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UPDATES - 16.05.2010
Added English soft sub by Luna

Thanks to Angelreii for the synopsis! Huge spoilers! Non-fans of Kao will definitely not like this.

Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 15
Apr 11 (Sun) 19:00-19:45

Together In Kyo
Ryoma leaves for Kyoto to see Kao. Takechi meets with Sanjo Sanetomi, a leader of the anti-foreign movement in the Imperial Court, and suggests that they together covey the emperor's edict that forbids foreign commerce to the Tokugawa shogunate in Edo. Kao spends the night with Ryoma despite being warned by her brother not to see him. Meanwhile, Izo, a member of the Tosa Loyalist Party, under Takechi's order assassinates numerous proponents of foreign trade. Ryoma, Kao, and Izo realize that they cannot remain friends as in their early years as times change and Ryoma leaves for Edo.

More after Read More link.

Taken from fans discussion for understanding of the plot. Spoilers alert.

Ryoma & Kao finally meet.they meet at the bridge. they are at the room together. Kao found him a room.and it's night already...Ryoma is facing away from her. He was staring at her & turn away.Staring at each other...intercuts with scenes of Izo kiling whilst Ryoma tearfully fell on top of Kao, Izo still killing, Kao caresses Ryoma's cheek, Izo killing and Ryoa kisses Kao. Next morning (or is it a few days later? Forumner answers "Few days later, you can see Takechi visits the geisha place few times") a battle of ideology in the morning. Ryoma & Izo met. Why is Ryoma running away. I think he did not want Izo or anyone to know he is in Edo.Izo misses Ryoma like crazy (Izo greeted Ryoma with high enthusiasm). Kao arguing with her brother, Kao crying, brother scolding. Kao ran out, and bumped into Izo and Ryoma chatting. Kao, Ryoma and Izo chatting, arguing, chatting. Ryoma having some inner conflict (Ryoma knows that Izo was the hitokiri [ASSASSIN?]?), Kao advises. Ryoma suddenly realise what Izo said is true. She told Ryoma Katsu Rintaro is in Edo. Ryoma's excited to hear Katsu's whereabouts. She is asking him to go there. Please go to Edo.Kao's not going to follow him. It seems like she bounded by her duty. Kao cries as she hugs Ryoma and Ryoma cries as he hugs her back. Ryoma apologize, Kao thanked him.

Next week looks much better. Ryoma meets the ship. The ship meets Ryoma. Ryoma meets Katsu. And John Manjiro. And learned his first English words. And Sana reappears!

By River of MashaPlus Info Forums on the reactions by others
bs-hi reaction: Not as good as last week. Like everyone else, they were groaning. Why does this thing (the love scene) happened?!! Some of the scene is awkward, yes. Most of them do not like this episode. Of course, some put Ryoma as James Bond, love 'em and leave 'em type of man. Yataro is the most interesting thing here. Takechi has moved up the ranking and Izo continues his killing.

By myself
I wonder, is this the last we see of Kao?

A point to ponder on the filming. Did Masha actually kissed the actress? From the angle, the top of his head looking down, we see only her face and the back of his head. Truth is it looks like they were, briefly before the scene cuts to next morning but from the way I see it, more like camera angle. Not quite sure if lips actually touched. Was hoping for the camera to show sideways but the caresses were sweet. Didn't like the next morning scene though, too impersonal, too business-like, no intimacy, as if what happened the night before, which is pretty staggering for an unwed girl back in those days seem insignificant. I wanted more turmoil on Kao's part, instead of just a small smile or Ryoma's nonchalant attitude. Apparently the next scene was actually a few days later! Confusing timeline! But still the passion should be there. All I can see is so many tears shed, but not one that makes me feel sad for them.

All are RAW files.

Click here for the download page, once there click on the link next to NAME at the top, in new page click on any of the links under TORRENT and then use favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is about 2.2GB.

Click here for the download page, once there click on the link next to NAME at the top, in new page click on any of the first 2 links under TORRENT and then use favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is about 468.5MB.

A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

This is a batch of 13 episodes in one torrent, more than 5GB in size in total. I note that the uploader says the resolution is 720X480 although further down the same uploader noted the files are 704X480 which I take to be the accurate one. Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download the specific episode you may require.

Please take note this is actually a torrent file for episodes 11 to 15 (bundled together) for video version 1280X720. Go to this page, click link next to NAME, once in new page, click any of the link under TORRENT, open you favourite torrent downloader, load the torrent file, choose the specific episode to download. All bundled together is 4836MB.

English Fansub
By Izumisano based on Chinese and Japanese text

Here at Masha Heart.

English Softsub
By Luna14 based on Izumisano's translations

Right click here and choose save target as. Luna is releasing subs timed for 704X396 resolution, which you can download above. However the subs can be used for all version but you may need to retime for some and reposition for others.

Japanese Softsub
Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By Reder. Click here, scroll to the second bottom of the screen and look for the corresponding episode in the French part.

Official English Hardsub
By NHK, hardcoded into the video file. You may prefer the fansub instead which is as above.

Coming soon

Source 1
Coming soon

Source 2
Chinese hardcoded
Coming soon

By River

18.4%, generally. I wonder why still that number? Because those who don't like Ryoma-Kao stayed away or because of some other shows?


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