About Masha : The Solitary Middle-Aged Fukuyama Masaharu [ANN Blog][31.05.2010]

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My friend, Kidd actually independently translated the same article as in this post (01.05.2010 - ANN Blog) which Izumisano also translated. Since it is slightly different and more conversational and in the end sounding more like a chinese interview than a Japanese one, I decided to repost here, because I think it is rather fun to read some rather conversational connecting words in the conversation between Masha and Sou-chan. But the 2 translations are very similar, just slight differences in some words. By the way the following is a direct translation from the Chinese text here and is in full as in as full as posted by the said blog. A funny snippet; my friend didn't know F was Masha until half way through the article and since she is not really into Japanese entertainment, rest assured her translation is based on what was said without much background knowledge on the topic or the persons involved. Which means it is a direct translation except for some editing made by myself based on Izumisano's translation like names.

The entire article in English together with the Chinese text after Read More link.

F = Masha
S = Sou Chan

Loneliness in middle age..

F = 这么下去是不是马上就要80岁了啊?莊酱。
F = If continue like this, wouldn't I (note: the text didn't specify what's the subject) will quickly reach 80 years old? Sou-Chan.

S = 不是60,而是80吗?
S = Not 60 but 80?

F = 60不是已经能够看得到吗?
F = Isn't 60, we already can see?"

S = 已经稍微有进入50代的感觉了呢。
S = It feels like it's slowly entering the 50s

F = 是吧?太能理解了。因为我也是。
F = Really? Very understandable. Because I also feel it.

S = 感觉即将会出现四十肩、五十肩的呢。(注:随着年龄增长出现的慢性肩痛)软骨也会越磨越少,必须要注射透明质酸吧。
S = Feel that there will soon appear 40 years old shoulders and 50 years old shoulders. (Note: following the increase of age, there will be shoulder pain). cartilage will be slowly eroded, need to inject Hyaluronan.

F = 你说的是这方面的啊?我说的是人生计划之类的。
F = You are talking about this issue? I was talking about life plan and the likes.

S = 哈啊~你想的还真多啊。
S = Ah Ha. You really think a lot ah.

F = 当然,因为我是无定业游者啊。
F = Of course, because I don't have a permenant job ah.

S = 虽然我也是如此呢。不过,我们不是没有所谓的退休年龄嘛。
S = I'm also the same. But, then, we don't have what they called pension age mah.

F = 嗯嗯,退休好歹还有点退休金啊养老金什么的。嘛~我们也有养老金吧。
F = Yes, Yes. After pension at least they have some pension money or retirement money (Note : perhaps equivalent to Malaysia's EPF or Singapore's CPF) or something. We also have retirement money I guess.

S = 养老金是65岁以后才能得到的吧?
S = Retirement money can only be taken after 65 years old?

F = 我有缴税哦。我有交哦!有交哦!有交哦!
F = I have paid my taxes oh. I have paid oh! I have paid oh!

S = 诶,没有人说你没交税(笑)
S = Ai, no one said you didn't pay your taxes (laugh)

F = 能不能得到养老金呢?
F = Can I get my retirement money then?

The reason Fukuyama Masaharu is more concerned about health more than usual, and even more concerned about life plan, is becuase he has to face again the insecurity and loneliness of living alone.

F = 之前啊,有天我工作是从傍晚开始,然后我稍微早点起床了,就一个人出去买东西了。平常在工作开始前一个小时左右经纪人会给我联络,结果我想‘反正是傍晚,我只要在那个时间段在家就好了’,就连手机都没怎么太注意。然后我想‘几点开始工作来着?’然后打开手机一看,就发现从平时一个小时前的call之前开始就有一堆未接来电呢。
F = Before, there's a day, my work started in the evening. I woke up a bit earlier and went alone to buy stuff. Usually, about one hour before I start work, my manager will contact me. So, I thought 'Anyway, it's evening. I only have to be home at that time, it will be ok'. Even the handphone I didn't pay much attention. Then I thought 'When is the time to start work?' So, I switched on the handphone and checked and found that before the usual 'prior 1 hour call', there's already a bunch of missed calls.

S = 哈啊,这个啊,我之前在《tokudane!》(注:某新闻节目)采访过呢,是典型的独居中年啊。我采访了几位独居中年呢。
S = Ha Ah. That ah. I've done an interview during my time in 《tokudane!》(Note: it's a news program). This is very typical of middle agers who live alone. I've interviewed several middle age people who live alone.

F = 石田君(*经纪人)当时以为‘死了。终于竟然死了…。’呢。
F = Ishida-kun (manager) at that time thought 'Died already. Finally, unexpectedly died already..' neh.

S = 我采访的是一个人住在公寓里的83岁的人,儿子每周打来两次电话,不过每次都是七点打来,只要他在洗澡什么的没有接电话,警察就会突然赶过来。儿子以为爸爸身上发生了什么事情,就马上联系警察呢。
S = The one I interviewed was an 83 year old man who lived in a flat alone. His son will call twice a week. Every time, he will call at 7 o'clock. When he was just taken a bath and could not pick up the phone, police will rush there. His son thought something bad happened to his father and quickly called the police.

F = 因为是一周只打两次电话才不行的吧?应该每天都打电话呢。
F = Because, phone twice a week is not enough. Have to phone everyday neh.

S = 是呢。不过,家里电话也不接,手机也不接的话(还是会紧张的吧)。
S = Yes leh. But, house phone also not picked up, handphone also not picked up (of course will be panic).

F = 石田君也说‘手机居然不接。以前从来都没发生过这种事情…。’呢。
F = Ishida-kun also said 'Handphone also didn't pick up. This has never happened before..' neh

S = 家里电话也不接。这肯定是死了。’呢(笑)
S = House phone also didn't pick up. Must be dead neh (laugh).

If anything happened at home, no one will notice until manager phones to inform him about work. The moment he thought of this, the middle aged Fukuyama who lives alone will feel very insecure.

Furthermore, since 'Amuse' became a public listed company, because of certain issues, he could not go with his manager to buy things during off day anymore.

S = 不过一个人居住的话如果身体感到不舒服就连饭都不能自己煮呢。
S = But, if staying alone, we couldn't even cook for ourselves if we are sick.

F = 确实如此呢。连我都这样,我相信这个世上还有更多更寂寞的人呢。我绝对是害怕寂寞的人,所以周围这么多人帮助我我都觉得寂寞。
F = That's true. Even I'm like that.I believe, in this world, there are many more people who are even more lonely. I'm definitely a person who is afraid of loneliness. So, even when I'm surrounded with so many people who help me, I still feel lonely.

S = 因为如果有什么事情周围的经纪人们能够帮忙呢。
S = This is because, if there's anything happened, managers around will be able to help.

F = 对,都可以帮我做。当然都帮我做。我在世界上也是属于受到相当优越待遇的人的吧。
F = Yes, they can help me do and will help me do. I guess, in this world, I can be considered as a person who receive very good treatment.

S = 现在是不是觉得心快碎了?这么寂寞吗?
S = Now, are you feeling as if your heart is going to break? That lonely?

F = 每次到了黄昏时分就觉得十分寂寞呢(笑)
F = Every time, it's always at dusk, I will feel very lonely (laugh)

S = 每天都寂寞啊?那还真不好呢。不过经纪人也不是只有一个人,什么时候都应该有人在待机吧?
S = Every time also lonely? That's really not good. But, there's not only one manager. Whatever time, there should be someone one standby?

F = 不过他们也有他们的生活啊。所以星期日的黄昏时分什么的都觉得特别寂寞呢。星期日的傍晚就一个人看《笑点》《海螺小姐》《龙马传》这样(笑)
F = But, they will have their own lives. So, on Sunday at dusk, I will feel especially lonely. On Sunday evening, I will watch 'Shōten', 'Sazae-san', 'Ryoma Den' and the likes (laugh).

S = 不过现在《龙马传》的剧情也感觉很寂寞呢。
S = But nowadays, the plot of 'Ryoma Den' also feel very lonely neh.

F = 所以啊,看《龙马传》真的觉得很心酸呢。最近。我都差点转台看《itteQ!》了呢。
F = So, watching 'Ryoma Den' really made me feel very sad. Lately, I nearly changed channel to watch 'itteQ!' (popular TV Variety show with ensemble cast).

S = 别别别!
S = Don't don't don't!

F = 我没有看啦!(笑)就在这样的心境中创作的新曲《少年》,你们有给我下载了吗?”
F = I didn't watching lah! (laugh). It was under this mood that I composed the new song 'Youth' (Shonen). Did you guys download it?

S = 不下载国王会更寂寞哦。
S = If you don't download, the king will feel even more lonely oh.

Has everyone download it?

This is the song penned by 'middle age Fukuyama who lives alone' on the days when he couldn't even continue watching 'Ryoma Den'.


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