[TV APPEARANCE] Music Station [TV Asahi][13.08.2010]

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UPDATES - 19.08.2010
Added torrent source for full show


I missed the entire thing except for the performance part and Keyhole TV was terrible this time. However you can see some screencaps here at Post #777 Page 52 whilst waiting for someone to upload a decent and hopefully HD copy into Youtube. He sang Hotaru  Piano version, wore faded jeans and grey cardigan and what's with men and boots anyway? Looks like some military camp if not for the cardigans. What happened to vests, suits? Seems like the older someone is the more rugged they wanna look whilst the younger boy bands opt for the gentlemanly look

The videos are up! Apparently Jpopsuki has the full file! But since I do not have access to Jpopsuki, thank goodness for youtube uploaders. All after Read More link.

Sunnydolphin has translated all Masha content which can be read here. Unfortunately all in Chinese, fortunately using online translator you can understand the contents. I am sure someone will be translating the text into English soon.

All ripped from youtube uploads, MP4 format. If you can't see the clips below and do not have access to the clips elsewhere, you may like to consider downloading this zip file consisting of all 4 clips namely the performance, the interview (which includes the performance at the end also), mini stage and the opening/ending/ranking segment. Rearrange it yourself and you have the full Masha part in this episode. Total file size is 271.48 and the quality is HD so it is good quality. Switch on Hotspot Shield if you're from banned country.


HD version at Megaupload so activate your Hotspot Shield first. See this site first for the password to extract the file where you will find the download links as well. 264MB file size. Alternative link which is reposting the same links can be found here as well.  Interestingly the performance itself is split into 2 files which is strange since Megaupload's max size isn't 250MB per file or is it? I wouldn't know as I am not downloading.

Torrent source in mkv format. 1.6GB with 1280X720 format. Should be high quality stuff. Masha's part will in it also as this is the full show. Click here to download.

All videos are of HD quality.





Interesting. I did notice Masha looks agitated, quiet, moody, maybe he was tired and wasn't feeling well. And from the snippet below translated by Mashamasha at Post #786 Page 53, it may seem so as well. I do really do think his singing was a bit not up to standard, some said falsetto part, I thought the starting note was very wobbly. Anyway...:-

one Bros member who went to music station tonight wrote a short report she said masha is bit low mood and nervous. He did not talk to other artists during CM time, but a bit chat with Tamori and the female MC. When Arashi's 松本 took off his jacket, it hits masha and so he apologized. The fans said perfume's のっち cried when listening to Hotaru.

And more snippets on the talk/interview part thanks to Mashamasha ...

For those questions from viewers (they call them MQ), they are not specifically addressed to any singers (except the one to Tamari san and masha about drinking), so Tamori san (the host) just pick up a few singers to answer them, you can hear Tamori call their names before they answer the questions. If i remember correctly, Funky Monkey Babys were not asked to answer any at all?

Last night, there were a few questions from one singer to another singer, as i remember, one is from Perfume to Smap, another one is from Arashi's Matsumoto to Masha. Obviously, they want to have more interaction between Amuse representatives and Johnny's representatives. I just read music station staff blog, the staff said he (Tamori san) was sleepless before the show because he was so nervous about it.

Matsumoto's question is inside Tamori san and masha's drinking talk part, he asked what they usually discuss when they drink. Tamori said they talk about music, acting, and masha added they also talk about woman, they like to use wine as metaphor of woman.

If you have watched this show, you will notice how sullen Masha looked. Apparently he wasn't the only one as another major guest star, Kimura Takuya who appeared as SMAP member were giving dagger like stares at almost everyone or rather as rumour has it, one particular person. I never doubted they're not best friends but rivals to the point of such ungraciousness? Somehow I find that disbelieving that he could be that rude. Anyway the translation below kinda explained why Masha looked so sullen and at times rather pissed off (although I thought he looked more spaced out and bored than pissed off whilst Kimura Takuya was more of ego and diva than rude). Just so you know these two ever since decades ago have been neck to neck in polls and popularity, granted Kimura Takuya was for the most part more famous for a great number of years. Anyway thanks to Mashamasha for this juicy gossip ...

in short, this new article said Mr k keeps 挑発的な態度 (online translator says provocative attitude) towards masha. Before the show starts, as masha is the last performer, he entered the studio the last. When he came, he said よろしく (equivalent to saying hello or sending regards) to everybody, and only one guy ignored his greeting. And during the show, Mr K is dark face and stared at masha, the staff are so worried when masha will lose his temper. The staff said nice guy masha doesn't want to bring trouble to the staff, he keeps his smile and said お疲れ (translator said "tired" which I take it as equivalent to a job well done) to everybody after the show. The staff said masha is just like real ryoma coming from the drama. btw, according to music station staff blog, the highest rating point of last week music station is masha X Tamori talk part.

In defence of the said Mr K, he did look overtanned therefore he already has this dark face. But of course that sentence meant he looked sulky. Well he did smile to some others. Anyway Chinese papers were very critical of his diva-like behaviour. Frankly I just feel he was having an off day. Why would seeing Masha pissed him off when it is probably not the first time they shared a stage together? And Masha did sit way apart from everybody. Like I said, probably off day for both. I am curious though; how come it said Masha entered the studio last when they all stood together, sat together, etc? He arrived last but they all started equal. And I doubt the music station staff could have such loose mouth so to speak to criticise one artiste over the other.


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