumisano from the Chinese text. Go here to read it.

As noted by the timer, Luna14 here, the widescreen version is timed according to her copy with has a tofu commercial in the beginning. I believe all of the above does not have that commercial so downloading the widescreen version means the timing of the subs would be off by a few minutes. The working version that I recommend then would be the full screen version. I am using the full screen version with a copy that is none of the above and the timing is perfect. The subs are based on Izumisano's translations and in .ass format. Mac users please use VLC to watch.

>> Widescreen version [typically but not necessarily 704X480]
>> Full screen version [typically but not necessarily 704X396]

>> Specifically for FULL HD version aka 1920X1080 version (the link actually contains subs for eps 1 to 13)

Thanks to NHK TV Japan version, we have the official hardcoded English subtitles. You may like this over the fansub. It is a torrent that comes in 720X480 resolution and is 468.5MB. Click here for the download page, from there look for a link next to NAME and when in that page, under TORRENT, choose any of the first 3 links from left to right.

By Reder based on Izumisano's translations, can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number after the words "Version Francaise". It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This soft sub is best used with the corresponding episodes uploaded by Luna14, found at the same place.

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

At MashaPlus Info Forum I predicted a general 24% ratings because of that 30 seconds scene. We shall see...

UPDATES - 25.01.2010
River of MashaPlus Info Forums, Queen of All Masha-Ryoma Stats wrote that this episode was very well received and the ratings is out; 23.4%! A definite increase from the last 3 episodes, and a steady increase at that BUT still 0.6% lower than my prediction. I was close though, wasn't I?


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