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UPDATES - 02.06.2010
Added English softsub timed by Luna14


Thanks Angelreii for the following info.

Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 17
Apr 25 (Sun) 19:00-19:45

The Monster, Yodo
Ryoma meets John Manjiro, who had just come back from the U.S., and hears about the U.S. presidential system. Katsu starts recruiting people for his new naval academy in preparation for establishing the Japanese Navy. Ryoma tells Sana that he has found a purpose of his life. Katsu takes Ryoma to meet Yamauchi Yodo, a former head of the Tosa clan, to ask him to pardon those samurai who fled Tosa, however, Yodo flatly refuses. Ryoma leaves Edo to prepare for the opening of the naval academy.

More after Read More Link.

The following contents was taken from fans discussion to explain the plot for this episode. The bulk is written by Angelreii and some points filled in by River, both of MashaPlus Info Forums. Spoilers alert.
Masha on board the ship... John Manjiro shook hands with Ryoma.Yes is the first word Ryoma said in English. Wonderful is Ryoma second English word.Ryoma is so excited showing the globe.Back at Chiba dojo with Jutaro & Sana. As usual Ryoma said something which upset Sana. Why was there a clash between Takechi's men?? Did Izo killed the person who talked bad about Takechi? Katsu & Ryoma off to see Yodo. Ryoma looks scared. Ryoma is still bowing & try not look up. This is the first time Ryoma face Yodo-san. Ahhh Katsu brought up about the Tosa ronin. Izo had a bad dream that he was killed ... Lucky his girlfriend was there for him. Tomi received letter from Takechi. Saying how lonely he is but also telling how about the Tokugawa. Tomi showed the letter to Otome. Yataro visited the Sakamoto family while they were having dinner. And told them he has some news about Ryoma. The ladies & Gonpei surrounded Yataro. Curious would like to know was the conversation about. Why was Yataro pleading with Gonpei about? Jutaro is pleading & bowing to Ryoma to reconsider his decision to leave Chiba dojo. Sana said out that Ryoma is leaving Chiba dojo to protect Nippon(Japan). Ryoma request to have his last duel with Sana. What an emotional farewell. Flashback between the times they had. Requested for forgiveness from Tosa lord, of course not granted. It seems Lord Yamauchi is looking for Yoshida's killer, and Takechi's name came out. Takechi is wanted in Kyoto.

Next week: The men singing ABCDE...recuriting men for navy. Lots of men. Why did Takechi collapse? Poison?


Yodo already knows Takechi ordered to kill Toyo, he just does not arrest him immediately, but will ask Takechi to pay back. Katsu asked Yodo to forgive one of his students who is danppan from Tosa (he did not tell that student is ryoma), Toyo rejected immediately, so Katsu did not disclose Ryoma is that student. But at the end, it seems Yodo realises this. After Ryoma was asked to tell his view about what Takechi did (ryoma intentionally did not use Tosa ben in that part in order not to disclose his identity), Yodo said ryoma seems to know a lot, just like he himself is also coming from Tosa.

As reported by River on the reaction of the fans, specifically the 2ch forums (Japanese viewers) on this specific episode.

Coming soon

Left taken from HK Fans Discussion Forums, where often I find very nice screencaptures and right taken from Infoseek's Ryoma-Den page. Both thumbnails.

All RAW files

704X396 - LUNA's VERSION
Click here and find the corresponding episode in the English part of the post. As the file is stored at Megaupload, and if your country is banned from Megaupload, connecting to Hotspot Shield before loading that download page at Megaupload may work.

This is a batch of 13 episodes in one torrent, more than 5GB in size in total. I note that the uploader says the resolution is 720X480 although further down the same uploader noted the files are 704X480 which I take to be the accurate one. Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download the specific episode you may require.

Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download. File is 468MB.

Click here, click the title next to NAME, in new page download any of the files under TORRENT and use your favourite torrent downloader to download. Please take note this torrent is a bundle of 5 files in one (ep 16 -20) and so download the ones you need. Entire bundle is more than 5GB.

1920X1080 - FULL HD
Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download. File is 1782MB.

By Izumisano based on Chinese and Japanese text

Timed by Luna14 based on Izumisano's translation. Both versions work for any video files but best used with recommended resolution which is either 704X3986 (LUNA's Ver) or 720X480. Includes cultural clip segment.

Click here to download.

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By Reder. Click here, scroll to the second bottom of the screen and look for the corresponding episode in the French part.

By NHK themselves. The contents do differ from fansubs but in the end the spirit or meaning of the words the same.

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As reported by River of MashaPlus Info Forums



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