Hotaru [Fireflies] ~LYRICS~

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UPDATES - 10.08.2010
Added the official PV as the main video here. Not the best quality but I am sure a better quality will be posted soon. Downloading details for PV and more after Read More link.


I've talked about this song aka 蛍 in this post where I posted some snippets of the song. We all know this is the themesong of a series or rather a trage-drama called Mioka but did you know that Hatoru's previous incarnation is the melody or instrumental sound that can be heard in the TV movie, Tengoku no Daisuke he which was broadcast on TV in 2003. A rather sad but good TV movie. 8 years for a full song! Anyway the version above is from the broadcast at his ANN show on 10.07.2010. He has yet to release this song, rumoured release date may be I believe 4.08.2010. The song is officially released on 11.08.2010 and the above is the official PV that comes with the DVD version. So far I don't quite like it as much as I like Shonen. I like the chorus, because that's the chorus from that TV movie I mentioned even if back then it has no lyrics or such arrangement. I just find it non-happening at this moment. His singing was better in Shonen too. I may like it as I listen to it more. Meanwhile, more interesting stuff after Read More link such as the Kanji, Romaji , Chinese AND English lyrics, ANN version and piano version. By the way the youtube video above seems to suggest the song is connected with Toshiba Regza Great Journey ad campaign and I would like to say I don't think so. That song is Shonen, not this, even if both sort of have fireflies somewhere in the ad/song.

Via ANN on 10.07.2010

I believe the pictures you see in the video are scans from his photobooklet.At least some but not all.

Some interesting snippets on the making of this song by Masaharu-san himself thanks to Izumisano and Mashamasha for the translation:-
From the girls in the HK Forum, he's brought 50 fireflies into the studio tonight. He wrote Hotaru melody in LA in 2000, when he wrote Sakurazaka, also Gang & Tomoyo. The Kato-san he keeps mentioning is the producer of Tengoku and Mioka. And he started making the instrumental song into full song since 2006. He said the lyrics is written from the view of the actor in the drama. He wrote the lyrics after reading the book (not after watching the drama), and he is delighted and relieved that after watching the first episode, he found that lyrics match with the image of the male character.

The series is based on a book? Reading comments it is a tear jerker because from the first episode we know Mioka dies and the series chronicles her 1 year of love with the leading male character. By the way, an interesting fact. First and almost last word of the song is Arigatou which we all know means Thank you! I think we need to wait for the full lyrics why that word.

The above snippet said a bit of the creation of Hotaru which took years but for detailed explanation which Masaharu-san did mention in his ANN show on 10.07.2010, you must check out Masha Heart. Some extracts from the translation by Izumisano:-
If it wasn’t for Kato-san’s request, we probably wouldn’t have this song yet. There are many songs like this in store, waiting for lyrics to be filled in. Like the Dunlop music, the opening theme for Fukuyama Engineering many years ago. They’re still instrumental versions. Well, this song can finally come to light... I was wondering when I could fill in the lyrics for this one too.  I like this song very much myself, I had a feeling it could turn out pretty well, but I never got the chance to do the lyrics,......until now, it took me 10 years...I like the guitar intro very much. It’s quite hard to play... I’m so proud of myself that I can play this out, please try it yourselves...I was on guitar, Inoue Akira-san on keyboard, Yamaki (Hideo)-san on drums, Takamizu Kenji-san on bass, Kaneko Asuka-san on violin and (Kurata) Nobuo-san on cello and flute... I have many songs which are being recorded but not to be released yet. If I don’t record what I’ve composed, I won’t be able to make it in time. When someone commissions me, I can’t finish it immediately. I have to keep working at it, refining it continuously like metabolism. If I lose this function, then as a performer, I might as well retire.


Thanks to Izumisano of Masha Heart

Thank you.....
For noticing me in the streets
        Kono machide bokuno koto mitsukete kurete
It’s because we want to know all (about each other)
        Bokutachiwa nanimo kamo shiritakute
that we can fall in love.
        Koiwo shita

Where were you before? What was your world like?
        Dokoni itano? Donna sekai de kimiwa ikitetano?
Who did you love? What scars do you bear?
        Darewo aishitano? Donna kizuga aruno?
Have you been crying alone?
        Hitorikiri naitetano?

I only want to gaze at you now
        Ima kimidakewo mitsumeteru
When you’re angry, when you smile,
        Okotta kaomo, waratta kaomo
These words are certainly not enough, but still
        Kono kotobaja kitto tarinaikedo
“You're the one I love.”
        Kimiga suki

How you hate to force a smile
        Tsukuriwarai  kiraina koto
How you’re no good with thunder
        Kaminariga damena koto
It’s because we’re so different
        Bokutachiwa  nanimokamo chigaukara
that we can love each other.

Let’s go back together to the city where I grew up
        Bokuga sodatta machini itsuka isshoni kaerouyo
That old chapel, that uphill slope to school
        Furui kyoukai Sakamichino tsuugakuro
The people I want you to meet.
        Atte hoshii hitoga iru

We are like fireflies now
        Ima hotarubino youni bokura
Lighting up the flame of life,
        Inochino hiwo moyashite iru
However small our glow, we can still burn up
        Chippoke demo donna higeki saemo
Any tragedy that comes.
        Yakitsukusu youni

I only want to gaze at you now
        Ima kimidakewo mitsumeteru
Through the spring we met, and the simmering summer
        Deatta harumo  hashaida natsumo
Through the autumn when we cried, and the winter we walked past, huddled together
        Naita akimo  yorisoi aruita fuyumo
“You're the one I love”
        Kimiga suki

Thank you.....
For our encounter in the streets
        Kono machide deatte kurete
For being born
        Umarete kurete

Thanks to Pillowmasha for permission to repost here. Slightly different.

ありがとう この街で僕のこと見つけてくれて
Thank you, for finding me in this city

We need to know everything in this love

どこにいたの? どんな世界で君は生きてたの?
Where you were, what kind of world you’re live in, how do you live

誰を愛したの? どんな傷があるの? 一人きり泣いてたの?
Who do you love? What kind of pain you had? Are you crying alone?

今君だけを見つめてる 怒った顔も笑った顔も
Now there’s only your face that I’ve been watching, whether it’s angry, whether it’s laughter

この言葉じゃきっと足りないけど 君が好き
Though by only this word wouldn’t be enough, but.. I like you

作り笑い嫌いなこと 雷が駄目なこと

Maybe it’s because we are not different by our love each other

Someday let’s go back to the city where I was born

古い教会 坂道の通学路 会って欲しい人がいる
The old church on the slope hill where student used to pass, there’s someone I wanted to meet

Now my life’s burning as if the glow of fireflies.

ちっぽけでもどんな悲劇さえも 焼き尽くすように
However tiny the tragedy have been, it is burning

Now there’s only your face that I’ve been watching.

Our meeting on spring to the bubbly summer

泣いた秋も 寄り添い歩いた冬も 
Crying on fall, getting closer by winter walk.

I like you

ありがとう この街で出会ってくれて 生まれてくれて
Thank you, for finding me in this city, for being born.

The following is actually the lyrics from the opening of the series Mioka, as subbed by Heiwa Fansubs. I believe some parts are different from the CD release since some parts for the series must be truncated, if not it will be too long. The translation is simplistic in approach with a rather good flow to it but just as great, easy to understand and the lyrics is romantic.

Arigatou kono machi de
I give thanks to this city

Boku no koto mitsukete kurete
For letting you find me

Bokutachi ha nanimo kamo
We got to know and fall in love

Shiritakute koi wo shita
With each and everything about one another

Doko ni itano donna sekai de
Wherever you were in this world

Kimi ha ikite tano
And wherever you lived

Dare wo aishita no
Who loved you

Donna kizu ga aruno
And what sort of hurt they did

Hitorikiri naitetano
Left you crying all alone


Ima kimi daki wo mitsumeteru
Now I get to gaze at you

Okottakao mo waratte kao mo
Your angry and smiling faces both

Kono kotobajya kitto tarinai kedo
I'm sure these words won't be enough, but

Kimi ga suki
I love you


Ima hotorubi no youni
Now, like the firefly's light

Bokura inochi no hi wo moyashiteiru
The fire of our lives burns

Chippoke demo donna higeki saemo
They may be small, but every tragedy

Yaki tsukusu youni
Can burn away like that

Thanks to HK Fans Discussion Forum. Rather short lyrics.

ありがとう この街で僕のこと見つけてくれて

どこにいたの? どんな世界で君は生きてたの?
誰を愛したの? どんな傷があるの? 一人きり泣いてたの?

今君だけを見つめてる 怒った顔も笑った顔も
この言葉じゃきっと足りないけど 君が好き

作り笑い嫌いなこと 雷が駄目なこと

古い教会 坂道の通学路 会って欲しい人がいる

ちっぽけでもどんな悲劇さえも 焼き尽くすように

今君だけを見つめてる 出会った春もはしゃいだ夏も
泣いた秋も寄り添い歩いた冬も 君が好き

ありがとう この街で出会ってくれて 生まれてくれて

Using online translator

arigatoo kono machi de boku no koto mitsuke te kure te
boku tachi wa nanimokamo shiri taku te koi o shi ta

doko ni i ta no ? donna sekai de kimi wa iki te ta no ?
dare o aishi ta no ? donna kizu ga aru no ? ichi nin kiri nai te ta no ?

ima kun dake o mitsume teru okot ta kao mo warat ta kao mo
kono kotoba ja kitto tari nai kedo kimi ga suki

tsukuriwarai kirai na koto kaminari ga dame na koto
boku tachi wa nanimokamo chigau kara aishiat ta

boku ga sodat ta machi ni itsuka issho ni kaero u yo
furui kyookai sakamichi no tsuugaku ro at te hoshii hito ga iru

kon hotarubi no yoo ni boku wa inochi no akari o moyashi te iru
chippoke demo donna higeki sae mo yaki tsukusu yoo ni

ima kun dake o mitsume teru deat ta haru mo hashai da natsu mo
nai ta aki mo yorisoi arui ta fuyu mo kimi ga suki

arigatoo kono machi de deat te kure te umare te kure te

In case you're curious ...

ありがとう この街で                   arigatou konomachide
僕の事見つけてくれて                   bokuno koto mitukete kurete
僕達は 何もかも                           bokutachiwa nanimo kamo
知りたくて恋をした                      shiritakute  koiwo shita
どこに居たの どんな世界で      dokoni itano  donna sekaide
君は生きてたの?                          kimiwa ikite itano
誰を愛したの どんな傷があるの   darewo aishitano  donna kizuga aruno
一人きり泣いてたの?                   hitorikiri naitetano
今君だけを見つめてる                   ima kimidakewo mitumeteru
怒った顔も 笑った顔も               okotta kaomo waratta kaomo
この言葉じゃ きっと足りないけど kono kotobaja kitto tarinaikedo
君が好き                                           kimiga suki

作り笑いキライなこと                   tukuriwarai  kiraina koto
雷がだめな事                                   kaminariga damena koto
僕達は何もかも違うから               bokutachiwa  nanimokamo chigaukara
愛し合った                                       aishiatta
僕が育った街にいつか                   bokuga sodatta machini ituka
一緒に帰ろうよ                               isshoni kaerouyo
古い教会 坂道の通学路               hurui kyoukai sakamichino tuugakuro
会って欲しい人がいる                   atte hoshii hitoga iru
今蛍火の様に僕ら                           ima hotarubino youni bokura
命の火を燃やしている                   inochino hiwo moyashite iru
ちっぽけでもどんな悲劇さえも   chippokedemo donna higeki saemo
焼き尽くすように                           yakitukusu youni

今君だけを見つめてる                   ima kimidakewo mitumeteru
出会った春も はしゃいだ夏も  deatta harumo  hashaida natumo
泣いた秋も 寄り添い歩いた冬も naita akimo  yorisoi aruita huyumo
君が好き                                          kimiga suki

ありがとう この街で                     arigatou kono machide
出会ってくれて 生まれてくれて  deatte kurete umarete kurete

You can find the Chinese translation at this blog, Sunnydolphin. Alternate translation can be found here at Mashaism.

Got these from youtube but they're in HD and Full HD format which means high quality stuff. If your computer seems to go slow when playing Full HD, it means it is better to download the HD version which is already high quality stuff. I think these are almost equal to DVD quality, especially the Full HD version. Both MP4 format.

FULL HD - 134.29MB
Download here

HD - 79.2MB
Download here


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