[ABOUT MASHA] Masha, in a state of undress ... well almost .. but still quite

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Look, I am first to admit I was beyond shocked when I saw his performance of Heaven in his concerts, the younger he was, the raunchier it was but nowadays I suppose he stopped with the water splashing on himself but if I remember correctly, he is still groping himself openly on the stage. But I was beyond shocked when I saw a rather even raunchier GIF file and then some more files of his dress in the concert Inasayama back in 2000 (not the 2009 one!) which you can watch if you bought the DVD recently. I haven't checked youtube so I am not sure if you can find that clip but the dress... hot pink pants clinging to his skinny legs thanks to all those water I think, the black see through top, his shaking and swaying to the music whilst touching himself and finally, not that I notice but was it during this time he didn't wear undergarments like he said so in all his interviews? I will give you a peek here, censored of course because they're very revealing ...

I wasn't sure if I should post the screencaptures but you know what, rarely seen stuff outside his concert and so I thought why not? Don't thank me! Thank the patience of a very eager fan, River of MashaPlus Info Forums which I took it from there. It isn't easy to make a gif file, more so as distracting as the ones you shall see.

Click Read More for more very Heaven-ish pictures which I am sure if Masha were to see them, he would be rather embarrassed. I am blushing now... and Masha ain't me!

Specifically Inasayama 2000. All thumbnails except for the GIF file.

Anyway you will find the lyrics to the song Heaven in Song List

The PV
Surprisingly not raunchy at all

I don't think any of the following is from the same source as above that is Inasayama 2000 concert. But the routine is the same, although as he gets older he probably stopped with the water and the groping. Not sure, so you see for yourself. I hope to find the same one as above screencaps though so do come back to check on this post ...And I do notice he really likes shiny pants.

Description says 2000 but since I am not an expert about his concerts, I am not sure if this is even the same as the one above. I have a feeling it isn't. it isn't the one where the screencaptures were taken.




My favourite concert, 17 Nen Mono. And still some groping but no water.



Andrea said...

Wooow, I had no idea he performed this song like this. xD Geez! I couldn't watch the 2000 video cause it's says it's "private" and won't let me access it, but the others were still quite impressive. :O

And yes, the outfit is dreadful. @_@

Thanks for sharing all these! It's a great source of info for new fans like me. :)

Funn Lim said...

Andrea, thanks! Actually there's more, like the 2009 recent concerts. Oh dear, the 2000 one suddenly became private link. Hopefully the uploader will de-private it one of these days. At the time of posting, it wasn't private.

Andrea said...

Yeah, well, it's OK about the private video. That kinda thing happens. I got the idea from the others, though. ^^U And I'm very impressed, hehehe. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to reply~ ^_^

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