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UPDATES - 15.05.2010
I just found out some of the pictures below, especially those that seems to be taken with him and the scenery behind are from his "Crazy Horse touring activities. This is the name of his motorcycle touring group, they went all over....Hawaii, Sweden, Hokkaido etc. This is for leisure, not work-related. He's basically been riding the motorcycle from his teens. You may have seen some funny photos online which came from his travels", as explained by Izumisano! All these comes from the BROS Magazine. Masha "used to go on a holiday at least once a year, even upto 2008. So, not during hiatus (1996-1998). He never shows the other guys, since they're not artists, though he's talked about them I think", so these pictures must be somewhere mid 2000 looking at the hairstyle. Still love that picture of him pushing the rock. Thanks to Izumisano for the explanation!


There are times in our lives we will take a picture that is the non standard kind, the kind where we make silly faces or stand in silly pose or do silly things that some years later we will ask ourselves "Eh! Why that pose ar?". Even celebrities have such times and you know I am happy to know Masha knows when not to take himself seriously. I have bookmarked this Facebook page for a long time but never quite know what to do with it. You don't need an account to view the pictures, and they're small and I have a feeling perhaps the larger ones are not accessible but size doesn't matter when it comes to Masha (pun really not intended). I find the pictures hilarious and whilst there are many more over the Facebook page I am talking about, I am posting a few of my favourite. I suspect some of these were taken during concert tours or his own personal tours and I believe I think I know the real source of these pictures but it doesn't matter. All the pictures after Read More link has been scaled down or made smaller. For the bigger (but don't be misled to think they're huge copies because they aren't but slightly bigger) sized ones, see them at the Facebook page.

All after Read More link.

Masha seems to have an obsession with 2 things when it comes to photography of himself; eyes closing whilst giving the biggest grin or eyes wide opened whilst giving the biggest grin. Either over food or cake or pointing at some buildings or scenery. You've got to hand it to him, no celebrities as famous as he is would want to be caught dead in such poses but that's why I like him so. He is not like other celebrities. Looking at the hairstyles, some are really old, some I suspect not very recent but not very old. It doesn't matter really. My only hope is Masha, don't ever lose that sense of humour of yourself.

1st picture on the left is a magazine about food. The 2nd picture on the right, look very carefully! Very interesting!

Food! Food! Food! Probably his favourite subject I suppose.

Robinson's will probably ask "What's so funny?" His favourite pose perhaps?

A pose much favoured by Japanese, universally

Or eyes wide opened looking at stuff really close.

Or pointing into the horizon, actually my own favourite pose as well.

Some funny ones

My absolute favourite from the pages and pages of silly pictures. It looks like a photo I would have taken myself!

Do check out this Facebook page for more silly pictures and also many serious ones.


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