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English soft sub is out!


Thanks to Angelreii for the info.

Historical Drama "RYOMADEN"
Eps. 16
Apr 18 (Sun) 19:00-19:45
Apr 19 (Mon) 2:00-2:45
Apr 24 (Sat) 12:05-12:50

Ryoma arrives in Edo with hopes of meeting Katsu Rintaro, a naval commissioner of the Tokugawa shogunate. With the help of Matsudaira Shungaku who is in charge of reforming the shogun administration, Ryoma meets Katsu and asks him to make Ryoma his disciple. Although Katsu turns Ryoma down, he becomes interested in Ryoma after meeting Takechi and decides to accept Ryoma as his disciple.

More after Read More link.

Taken from fans discussion for some understanding of the plot. Spoilers alert.

Sana dressing up. (ryoma) Tosa outer clothes. he's not been pardoned yet. Can he put on his family crest? (Is that his family crest?). These officials don't know he's a ronin. Oh they want to attack him. Yes, I think he told everyone he's a ronin too. Thankfully Chiba-sensei was there. So that's how they explain how this Ryoma can get to see Katsu. Whose that imperial guy in purple?? Tokugawa Iemochi. How do Takechi got there? he's bowing on a western room. Unaccompanied to Katsu Rintaro's house. Katsu in western pants. Feels like he is attending a test. Katsu is giving him a hard time. Ryoma feeling rejected.did Ryoma just called Katsu Rintaro a baka? he failed the meeting. He declined Juntaro's proposal Oi Yozumi is there. I think a servant/assistant to Katsu. Something Yataro said made Oizumi Yo to Edo. He's rejecting Sana AGAIN. Takechi also visits Katsu Rintaro. Katsu finally re-considers. Takechi is adamant, doesnt care about the world. It's all Nippon to him. that looks like a bad treatment to Chojiro. Even kashi gave him bad treatment like that. Now it's Ryoma's turn to snub Katsu. Katsu is telling of his vision/dream.... Japanese Navy. Ryoma excited to hear that vision/dream.

Next week, he finally comes face to face with Sana. And further adventure on the ship.

As reported by River on the reaction by Japanese fans at the 2ch forums.

Early review on episode 16. They like it. It's back to bakumutsu politics. Takechi is cool (of course, he got in Edo court now), Izo continues his hitokiri style, and even Ryoma has his moment, especially his first meeting. The casting is top notch. Some even remark Takeda Tatsuya did not make them cringe too much. Overall, an interesting episode.

I was particularly affected by some rather extremely negative comments which borders on hate and biasness (and coming from someone who often spews such hate, I must say I was never that irrational!) in certain forums, I was very happy to have read Mashamasha summing up the reaction at another equally hard to please forum that is the Japanese fans at the 2ch forum. This must be shared because I find if there is a way to criticise someone, at least use constructive criticisms. Some were, in that forum I read but there were others which was I am not sure how to put it. Which makes me remember my role as I write reviews. I will from now on concentrate more on good constructive criticisms. I hope I have been fair as a reviewer. If not, I shall put this into my head for reviews after The Gem Of Life (if you don't know what I am talking about, it is ok). Anyway, the positive posts ...

the comments given in 2 ch. Full of praises.Some said this episode is filled with hope and brightness, which gives them courage and oil for working hard (at least for this week)! And some said they cried from the part ryoma's second interview where he finally found out his answer to his question he has been asking for so long, i.e. how to expel foreigners and protect Japan without getting involved in a war, to the Kurofune (black ships) part. They feel happy for ryoma because he can get on the kurofune  (black ships) (and finally get employed) They particularly praised Fukuda san for letting ryoma find out the answer by himself, instead of being told by Katsu san- summarised by Mashamasha from MashaPlus Info Forums

Taken from HK Fans Discussion Forums. I really like the 3rd one, with him looking rather glum, an expression that well, admittedly Masha can do really well. Like the world is crashing down, the entire weight of the world on his shoulders.

All are RAW files.

1920X1080 - FULL HD
Which I term as Full HD version. File size is about 2GB. You can find the torrent link here, where once there, click on the link next to NAME, then in new page, look under the column TORRENT and download any of the 1st 2 links (left to right) and then use your favourite torrent downloader to download.

Click here, click the title next to NAME, in new page download any of the files under TORRENT and use your favourite torrent downloader to download. Please take note this torrent is a bundle of 5 files in one (ep 16 -20) and so download the ones you need. Entire bundle is more than 5GB.

This is a batch of 13 episodes in one torrent, more than 5GB in size in total. I note that the uploader says the resolution is 720X480 although further down the same uploader noted the files are 704X480 which I take to be the accurate one. Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download the specific episode you may require.

704X396 - LUNA's VERSION
Click here and find the corresponding episode in the English part of the post. As the file is stored at Megaupload, and if your country is banned from Megaupload, connecting to Hotspot Shield before loading that download page at Megaupload may work.

Click here to the main page. In there look for the column NAME and click the link next to it. In new page find the torrent links under TORRENT. Use favourite torrent downloader to download. File is 459.5MB.

Chinese subbed
Coming soon.

Coming soon.

English translations
By Izumisano based on Chinese and Japanese text

Here at Masha Heart.

By Luna14, based on Izumisano's translation. Either version will do but best used with recommended resolution with corresponding version. Includes translations for the cultural clip at the end.

Right click HERE and choose save target as (for IE users). Luna warns that certain scenes the dialogue is spoken very fast to the subtitles is also very fast. Pause if necessary. Includes the cultural clip in the end.

Ideally for 720X480 video resolution. Click here and find the corresponding episode.

By Reder. Click here, scroll to the second bottom of the screen and look for the corresponding episode in the French part.

As reported by River.

Great news! Back to above 20% that is 21.9%! Yeah!


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