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Absolutely forgot about the softsubs! Added the links to Luna14's softsubs!

This is considered the 1st episode of Season 2 of Ryoma-Den that is Ryoma The Adventurer. However for continuity the episode is 14.

Thanks to Angelreii for the info.

Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 14
Apr 4 (Sun) 19:00-19:45
Apr 5 (Mon) 2:00-2:45
Apr 10 (Sat) 12:05-12:50

Ryoma, The Wanted
Ryoma remains missing after fleeing Tosa. Takechi, who assassinated Toyo, gains power in Tosa and leaves for Osaka with Yamauchi Toyonori, the head of the Tosa clan, to see the emperor in Kyoto. Goto, assuming Ryoma had killed Toyo, orders Yataro and Inoue, who served under Toyo, to find Ryoma. In Osaka, Ryoma unexpectedly encounters Yataro and Inoue.

A sneak peak into Ep 15 because of major spoiler coming soon, fans of Sana may not like this! Why so small is because it is a major spoiler and may be a major controversial storyline. Why posted here is because so that you can prepare yourself.
Ryoma leaves for Kyoto to see Kao. Kao spends the night with Ryoma despite being warned by her brother not to see him. Ryoma, Kao, and Izo realize that they cannot remain friends as in their early years as times change and Ryoma leaves for Edo.

More after Read More.

Taken from fans discussion and reposted here for some understanding of the plot.

The reporter from Episode 1 is still there! (This episode starts with Yataro at present time interviewed by the reporter we see in Episode 1). Yataro's posing in a woman's's been almost 15 minutes and our hero hasn't appeared yet. Mizobuchi (pierre taki) & Sawamura (Jun Kaname) talking about Ryoma. What did Goto ask Yataro to do? Look for Ryoma? he (Ryoma) looks like a beggar. but a happy one. fight! fight! fight! It's nice to see him so carefree and happy again.....and the fight starts. He's already using the short sword. Apparently somewhere down the road, he started preferring the short sword because it was more deadly for close physical fights. And the joke was when other people started to follow his practice, he's already progressed to the pistol. Even in a fight, he try not to kill. There is a price on his head. He's still keep in contact with Takechi, it seems. Did Ryoma know Takechi was the one behind Yoshida's assassination? The reason he was being hunted? According to the Chinese subs in Episode 13, he knows. In that meeting just before he left, he begged Takechi not to do it, or he'll be past the point of no return. Has Izo become an assasin already? Did Izo just volunteer himself? I guess the answer is yes.DOES TAKECHI HAVE A THING FOR FRAMING RYOMA!!! That's the guy who tried to catch him! Next week:Kao, Izo & Ryoma seating together. Takechi going full force.

The following was a legitimate question on the grey area of this particular episode which is explained by fans at HK Discussion Forums and MashaPlus Info Forums. I am reposting here in case you might have the same question yourself.

Why did Takechi decided to kill Yataro's partner?
this is one of the controversial areas of this episode. Takechi decided to kill that man because Ryoma told him that someone sent the police (yataro and that man) to catch the person who killed Toyo and Takechi was their suspects. But many (including me) don't understand this part because Ryoma knows that he himself is their suspects rather than Takechi, so it seems strange why he told Takechi the police was chasing him. Or maybe Ryoma knows Takechi is the one who ordered to kill Toyo, and as a friend, he warned Takechi about this. But somehow his warning caused the death of one more person, and which seems to be what he has expected (he asked Yataro to go back to Tosa immediately because it is too dangerous to stay in osaka, this sounds like ryoma knows Takechi will be going to kill the police) Edit: just saw a post in 2ch also discussing this question. The person said maybe ryoma believed that the one sending the police think ryoma was instructed by Takechi to kill Toyo. As he was now being chased, that means Takechi was also in danger. Ryoma did not know in fact, he is the only suspected person.

Who is the sickly young man that Takechi bows to?
About the sick young man, he is the leader of Tosa (succeeding his father's position). At that time there was a campaign (?) called Jyouraku (上洛), which means going to Kyoto. The leaders of the province (Han) go to gather at Kyoto to show their support to their King in Kyoto and also as a support to their King's will of expelling the foreigners. The Tosa young leader also joined this Jyouraku (Takechi and another old man persuaded him to join). During the trip he got sick and was forced to stop at Osaka, and that's why Takechi was very worried (they were left behind by other provinces)

More discussion and theories on Takechi's actions
I think Takechi killed the guy to frame Ryoma. Since everyone knows the Tosa policeman is after him and they had a fight in the market. If he dies => Ryoma is the only suspect => Ryoma must have killed Toyo, otherwise he wouldn't need to kill the police.

In the meantime, Ryoma in his true goodness, still wants to pull Takechi back from the brink. He probably also wants to know if Takechi is being suspected too. That's the only reason I could think of, why he would want to talk to Takechi ........ in the Tosa clan lodgings (where the Yamauchi boy and Takechi were staying) .......... which btw is also full of guards protecting the frigging daimyo, and where he's to be killed if caught for desertion alone, not to mention assassination of the under-secretary. Where's a more dangerous place to go, other than back to Tosa?

R: Oi, Takechi-san, the police are here to investigate me. Since we're so close, they might check you up too, also as you're the one who stands to gain the most out of Toyo's death. Please be careful. BTW I know you killed Toyo. So please don't go in any further. Please don't kill anyone else who stands in your way anymore!

But Ryoma's not naive anymore, he's probably knows the flipside in case Takechi's really gone past the point of sanity and refuses to listen to him. But he's got to try anyway. Now he knows how far gone Takechi is.

At the same time, Takechi wants to 'look' the good man (aka Senator Palpatine), so he won't snitch on Ryoma when they met either, or people will know he's the snitch (which will bring out speculations on why he'd turn his good friend in) and Ryoma won't be useful anymore as the continuing scapegoat in future.

There could be another way of looking at it, Ryoma could have talked to Takechi just to test him, but I don't want to believe that Ryoma would purposely put the life of another man at stake, just to check if Takechi has really gone evil. After all, as someone in the d-addicts forum said, this Ryoma's too full of goodness.

A counter argument
Yes, i agree that ryoma talked to takechi just because he wants to give him some warning: he is now being suspected so he shouldn't do anything wrong again. But somehow he does not know that takechi has already become an evil and when receiving this warning, he decided to kill one more person instead of stopping doing wrong thing. And that's why in the last shot ryoma looks so sad when he saw the dead body, he is sad not only because someone dies, but also because he realises his old friend has totally become another person.

But i think Takechi killed the police not because he wants to frame Ryoma, he just wants to clear the obstacle in front of him. He believes what ryoma said to him, i.e. he is the suspect, and he and ryoma are regarded as in the same group in the eyes of others, so if ryoma is suspected, he is also in danger. So i think he killed the police just because he thinks the police is his obstacle

Personal opinion only.

River reporting on the reaction to this episode says "According to 2ch: It's good. I was surprised to see no updates within the 45 mins the drama is on air in bs-hi. I hope that means everyone is engrossed in the story and forgot to updates. In this episode too, we will probably see Izo's first assassination. And according to someone who has read the novelisation, Season 2 is darker. Expect more turmoil in Japan. Forgot: And a slightly different OP (opening theme) version."

All are RAW files

Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download. File is 476MB.

This is a batch of 13 episodes in one torrent, more than 5GB in size in total. I note that the uploader says the resolution is 720X480 although further down the same uploader noted the files are 704X480 which I take to be the accurate one. Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download the specific episode you may require.

A new alternative file which can be downloaded from here. Find the corresponding episode number. It is however at Megaupload where those from banned countries can try accessing using Hotspot Shield. This is called the Full Screen Version for the purposes of the fansub by Luna14.

Please take note this is actually a torrent file for episodes 11 to 15 (bundled together) for video version 1280X720. Go to this page, click link next to NAME, once in new page, click any of the link under TORRENT, open you favourite torrent downloader, load the torrent file, choose the specific episode to download. All bundled together is 4836MB.

1920X1080 [FULL HD]
Click here for the download page, once there click on the link next to NAME at the top, in new page click on any of the links under TORRENT and then use favourite torrent downloader to download. File size is about 1.96GB.

By Izumisano

By Luna14 based on Izumisano's translation. Includes the cultural clip in the end.

>> Widescreen version [720X480]
>> Full Screen version [704X396]

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By NHK officially and hardcoded into the video file

Coming soon

By Reder. Click here, scroll to the second bottom of the screen and look for the corresponding episode in the French part.

Thanks to River.

18.5%. Slipped a little but I think highest than last episode. Maybe the interest is waning, maybe there was stiff competition as in a more watched program somewhere else, maybe people are just tired of Ryoma, certainly not Masha but the whole Ryoma thing, whatever it may be this is far cry from Season 1's debut. Not a good sign.

[EDIT] River explains "It's the highest rated show on television last night. No other program beat it. However, fujitv, who clocked 11% around the same time period may take away a few audience share. Their normal rating is around 7%-8%. They have a Special Program last night."


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