[TV] Galileo = The Mysteries Of Love??

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UPDATES - 29.05.2010
Must listen to this radio show in HK and how Japan is accusing TVB of plagarising too much! Entire show discusses about the accusation of plagarism and all. You judge. Anyway download here (post #415 page 28).

Some snippets.

- TVB is still saying just inspired, not plagarised but the hosts did rightly pointed out how can then the sets look alike? Like I said, just say a tribute! Anyway we have pro and con in this show. I agree on the characters BUT the sets, etc I have to say I side with the Japanese media.

- Apparently the Japanese media are quite pissed off with the whole plagarising thing.

- But the radio hosts are quite rude in the way they talked about Raymond Lam, the HK version of Yukawa sensei. "Lam Fung said he never watched the Japanese version. Seriously?" and one other host interjected saying "Like he as never done plastic surgery to his face?" Ouch! Raymond Lam did his nose some years back, though he never admitted it but everybody knows.

- But it is quite funny the way they say about the comparisons and the way they said "HK watching Japanese series, yes not strange but what is strange is Japanese watching TVB series! How can that happen?! Can they even get reception of TVB series? I tell you, it is ultimately Lam Fung's fault!!"

- and also "Sorry our Japanese friends but that's the way it is, yours are not the first TVB has plagarised. What about ATV (I heard ATV)? Sorry lar, but that's the way it is"

- and of course they did suggest "Maybe Raymond Lam and Fukuyama Masaharu can sing a duet a song, the themesong of that series! Will win Asian awards!".

- "We (Hong Kong-ers) just love A stuff!" and A is artificial or also for pirated stuff!!

Wow, very critical.


If you have been following HKTVB news as well as my other blog,, you would have heard about my rant about a new series called The Mysteries Of Love. If you are not familiar with TVB and HK stars, Mysteries Of Love stars probably one of the hottest young HK actor right now, Raymond Lam as well as the now very famous actress, Tavia Yeung and also a likeable actor named Kenneth Ma. Why I rant about it is because it is a well known fact Mysteries Of Love is Galileo, albeit changed focus BUT the characters are predominantly similar. Of course TVB says it is a loose adaptation, they'll make it their own but since we have Raymond in vests, let me just say it is a direct rip off. I was not impressed with all the promo trailers which you can find in youtube. However I do like Raymond Lam who is taking on the role of Yukawa sensei. However much I like him, sorry to say he is far too young to be Yukawa. I always thought if this was pre Utsumi, Raymond would be perfect. Yukawa, about to graduate from Teito University sort of story. Unfortunately there's Utsumi and Tavia Yeung is Utsumi. I can see why she is cast but Tavia can be even more animated (not a good thing) than Shibasaki. Kenneth Ma takes the popular role, Kusanagi and again I can see the similarity in looks but let me just say Kenneth Ma is a likeable personality but is totally charmless and so frankly he bores me. The differences from what I can see is there will be love connection with the 3 main leads or at least as alleged between 2 characters. Either way it is going to be love orientated and the cases, let's just say those are never TVB's strong points. Even the promo trailer reminds me of the Galileo theme opening except we have Utsumi looking at mirrors with Yukawa's reflection in it. I am not pleased and I certainly wonder if the writer of the novels was ever paid royalties. The producer did say to steer clear from Galileo, the series will focus on family, relationship and love. Isn't that the focus of every TVB series since the beginning of time? I would rather it follows the footstep of Galileo. That is besides the point. The main point is Masha's Galileo is and will be the better version. You may say why can't I just watch and judge. Let me tell you this; I have watched TVB series ever since I understand what is a series and they are predictable. Even Galileo at the end of the 10th episode was becoming formulaic and luckily it finished at the right time that fans are demanding for sequels. This TVB version is probably double the number, or more, and each case will take at least 2 episodes to solve with the scene of criminals confessing shown for good measure (something that is missing with Galileo) and the final scene will be Utsumi meeting with Yukawa about the explanation on the crime (as per Galileo). And it will become highly personal, seeing their families and such. Sometimes I love the impersonal sort of way with Japanese series but make no mistake, they can be personal in an impersonal way. TVB series are getting more K-Drama these days. Not to take away the shine from Raymond Lam who is probably one of the best actors in HKTVB, but sorry, Masha is still Yukawa to me. Moreover Masha's hair in Galileo rocks. Ray's Yukawa seems milder, nicer, from a rich family (sacrilege! Did Yukawa himself ever said he is not rich? But did come from a troubled/broken family if I remember correctly, science is not about money! he says). I like a sarcastic Yukawa. Anyway it doesn't matter what's the book version is because Masha's is ingrained in my mind. And yeah, all those rumours of other actors in the same series, let me just take a big guess; they will be the killers or victims in this series ala Galileo.

Anyway the following article in chinese was taken from HK Fans Discussion Forum who of course took notice of this series. I can't understand the article but I have a feeling it talks about the similarity between Mysteries Of Love and Galileo, something which TVB would deny saying similar yes, but not the same and not even remotely near Galileo. Look, who are we kidding here? TVB won't do a better job, they never did with adaptation from other famous series (except when it comes to certain books, TVB rocks of course), but I hope it won't make a mess of my beloved Galileo. And I suspect we will see a sequel with the TVB version sooner than we ever see the sequel with the Japanese version. Masha is terribly busy.

I would appreciate someone just giving rough translation, whether the article is favourable or not favourable.

The scans and the article translated after Read More link.

A great big thanks to Kidd for the summary originally posted here!!

Mysteries of Love vs Galileo

The writer said even though Raymond insisted that this series use romance as main theme, it's very obvious that it copied Galileo. Below are the list of similarities the writer listed.

1. Character is copied exactly
- Raymond's character's name is Ging Bok and he's an assistant professor and major in physics. And they both help police solve cases.
(Now I wonder, how is Yukawa Manabu read in Chinese?)

2. Both wear the same type of vest.
- It's understandable when they wore similar type of clothes in the lab, but, even off work, they still wear the same vest.
(Same glasses? We all know how expensive Yukawa's wardrobe is, so the contention here is the fact that they both wear vests. Perhaps intellectuals like vests)

3. The male lead got to know the female lead through the introduction of a friend.
- Tavia was introduced to Raymond by Kenneth.
(No comment)

4. Same type of case.
- The preview a a lot of bombing scene and also some supernatural scene. Ray said all cases in the series they have asked science professors. So, the writer postulate that the cases will be similar.
(How much does TVB writers actually consult science professors is debatable. Look at those law series. If they did consult, clearly they consulted the incompetent ones. So for this, I will not take this seriously. Galileo did consult with scientists but again probably high school science rather than university science, which is one of the criticisms for the series. Moreover they follow the book and the book's author has done his research, so TVB following Galileo technically has grounds for that scientific basis)

That red patch at the bottom of page one said there are netizens who are not happy with the copying.
(Maybe the writer meant ME because I thought the response was favourable. So which netizens?)
Anyway if you do not know Galileo, watch the original. All the Galileo info here. Curious about the rip off? The Mysteries Of Love info here


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