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UPDATES - 28.06.2010

Added French sub


Just found out there is this rather simple scene of Ryoma bathing. I mean that should be good enough reason to watch this episode, if not then the heartbreaking scene of Kao leaving Ryoma would be the reason. Anyway, the reason, screencaptured by someone to very great effect ...

7th March 2010 Sunday
Episode 10

Love, Ripped Apart/Hikisakareta Ai
Ryoma returns to Tosa and asks Kao to marry him once he opens his own swordsmanship school. Meanwhile, Takechi plots to eliminate Toyo, a proponent of foreign trade who is also commanding Tosa clan's financial reform. Takeichi and Shibata, who was demoted by Toyo, conspire to send Kao to spy on the anti-foreign movement in the Imperial Court of Kyoto. Yataro is released from prison while Toyo sends him to Nagasaki where foreign trade has already been started.

More info after the Read More link.

Taken from a discussion amongst fans which would explain the plot a little who didn't quite understand what is going on.

Someone feels this is an explosive episode. Takechi Hanpeita has made his stands known to everyone that he's in the Joui or anti-foreigners movement, and nothing can stop him. Yes,we will finally see the beginning of scheming Takechi Hanpeita. As for the emotional scene, well, some people are not too keen with the farewell parting, though one of them did mentioned that Masha did managed to go another level with his acting. We'll see... Oh, that AKB48 girl will also made her first appearance. Oh, Goto Shojiro too. Bath scene!!!! Did you all see him screaming in the bath coz' Otome was making the water too hot & he stood up with his back facing the camera. The proposal (Ryoma to Kao and Kao accepts). Kao cries while saying yes...Takechi gate-crash into... Koichi Castle. yataro's been released... and the first guy he met is ryoma.. he doesn't know about kao & ryoma yet. He was so happy bragging about Nagasaki in there. Finally, Yataro & Ryoma meet after a long time. What a reunion. Yataro is going to Nagasaki.what is kao onichan rejecting for? He doesn't like Ryoma that much after he came back from Edo. Look at the glare he gave him when Kao went out with him.So Takechi is taking action into his own hands seeing the bakufu is not doing anything about the foreign invasion. Kao onichan & Takechi needs Kao to do spy work.They are going to force her.such a lowly way to force a sister not to marry someone. Moreover for some lowly job as spying (by threatening to kill himself and forcing his sister to say yes to what they both want her to do). Ryoma was waiting for her & now it's too late. So sad. So cruel. Final farewell between Kao and sad Ryoma. Episode ended with a tearful hug between these 2 people. Masha said in ann that tonight's episode is the LAST episode you can see a lovely and pure ryoma, you can see his change from next episode.

Next week is another dark political episode. He is a changed man after this. Everyone is pushing him away from Tosa.

I missed the bathing scene!! Very sad episode, Masha's performance up one level with him acting crazy trying to stop Kao from leaving him but his friend, well so called friend Hanpeita rushed out to console him. What a friend eh? Truth is I read that the story changed a little. In history Ryoma was engaged to Sana, not Kao but in here I suppose for dramatic effect Ryoma fell for Kao and rejected poor Sana. Not many fans like that as not many fans like Kao. Myself like Kao though I can't understand what makes her brother and Hanpeita thinks she can be a good spy? The fact that she is so unassuming, so ordinary, so pliant? But I don't like Ryoma-Kao combination because I find Masha and the actress whom I never quite lack seriously lacking chemistry. I don't buy their love, not convinced by either's anguish since I am not convinced by Ryoma's affection for Kao. Maybe more episodes should have been dedicated to developing their relationship rather than just assumptions he loves her, well enough to later break the law and ran away and became quite interestingly, stateless. An emotional episode, will surely achieve good ratings but not very touching in a sense I am just not convinced. Like I said, a serious lack of chemistry between these 2.

Click here to thank the uploader, here to download the torrent and here, here or here for the direct torrent link (right click and choose save as or save target as)


The super HD version is finally up.  Click here to download the torrent. Click on the link under NAME and then choose any of the 1st 3 links under TORRENT.

A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

Source 1
Chinese hardsubbed

Source 2


By Izumisano based on Chinese translation, read it all here at Masha Heart.


By Luna14 based on Izumisano's translation. There are some copies out there which may have the tsunami warning preceeding the show. The subs are timed based on those without the warning. If your one has the warning, do get the 704X396 torrent above and then get the Fullscreen sub version. Actually both versions should be ok but may be off by nanoseconds.

>> Fullscreen version [ideally 704X396]

>> Widescreen version [ideally 720X480]

>> Specifically for FULL HD version aka 1920X1080 version (the link actually contains subs for eps 1 to 13)

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.


By Reder based on Izumisano's translation.

Click here and find the corresponding episode at the bottom half of the post, French section. If you can't access Megaupload, try switching on Hotspot Shield first.


By NHK, hardsubbed English subtitles to the video file.

Click here, once there click the title next to NAME, in new page download any of the links under TORRENT and then use favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is 402MB with resolution 720X480.

I predict 21%. We shall see.

20.4%. Thanks to River for the report!


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