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UPDATES -13.07.2010

Added French sub link


Thanks to Angelreii for the following info.

NHK World Premium > Historical Drama "RYOMADEN" Eps. 11

Tosa In Turmoil/Tosa Futtou
In Edo, Ii Naosuke, the shogun's chief adviser who concluded the U.S. trade treaty without the Imperial Court's consent, is assassinated by the anti-foreign movement supporters of Mito. Back in Tosa, lower class samurai kills upper class samurai in revenge which intensifies the tension between the two classes. Ryoma settles the situation by visiting a group of upper class samurai alone. Impressed by Ryoma's action, Toyo promotes him to the upper class position but Ryoma refuses and joins the Tosa Loyalist Party formed by Takechi.

More info after Read More link.

Taken from fans discussion of the same episode, reposted here for info on the plot in this episode. Spoiler alert!

Still mending a broken heart. Is Yataro in love or something? Not yet, but he's back in Tosa. Ryoma, up until this moment is still not impress with Takechi-san. No more happy innocent Ryoma! He's a bit scary when he's gone all unreadable like that. kashi kills a joshi. This is the start of the tension between the 2class samurai.And the joshi kill the kashi's family? Here comes Ryoma, they all think he's gonna help them fight.Ryoma's the only one stood up against the bloodshed He's mature and quite cold now, a bit wise maybe. WIll they listen to him? Instead of roughly opposing them, he just say few words and gone. Yataro is with the joshi? When Ryoma decided to speak, everyone stops and listens. Fantastic hint on why he can lead so many people later.Honestly for all his talking, Takechi's not much use in a crisis, is he? Ryoma's going to see the joshi, without a sword.Can't believe he just went in without arms to see the Toyo-san.Ho Toyo tells them to out away their swords. Toyo recognises him from before.ryoma could almost be called saving his life but Yataro's couldn't help from feeling intimidatedI think Toshida-san is somewhat impress with this confident Ryoma. I mean he still show respect the proper way & try to settle this without bloodshed.The kashi commits harakiri anyway. a war between johsi & kashi was prevented due to Ryoma's intervention. Wait he's (Ryoma) gonna play and sing!! Because Toyo is kinda powerful and definitely shows interests in Ryoma and and methinks Ryoma knows and he can manipulate the decision if he wants to. Toyo has finally brought in the proposal.Ryoma has not decided yet. But I think he feels unworthy to accept it. Takechi's trying to kick him in. Yataro snitches and Toyo really cares about Ryoma. He (Ryoma) vlooks thoughtful after the conversation.

Question : Did Yataro got married? No mention in the discussion.

Thanks to Angelreii for the tip. I am happy someone ripped out the singing part in this episode. Not my taste of music but interesting. He is playing the shamisen which to me looks like a small banjo or rather a ... I can't remember what Chinese calls them but you can say a guitar.

The lyrics is taken from Izumisano's translation here. I took a snapshot of it rather than rewriting it.

By River of MashaPlus forums.

The early review is good. Most people enjoy the political intrigue that's going on in Tosa. Tanaka Min as Toshida Toyo continues his impressive run. The showdown scene is also great to see. And more characters were introduced as Takechi's Tosa Loyalist Party grew in numbers. Kaname Jun made his first appearance (weee!). And watch out for the shimasen scene between Ryoma and Harui, his nephew.

All RAW files

Click here for the torrent files. Once there, click on the link next to NAME at the top and once in that page, choose 1 of the 3 torrent files under the column TORRENT. Size is 2GB and format is MKV. You may need special codecs to view this format.

Click here for the torrent files. Once there, click on the link next to NAME at the top and once in that page, choose 1 of the 3 torrent files under the column TORRENT. Size is 467MB.

A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

Please take note this is actually a torrent file for episodes 11 to 15 (bundled together) for video version 1280X720. Go to this page, click link next to NAME, once in new page, click any of the link under TORRENT, open you favourite torrent downloader, load the torrent file, choose the specific episode to download. All bundled together is 4836MB.

Source 1
Chinese hardsubbed

Source 2


Translated by Izumisano of Masha Heart based on Chinese subtitles
Here at MashaHeart!

Soft subs, timed by Luna14 based on Izumisano's translation. Whilst either version is ok, there may be some situation where the timing is off by a few nanoseconds. I would recommend Full Screen version as I find that it is compatible with my copy which is not one of the torrent sources, or you can download the specific source as noted above. Luna mentions that the cultural clip section is not available in the widescreen version she has, however she maintained the translation just in case your version may have it. The timing may not be perfect for that portion.

- Widescreen version [best with 720X480]
- Fullscreen version [best with 704X396]

Specifically for FULL HD version aka 1920X1080 version (the link actually contains subs for eps 1 to 13)

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By Reder based on Izumisano's translation.

Click here and find the corresponding episode at the bottom half of the post, French section. If you can't access Megaupload, try switching on Hotspot Shield first.


By NHK, hardsubbed English subtitles to the video file.

Click here, once there click the title next to NAME, in new page download any of the links under TORRENT and then use favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is 402MB. Resolution is 720X480.

Thanks to River for the statistic. A slight increase, that is 21.4% (she wrote this is specifically for Tokyo area). It must be higher in Ryoma or Masha heavy area.


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