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UPDATES - 30.07.2010
Added softsub by Luna.


Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 22
May 30 (Sun) 20:00-20:45
May 31 (Mon) 3:00-0:00
Jun 5 (Sat) 13:05-0:00

A Woman Called Ryo/Ryo toyuu Onna
Ryoma and those samurai from Tosa attending Katsu's school receive an order from Yodo to return to Tosa but rebuff the order and once again become outlaws. Izo, who is wanted by officials, disappears while his beloved girlfriend Natsu asks Ryoma to find Izo. In search for Izo, Ryoma leaves for Kyoto where he meets a woman named Ryo at an inn. Learning Ryo's sisters have been abducted by gangsters, Ryoma gives Ryo the money his worried sister sent for Royma.

More after Read More link.

Taken from fans discussion and posted here for information purposes only. Spoilers alert.

Officers coming for Tosa Han. If they don't return, their status goes 'dappan.' The Tosa boys are wanted back but the other navy boys chased those people away. Letter from sister again.  Izo being a fugitive.  Chojiro cooking with girlfriend. Fighting in a bamboo forest. Ryoma is looking for Izo.They arrested some of the members & torturing them.Oryo! First meeting and they already hugging and arguing? The cool baddie shinsengumi chasing after Izo. Masha looking for Izo. Izo got caught. Now Oryo is having a talk with Ryoma. Ryoma is crying, Oryo facing his back. Next week: I see men in beach with only their fundoshi. There is also Izo that is going to be punished. Takechi getting tortured. The navy boys get to set foot on the ship.

Also known as the episode where Oryo appears or if Takechi has yet to seppuku, then perhaps this is the episode where he will. Just found out Takechi won't seppuku yet for this episode. I wonder is Ryo meaning Dragon? So we have Ryoma, as in Ryo and his future wife Ryo, so is this a tale of 2 dragons? Anyway looking at the pictures of Oryo as in the actress who plays her I kinda understand why Maki Yoko was chosen even if she doesn't look like the real Oryo, I feel she is even prettier than the real Oryo. She has this very independent look, this very strong independent spirit sort of look, a woman who can fend for herself. Interestingly I find her prettier in the film than during promotional times as you can see here even if they were filming the same look and scene back then.

I suppose the question is why Oryo looks more mature than Ryoma in the series. Thanks to Mashamasha of HK Fans Discussion Forums for the clarification. I personally think in the series itself Oryo doesn't look too mature from Ryoma. However I find the reason a bit suspect since isn't Sana as independent? Even in the series Kao is rather independent.

people said why ryoma chose Oryo as his wife among all girls because she is tough and independent, so she won't rely on him too much and he can concentrate on his big task.....and maybe it is the reason why Oryo in the drama needs to look more mature than ryoma

Some very nice pictures for this episode that I must post for you to see. All are thumbnails so do click for bigger picture.

From Yahoo TV where you can see more screencaps of this episode.

From NHK Official Ryoma-Den blog
I am not sure if the following are from this episode but I will repost them if they're not.. As you shall see, the reappearance of Ryoma's "mother" except as another character, the keeper of the inn where Ryoma and Oryo met, I think. Why the same actress is I read because the innkeeper is supposed to be a maternal figure for both characters so why not have someone who was Ryoma's mom to play this affectionate character. By the way you might be interested in some funny anecdotes about this actress, Kusakari Tamiyo (who is not much older than Masha himself by the way) in my ANN & TFM Snippets post (look for the date 08.05.2010). She was also the introducer/guest at the Kouhaku 2009, the elegant lady with long black hair was what I remember.

Taken from Fan Forums

All are RAW files

Click here. Once there, click on link next to NAME. In new page, download the torrent file under TORRENT and use your favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is 1.88GB. 

1280X720 [720P VERSION]
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This is a batch of 13 episodes in one torrent, more than 5GB in size in total. I note that the uploader says the resolution is 720X480 although further down the same uploader noted the files are 704X480 which I take to be the accurate one. Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download the specific episode you may require.

Click here and download the corresponding episode at the top of the forum, under the English section. Do take note you have a choice between Megaupload and Sendspace. If your country is banned from both or either one, you can activate Hotspot Shield before clicking on those links.

English Translation
Not a sub but text translation by Izumisano. Read here at Masha Heart.

English Softsub
Timed by Luna based on Izumisano's translation. Works with all copies, includes travelogue in the end. Click here to download.

Japanese softsub
Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By River of MashaPlus Info Forums

19.5%, a decent number and ...

However, it's still the highest rated drama of the week


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