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Those who knows, know but those who doesn't, like myself, now we all know!

Ever wondered what is Yukawa sensei's Kanji name or rather how do you read those words in Chinese? Midori of MashaPlus Info Forums gave a heads up on this and I asked my sis who knows Chinese and she answered my question. Although my pronunciation is off, a bit, it is somewhat accurate HOWEVER, IF I AM WRONG, PLEASE DO TELL. I mean my Cantonese isn't first class. You will also find his real Kanji name after Read More link.

More after Read More link.

First, let me post my favourite Yukawa sensei picture...

The problem with a Japanese name is I have no idea which is surname and which is the given name. General rule is like Chinese and Koreans, surname or family name comes first and then your given name. Such as Fukuyama (surname) Masaharu (given name).

So Yukawa (surname) Manabu (given name). His kanji name is ...


Ok, that's when I was stuck. Which is which? I used an online translator and using the exact 3 words it came out as Manabu Yukawa. Now the translator automatically adopted a western approach in reading the name when individually, 湯川 is Yukawa and 學 is Manabu. I know, 學 one word is 3 syllable or whatever you call it?

Anyway, what it means individually?

hot water, bath, hot spring

stream, river

learning, knowledge, school

So how to you read his name in Mandarin?

湯 Tang (like soup)
川 Chuan (like Sichuan)
學 Xue (like school)

So he is Mr Tang Chuan or you may call him Ah Xue Ge.

What about in Cantonese?

湯 Tong (like soup)
川 Chuen (like Sichuan in Cantonese)
學 Hok (as in Jackie cheung, the singer or to learn)

So he is Mr Tong Chuen or as I shall call him, Ah Hok Gor.

Or quite simply, Yukawa sensei suits him just fine.

In case you're wondering how to pronounce Masha's name in both dialects?

First, one of my most favourite picture of him ...

Let's see...


If you know what they mean individually and if you know Chinese but don't know how to read, you will know how to pronounce. Did some research...

blessing, fortune, luck, wealth


gracious, elegant, graceful, refined

reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve

Cantonese ...

福 Fook (as in Blessing)
山 San (as in mountain) 
雅 Nga (I think it is the lower register sound, something like how you pronounce marble)
Tzi (as in Confucius' Tzi, I think, again a lower register sound)

Mandarin, a bit tricky since it ain't my dialect so do correct me if I am wrong ...

福 Fu (as in Blessing)
山 Shan (as in mountain)
雅 Yah (I think it is the lower register sound, something like how you pronounce marble)
治 Tzer (not entirely accurate but somewhere near that for the lack of better spelling)

How about Korean as in Hangul?

후쿠야마 Masaharu
마사하루 Fukuyama

It made no sense to me using online translator. Could be for pronunciation sake only and bears no meaning? Frankly I don't know. Do you?


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