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I have decided to amend the poll songs since not much votes yet. Now more choices. Do vote again if you see your favourite song!

I have been posting polls on the right side panel at the top for some time now and I thank you all for your participation. There is a new poll now and that is inspired by Revolution//Evolution which I thought was pretty cool. Masha from what I do know doesn't have much purely instrumental songs but I am sure he has many songs without lyrics in his "Will Release These Later" vault. Anyway I wonder, amongst perhaps his more well known instrumental songs (I did not include Kakusei Moment because I feel vs. ~chikaku to kairaku no rasen~ is more popular I think and I absolutely forgot about Dreams Of Ammonite from the Hatsukoi single but since I can't find a concert clip for that ...), the ones below are the ones I know of, which do you think is your favourite? I think chikaku is technically very difficult to play from what I could hear, Revolution//Evolution is fun and cool, Kakusei Moment is ok to me whilst Dreams of Ammonite is very memorable and soothing to hear but 99 is my favourite because the first few bars is very memorable, to the point that everytime I walk, cue that few bars, I will begin to strut. Coolness level is beyond cool! It is difficult to judge by listening to the concert clips since the album versions are clearer though. Anyway before you cast your vote in the poll, have a listen again to these 5 exciting instrumental songs:-

vs. ~chikaku to kairaku no rasen~
From his album, Galileo OST which I did not create a specific post for. Previously blogged here.


From his album/single, Hotaru//Shounen. Previously blogged here.

Ammonite no Yume [Dreams Of Ammonite]
How can I forget this Discovery Channel inspired piece of music? Almost hypnotic if you ask me! Never will I look at ammonites the same way without thinking of this music. From his album/single, Hatsukoi. Previously blogged here.

Kakusei Moment
The other song from the Galileo OST. Previously blogged here.


イアン マーティン said...

Out of the 3 you choose, I would agree with you, '99' is maybe the best I think..? But in truth, my personal favorite instrumental song is from はつ恋 [Hatsukoi], which is アンモナイトの夢 [Dreams of Ammonite].. Most know this as the 'Dunlop Tire CM Theme'. But honestly, I can't wait to hear the lyrics 福山さん finally comes up with down the road.. The Celtic undertone reminds me of home, and resonates with me in a way the others don't even come close.

Funn Lim said...

Ahhhh yes I absolutely forgot about Dreams Of Ammonite, quite possibly because there's no concert clips for that! Thanks for reminding me and I do like Ammonite, reminds me of the deep sea. But does lyrics suit the music I wonder? We will never know, and he may take another decade to just do that!

Thanks again for the reminder!

イアン マーティン said...

Your more then welcome.. *laughs* Your probably right though Funn. He very well take forever. I myself actually enjoy it just as is.. It's actually funny sometimes when I get in debates with my friends about favorite Masha songs and they tell me that doesn't count. "But he doesn't even sing in it..?" *smirks* On the other hand, it is nice to know that others appreciate it in there own way like yourself.. It does seem to be one of those very under rated pieces of his.

Funn Lim said...

Thank you! Which reminds me to remind whoever who says that to me to just remind them he is not just a singer, he is a musician.

イアン マーティン said...

Well said.. *smiles* His talent is not limited to simply his voice, but of many things musically.. On that note as well, I am a big fan of him and 龍馬伝. Of which I think he is doing an amazing job, especially in the 3rd Season.. I appreciate all the work and time you put into this site Funn, it's one of the few places I can come to with my limited Japanese skill level and find all things Masha.. *smiles* Thanks again.

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