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Added English softsub by Luna based on translation by Izumisano


Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 24
Jun 13 (Sun) 20:00-20:45
Jun 14 (Mon) 3:00-3:45
Jun 19 (Sat) 13:05-13:50

Fireflies of Love/Ai no Hotaru
Ryoma heads for Ikedaya and witnesses the death of Kameyata who was slain by Shinsengumi, a group of young samurai formed by the Tokugawa shogunate to repress the anti-foreign movement in Kyoto. Ryoma tries to fight back against Shinsengumi, but is suppressed by Katsura who narrowly escapes death. Although Ryoma hides himself in Ryo's house, he is filled with remorse for not being able to save Kameyata. Meanwhile, Katsu is blamed for the fact that Kameyata belonged to his academy. Ryoma goes back to Kobe under Ryo's advice to accept Kameyata's death as he lived up to his belief until the end.

More after Read More link.

Discussions taken from fans discussion forums for purposes of the plot only. Spoilers alert.

Katsura manage to stop Ryoma from attacking the shinsengumi. So Kameyata escape from the shinsengumi & decide to seppuku after that. Ryoma's back at the inn, discussing something with Katsura. they're torturing Izo to shout out Takechi's name. They are torturing Izo real bad. Evil Goto. That torture scene feels real. Iwasaki Harui is the name of Yataro's son. Ryo looks tough & face the shinsengumi without fear. Ryoma's singing with a kid. The kids called him ojichan. Katsu got scolding for Kameyata involvement.Ryoma trying to get to know Ryo.They are sharing stories of their family. The sakamoto family having watermelon.They are talking about Tome.Tome brought Takechi fireflies.Ryoma sees his mom.

Next week: Ryoma flirting big time with Oryo.

The following were posted in my posts of Episode 23 but looking at the episode summary, I believe it is more suited for this episode so I am reposting here.

Question : did Kameyata seppuku himself? The answer posted as it was discussed.
By Mashamasha

Kameyata committed seppuka, that's why when ryoma found him, he asked him why he need to do that. And you can see there's a piece of cloth covering the sword (anyway, if he is killed by Shinsengumi, there should not be that piece of cloth)

The story did not explain why he need to seppuku (or i have missed it?) but I just checked in wiki, it is said he managed to run away from Ikedaya, but he was badly injured. He went to Choushuuhan residence for help, they didn't let him in, that's why he seppuku outside their residence .

By Izumisano

I noticed both of Kameyata's hands tight on the short blade, which is why I asked if he had committed seppuku. But the english link above says he was slain. According to NHK preview for next week, Kameyata was slain by the Shinsengumi.

By Mashamasha

there's also discussion in 2 channel about the reason why he need to seppuku and some replied that there is bit more explanation in the NHK book, and basically it's said it's because he felt helpless and hopeless by the massacre in Ikedaya and being rejected by Choushuuhan residence when he asked for help

Some reason to watch this episode, one of which is an upcoming singing scene by Masha! All thumbnails, click for larger size. More images here.

Just the sound of Ryoma playing the shamisen with the kids there. 

All are RAW files

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English Translation
Translated by Izumisano in text form. Click here to read. Please note she translated the lullaby portion as well, which the hardsub did not.

English Softsub/Fansub
By Luna based on translation by Izumisano. Works for all versions which has the same timing and content including the travelogue. Click here to download.

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